LinkedIn for Blackberry updated to version

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2010 01:23 pm EDT

For business professionals, LinkedIn is a valuable tool and resource for communication, much like BlackBerry smartphones. Now, BlackBerry users using a BlackBerry 6 compatible device can download the latest release and get in on the action as LinkedIn has just updated to include support for BlackBerry 6. They have also included a new profile layout for users as well, as mentioned on the site:

  • Profile Design Refresh: Viewing member profiles is the #1 activity users do today in the application. We’ve re-designed the profile completely to make it easier to see and interact with all the information on it, while also adding two new features. We’ve been asked by many users for the ability to view the connections of the people they are connected to, as well as to see who they have in common with people on the site. Those new features are now available right at the top of the profile.

In addition to the BlackBerry 6 compatability and the new profile layout, LinkedIn has also acknowledged that some users are unhappy wih how the app actually closes. Rather, how it doesn't close as it's always running in the background. While it's not in this release, the fix for it will be coming in a later release. But, at least they have now acknowledged that it is an issue and will be addressing it as soon as possible. Thanks Dave Peckens for letting me know!

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LinkedIn for Blackberry updated to version


Pretty poor OS 6 support from what I could gather. It was not integrated into Universal Search, nor could I link my contacts in my address book. The address book keeps showing up blank. I played around with it for about 45 minutes and couldn't get past the contact issue so I deleted it from my Torch. Maybe next update?

On my Storm2, the updated version appears to install okay, but when I try to start the app, I get "Error starting LinkedIn: Error loading module 'LinkedIn' VerifyError." I've tried a battery pull, tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Oh well...probably won't be too big of a loss since it still would have been always running in the background.

No offense, but if Dave Peckens gave you this tip (am I mistaken or didn't he win the CrackBerry Idol contest), why isn't he writing this himself? I've seen nothing to date from him.

Until it can be closed, I'm not interested. I have installed almost all of the previous versions only to have to uninstall them shortly after. I don't like apps that keep running in the background, unless they're doing something important.

As a long-time LinkedIn user, I was hoping they fixed the close issue.

But I guess you have to pay $100/month for these jokers to do ANYTHING.