LinkedIn v2.2 for BlackBerry OS smartphones brings BBM integration and company pages

By Bla1ze on 30 Apr 2013 08:52 pm EDT

Although I still struggle to see the draw in using LinkedIn, millions of people everyday log on to the site. If you're among them and using your BlackBerry to access the services, you'll be pleased to know a new LinkedIn is now available for BlackBerry OS smartphones. While it's just a small jump into v2.2, it's a pretty important update especially if you like to pay attention to a lot of company pages. The ability to follow those pages has finally been added and to go along with it, there is also BBM integration which will update your BBM status with your LinkedIn updates, if you do so wish. Again, this update is only for BlackBerry OS smartphones and you'll find the link below.

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LinkedIn v2.2 for BlackBerry OS smartphones brings BBM integration and company pages


Thank you for being the one positive supporter of linkedin on this post. Most of the business people I work with and my professional friends assiduously use linkedin.

Bingo! Like BlackBerry is synonymous with corporate & security, so to is LinkedIn with business social networking - it's tangible as well.

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My fiance lost her 9930 so I gave her my new Z10 and am back to my 9930 which is fine. I can wait for some more $ to come in. But, I feel like the poor relative here w/ all these CB10 posts :)

Yep..To me it's the "new" resume....keeps your work history active and joins together your contacts (i.e. your references) from previous jobs.
These days with companies going belly up, it's sometimes difficult to track down your former co-workers and managers.

"Although I still struggle to see the draw in using LinkedIn"

I laughed out loud when I read that.. not because I think you should be on linkedin @Bla1ze.. just the opposite in fact. If i've ever seen a better example of "not the target audience" I don't remember when..

That's like me saying I struggle to understand the need for tampons.

Lol... The number of replies on this definitely shows the level of personal fascination of linkedin.
Anyways, good job linkedin.. Keep it up...

I don't need a social website to make professional connections. Yo bla1ze, let's hit up Starbucks for a coffee.... This is how I do it. Lmao

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A lot companies and recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent by posting jobs, fairs, workshops, etc. So, when Kevin fires you, create a profile, and the recruiters will seek you out......

Hello LinkedIn. I don't know where the rest of the field is on this post. Blackberry and LinkedIn have always seemed like the perfect pairing and I love the linkedin Blackberry group(s). Professionals getting things done. The only purely business social connection site (with a clean interface and user friendly) and the best smartphone platform for doers. Anyway. I love the update and thanks for remembering this community. Also love using it on BB10. I've got a foot in each OS for now and it runs so well on the Playbook browser there is no need for an app there. I guarantee you there are tons of Blackberry users on your platform. Maybe they didn't have their coffee this am.

I like it. But I haven't found a job there yet. Still looking. BSME has to good for something.

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Just like BlackBerry Balance, separate work from personal (Facebook) .

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Bla1ze, linkedin has been paramount in looking for a new career. As well as being connected in business, its bar none the cats ass.

When trying to find a job, I subscribe to the "it's not what you know but who you know". I have and would never use Facebook (useless), but use LinkdIn to stay current on topics related to my job and industry.

Totally agree, its all about business and work connections, perfect match for a blackberry, I use it much more than the dumb facebook...

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LinkedIn is for business to business networking and connections bar none. Don't go there if you want to see a picture of a Las Vegas stag or a video of a dog chasing balloons.

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LinkedIn is used everyday on my z10 to see what's happening in the industry, connect with people I worked with, connect with people I want to work with, to access groups that are leading different sectors. It is credible social media for people interested in growing their careers.

One drawback is that the forums, although excellent, rarely have a 'first' which can be a little dull. I would be the 'first' to invite quicksilver to my professional linkedin network... he's in education though so not much to share professionally. Chuckle. I couldn't resist. I'm human.

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It's great, no photos of what people are eating what more do you want. ;)

Seriously it is a great tool, I've got a lot of business out of it. As long as people only connect to people they really know and rate to work worth, your network is valuable to share. I refuse to connect with lots of requests that I get as well, one can immediately spot the normal social media tarts who connect to absolutely everyone big mistake.

Anyway I'm pleased with this update.

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Grateful for the update! I first created a Linked In while in college and it has proven to be an effective professional networking tool. Much more productive than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by far! Like some users above, I only connect with people I know, have worked with, professors, or others that are nearby and in the same field. It's a great way to get your foot in the door for job opportunities.

LinkedIn is social networking for grown ups, not for people who want to start petitions to save TV shows, share food porn (what is this nonsense with people taking pictures of their food now?), or just blather like dithering idiots. It's helped me reconnect with several old colleagues who are in vastly different careers now, as well as to drum up a few clients for my small business.

Not only can a lot of BlackBerry users see value in LinkedIn, but judging from the stock performance compared to FaceBook so do a lot of very smart investors.

The author and other commenters here struggle to see the draw because , LinkedIn is a true business platform, ironically most Blackberry users talk about how the phone is great for business users and getting things done, well... LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to business.

You guys carry on tweeting and posting pictures on your side loaded Instagram lol

Have been using LinkedIn since it's infantile stages and have to say I have been contacted numerous times about employment. As far as I'm concerned I can see no harm in posting your skills on a site such as this. It helps to create bridges to new opportunities and builds relationships with those in like fields around you. With those relationships comes a great support system possibly for a problem you don't have the answer for.

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If people use LinkedIn properly it's an excellent business tool to have in your armoury. As long as people don't add contacts just for the sake of it and genuinely vouch for their skills it's a great way of making connections with people who are beneficial to your business or the sector you work in. I have had many introductions from people I have done work with before which has led to more business and introduced my contacts to people who required certain skills. Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn, getting introduced by someone reputable puts you way ahead of cold callers and random emails.

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Should add, if you just want to show off pictures of your new Jimmy choos and posting pictures of a night out you didn't enjoy in a vein attempt to make your life look more interesting than it actually is stick to fb. This probably isn't for you.

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