LinkedIn v1.2 Released – Big fixes and performance enhancements

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2010 02:30 pm EDT

If you frequent using Linkedin on your BlackBerry you'll wanna make sure you grab the latest version available. Verson 1.2 has been released and this version addresses a lot of concerns users had with the application such as; contact management and battery life. The official words are:

We’ve just released an update focused on performance, battery life and resolving several issues our users were seeing with downloading connections. We made a number of changes to how we handle merging your address book with the BlackBerry Contacts application and other changes that should significantly reduce the battery life issues some users have reported.

Having used the application in the past, I can sure say it did suck back a lot of battery life while in use. Hopefully, this will be the end of those concerns for Linkedin BlackBerry users.

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Reader comments

LinkedIn v1.2 Released – Big fixes and performance enhancements


Yes, it still runs in the background. Even logging out of the app, it still loads and runs in the background.

This is the third or fourth revision of the app where they have ignored the number one user request, the ability to close it. Someone has suggested that it maybe because it generates ad revenue while constantly running in the background. I haven't validated that theory because I'm not bothering to install it if I know already that I can't close it.

Really does seem silly that they can't release an app that actually closes. I really wish they would get this sorted.

It's really quite simple. This is not an app that needs to remain open and in memory all the time. If I wish to stay logged in to LinkedIn, fine, it can stay running. If I wish NOT to stay logged in to LinkedIn it should close and go away until next time. Why is this such a difficult concept?