LinkedIn version 10.1.4 now available for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jul 2013 12:15 pm EDT

I am loving that BlackBerry is hard at work on their native apps and continuing to make improvements. This week we saw the official Twitter app with a sweet update and today the LinkedIn app for BlackBerry 10 devices has received another update, bringing it up to version The new version brings along a new content stream, search improvements and more.

Updates include:

  • Enjoy New Content in the Home Stream – LinkedIn 10.1.4 allows you to see more content than ever before. You’ll be able to view posts from companies you follow as well as view suggested jobs all within your Updates Stream.
  • Always Fresh Content – The latest LinkedIn update ensures all of your content is always fresh and up to date. Automatic refreshing gives you the current information at your fingertips and you’ll always know which pages have updated content with the spark icon to notify you.
  • BBM Connected – LinkedIn 10.1.4 lets you instantly share your LinkedIn updates on your BBM profile.
  • Search Improvements – Using the search icon from the Jobs screen or the search icon from the Companies screen allows you to quickly search for jobs or companies you’re interested in. 

The update will be rolling out over the next 24 hours so if you're not seeing it now just check back later.

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Cool stuff

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Next up, Facebook app!


Yes. Reading the comments section on the Facebook for BB10 app in BB World is sad.


I really don't understand what more Ppl want from the Facebook app. I think it's great. Ppl who let stuff like Facebook run their lives are the ones who will always want more from it. Pretty sad I think.

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Drew Oswalt

The ability to share for one. Oh my god. If that was enabled FB would have complete control of my life. Watch out PRISM you have competition on your heels.

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well the chat in bb10 fb is well errr.... LOL its hard to see whos on online for chat. all i ever need is the chat

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No available in my BlackBerry World.

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Don't see in my BlackBerry World

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Tomas Carrillo

No update on blackberry world

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Twitter is not BlackBerry's native app. Just thought everyone would want to know.

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


Sorry, what are you talking about?

An app is considered native when the code used to create it and tools used are the ones supported by the platform and not an Android port.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn fall in the Native category.

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Also, facebook isn't BlackBerry's native app either. Not sure about LinkedIn

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Alpha Omega

hopefully Facebook is next


I'm pretty sure BlackBerry developed Facebook for BB10 with facebook's approval because Facebook had no desire to make it themselves

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Facebook has never made a BlackBerry app, even on legacy devices and even when BlackBerry was at the top. I don't think it has anything to do with Facebook having "no desire to make it themselves" but more with the app having core functionality that tie into the OS.


On stage, they said they worked together.

Probalby meaning what you said.


BlackBerry never developed Facebook, Twitter for BlackBerry 10. For one, Facebook was developed by XtremeLabs


Stop making statements unless you've got factual information. "I'm pretty sure" isn't factual.

Anurada Boralessa

Hopefully they update there Facebook soon!! I mean ASAP!! :D

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Agreed. And the update has yet to show up on BlackBerry world

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Weird, I just downloaded it.

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Sometimes it takes a little bit for everyone to get the notification. I got it early today.

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I wonder if they fixed the "Z Contact não está conectado a X Contact" translation bug.

(Google translator it... You'll see how funny and what a huge slip up it was).


Nope. It's still wrong.

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Social app updates often come in 3s... perhaps a Facebook update tomorrow? Love the new Twitter update and this LinkedIn update is working well too.


Hate this app. Wish I would not have signed up.....these people are relentless. ever try cancelling your subscription- it's an ongoing nightmare.

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I'm not seeing it here Lloyd!

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Great improvement!

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What about CardMunch by LinkedIn? Need that app too!!


Facebook is by far overdue an update

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Great stuff

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Was there a description on BlackBerry World for the upcoming? Just wondering because I didn't get one for this update nor the twitter update.

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Love it thanks

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There are a lot of comments in BlackBerry World that voice displeasure with the new update. Beware.