LinkedIn for BlackBerry v2.0 now available

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2012 12:19 pm EDT

*Update: After many hours of frustration V2.0 is now live and will work. Looking good on my Bold 9900*

LinkedIn for BlackBerry v2.0 is now available for download. It's been quite a while (over a year actually) since we've seen an update for this one, so if you use the app at all you'll be very pleased with the new features. Version 2.0 brings along a new UI, inbox integration and much more.

New features in v2.0 include:

  • Updated Navigation Screen - LinkedIn 2.0 unveils a new navigation screen that's designed to give easy access to all the LinkedIn features that keep BlackBerry users connected, such as "Updates," "You (professional profile)," "Inbox," and "Network (LinkedIn connections)."
  • Enhanced Profile Experience - LinkedIn 2.0 gives access to LinkedIn profiles (including your connections and those you have not yet met) on your BlackBerry smartphone. The profile panel experience displays personal overviews (name, headline, and location), professional experience, education, and recommendations. Similar to the desktop version, you'll also be able to check out who's viewed your profile.
  • Easily Accessible Inbox - With LinkedIn 2.0, you can access your LinkedIn inbox on your BlackBerry smartphone, allowing you to receive messages and accept or ignore LinkedIn invitations while on the go. Inbox messages will display name and profile image of the sender, as well as a message subject and the time since the message was received.
  • Real-time Access to your professional network - Put your professional network at your fingertips and stay in the know through LinkedIn 2.0. Catch up on the connections in your network and grow your network through a Connections Search or via ‘People you may know.'
  • Staying In the Know - Catch up on all the latest LinkedIn activities on your BlackBerry smartphone by selecting "Updates." Learn what's been going on with your connections with a stream of recent activity and news from your network, including Likes/Comments on updates, industry content tailored for you and insightful articles on LinkedIn Today. 

You should see the latest version appear in BlackBerry App World over the next 24 hours. If you give it a go, hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

LinkedIn for BlackBerry v2.0 now available


I was wondering if they were going to release it for the Bold 9900. Seems like they are not. They need to support it for the new OS 7.0 devices.

Fail. web page still is listing v1.5, not v2.0. Bold users should check again once 2.0 is actually out.

But BB shouldn't be announcing this sort of thing unless it has actually released. The web site and app world both are still v1.5. That shouldn't happen. It should be only announced after making sure it is available.

Or say "available shortly". Not now available.

OS7 should be supported. According to v2.0 requires OS6 or higher (unlike v1.5 which is 4+)

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the app to appear in BlackBerry® App World™. The LinkedIn app for BlackBerry smartphones requires BlackBerry OS 6 or higher, as well as a Wi-Fi connection or data plan in order to function properly. Learn more about regional availability and language preferences on the BlackBerry App World™ storefront.

A free LinkedIn app for smartphones running BlackBerry OS 6 and 7 is now available for download; get it here.

Yes, there is a note burried at the bottom, but the initial wording says "now", not soon, not within 24hrs, but now.

Signed in to App World website and 2.0 is listed. But it's not compatible with the combination of Torch 9850 on OS 7.1, Verizon, USA. So who exactly is it available for?

The Dwellers of the Third Circle of the Earth on the pi-thy (not pithy) rotation of the magma before the Moon crosses Mars' suborbital anti-gravity field. In other words, RIM decides who receives and who forfeits any application delivered / not delivered through BlackBerry AppWorld.

I would appreciate the poster to confirm the information prior to posting it. It frustrate the hell out of me when wrong information posted. THis version is not compatible to OS7.

version 2.0 is compatible with OS 6 an OS 7, but it hasn't hit App World yet...version 1.5 is still shown as the current and that does not support OS 7. Patience.

Huge improvement, I already downloaded the new LinkedIn v2.0 with my Torch 9800, and It looks great, this definitely brings a lot of hope of what to expect from the new native BB10 LinkedIn app that is in the works, and hopefully we will get it for the PlaBook soon.

Can the app be turned off this time? I have no interest in another app running in background that I really only need to use when I receive an e-mail from LinkedIn regarding an update or contact request. The previous version just sat in background, eating up battery (noticeably), until I deleted it.

@JPMorgan_ Does it allow you to exit the app when you are not using it? That was my main beef with the 1.x version.

you guys really need to finish reading before you post... "should see the latest version appear in BlackBerry App World over the next 24 hours"

It works fine with my Bold 9900 OS 7.1. I just downloaded it through my PC browser using the link Crackberry provided and synced it to my BB while plugged in.

That is just weird. The web link shows the following:

Version: 1.5
Release: October 21, 2010
File Size: 717 KB

It does show 1.5 on the website, but if you click through it, it will be 2.0. I looked in my Application Management to double check and it is indeed 2.0 that was installed.

It is there ... The link does not show the updated app yet but if you do the ALT -RST, it will show up on the App World. BTW I am using BB 9900 so it is available and works for 7.1 BBOS

@Lindstrom - It works. I have it running on my 9900.
In AppWorld, hold down Alt and press RST. When AppWorld relaunches you will get a download button.

Finally showed up for me also, did the ALT R S T and still didnt show up but ended up being available later.

I will cosign with @otaku2 in regards to holding down ALT and pressing R-S-T. I'm running a 9930 on VZ and it worked!

Just installed on my 9900. Looks good. A long- and badly-needed update - 1.5 was 2 years ago! And it can actually be closed!

Something else I get from this, is a possible indicator of continuing support for BlackBerry from LinkedIn. Maybe a Playbook version next, who knows? Or BB10 even...

its not bad, but very slow and does not give anough options to edit my profile.

ps i am using torch 9800

After an initial hickup waiting for App World to refresh so I coud download it onto my 7.1 toting 9900, I installed it, loaded it up, and then quickly realized it's not full featured. I can't edit my profile! Come on, get real.

Well, the long awaited LinkedIn app for OS 7 is finally here, although not full featured, it's here.

Let's hope the updates come sooner than later.

The list of supported countries is very small, only 20 countries what happened to the rest of us ? Not even all EU countries are included even big names like Germany or the nordic countries are excluded.

Please post an OTA here for us.

NOPE not available for me on Rogers/Bold9900...have refreshed/reset several times and still showing vers 1.5 and message Not available for your device??!!

Morning, I am having problem for update Linkedin in my BB 9900, my carrier is Vodafone Spain but looking for in my AppWorld and it shows it`s not available for device

anybody has OTA Link for OS7.1 Bold 9900?


Just downloaded to my ATT 9900. Downloaded to my PC then sync'd my phone with PC. All set, actually looks pretty good.

Unbelievable - BB app world only works with IE. Tried Chrome and Firefox and the website broke when trying to just sign on to appworld. Trying to search on appworld was also broken with chrome and firefox.

Unbelievable-Again an app that's not available for Romania!!! I think it's outrages for the romanian customers and we are quite a few - but not as much as RIM wanted because of that shamefull lack of apps that are missing or working very little in Romania!

Releasing it in only 20 countries is just moronic! I can't download it just because I'm traveling in europe at this moment...

Thank you phuongnh!!! It is now working even for us the poor guys in the un-supported countries. Shame on you RIM and LinkedIn both.

LinkedIn 2.0 seems great update for Blackberry. However still some chance: not include group function, search little profile in 2nd connection. Hope improve later.

phuongnh, how do I install it on my 9900? I have tried to download the link but couldn't open it, it says rar files are not supported on BB!.....


Thanks @Zocster, I was thinking the people overseas, living in the Netherlands (Europe) would never receive the LinkedIn App for Modern BlackBerry's.

Highly appreciated =).