LinkedIn Rolls Out Version 1.0.1 For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 6 Apr 2010 10:28 pm EDT
LinkedIn Rolls Out Version 1.0.1 For BlackBerry

It hasn't been all that long since the release of LinkedIn for BlackBerry and here we are now moving into version 1.0.1. The latest release is a bug fix release that addresses some of the issues users were having with logging in over BIS and Wi-Fi. If you have seen an "Unable to Connect" or "Invalid email or password" error message on the sign-in screen then the latest release is for you. Version 1.0.1 has yet to be pushed through to BlackBerry App World so direct OTA link is available as well as desktop installer files. Please note, if installing over the old version you must reboot your device for the new version to take effect.

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LinkedIn Rolls Out Version 1.0.1 For BlackBerry


It amazes me when people write apps that don't leverage the system font setting and force a huge font size on people. I have mine set very small - set to 6 - and this app looks ridiculously huge.

Another fail from LinkedIn.

I have the same gripe with some Theme designers... let the system control the font for crying out loud.

yet again. I installed this over the first version. Now I have an error of "error starting LinkdIn: Module 'LinkedIn-2' has verification errors. This is getting ridiculous.

I'm still running the original 4.7 on the Tour so maybe but reading about the few issues I'm glad it doesn't work on the berry anyways. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Installed tonight and was happy to see that I did not have to integrate with my contacts on the device. That being said the menu fonts are off on my 9700 as others have said and even though I have signed out and closed the app via the menu it's still running in the background. Other than a reboot, is there a way to "kill" the program?

I can't believe a website that promotoes 'professionals' would roll out a premature app such as this one. Its such a joke.

I downloaded the first version and will wait until better version comes out that fixes the ginormous fonts and other issues.

I agree. I'm not re-installing this app until they allow the user to close the app. Ridiculous that it has to run in the background at all times.

Apparently this was supposed to fix the "Unable to login: The email address or password you provided does not match our records" problem for BES users. Unfortunately, it has not therefore deleted and will never download again.

This crappy program makes me want to delete my LinkedIn Account. If they can't get something so basic right, I seriously wonder their judgement in other areas too, like private data handling.

I deleted the app for the same reason...I can see having BBM or YouMail always run in the background, but not LinkedIn....give me a break. This gets deleted off my Tour. If I want linked in data I'll browse to their mobile website.

This app is the proof of three undeniable realities; how sucky it is to develop on RIM platform, how uncommitted Linkedin is to the professional public to whom they owe their success, and also how I must be quitting BlackBerry to fully benefit from the new contents available on other devices such as iPhone or Android.

If it still runs in the background without the ability for the user to close the app completely, many (probably most) of us will not use it. The only users will be those that are not 'techie' enough to realize that it is behind the scenes using bandwidth and resources, those actively looking for work or those that use LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool (or maybe those that lead some of the discussions).

As many of us assumed, they are probably clueless to much of the feedback that is submitted. :(

To bad, because LinkedIn is a great tool, but for most of us, only when used when desired.

Another subjective comment...

Installed checked to see if I could properly EXIT the APP...Not possible so LI for BBerry has been removed for the second time....Still running SBComm4BB..:-). It might not be official however it offers the info I need AND I can Log-Off AND EXIT the APP.

I dont see where you all can't 'log off' or close the app.. simply "log off."

I did this and when I open the app, it brings up a log in screen.. I dont think this app is running in the background cuz I only use WiFi and right now, i'm not in a WiFi zone and there are no alarms going off telling me I can't connect... so what's the deal with all this "can't log off" hooha?

If you click the MENU button from your BB home screen, then click on "Switch Application", you'll see the LI icon. It's running in the background, even though you've logged off.

i am so glad to find everyone is pissed that you can't close the app, but sad that it's true. uninstalling as well.

I like the linkedIn application however there is what I feel is a Major bug... you cannot close the app. Once you log on there is a close and/or log out option but it stays running in the memory.. How do you exit the program??

Premature release indeed.

like many indicated, this app won't shut off and runs on background as long as the blackberry is on.

a reboot doesn't even shut it down. a battery pull doesn't even shut it down. it becomes a "native" default app like phone, calendar, email, browser that just can't be closed.


I gave up using the app and un installing it after multiple attempts of trying to login.. It just doesnt give away the authentication error at all.. :-(