LinkedIn for BlackBerry updated - Now includes support for Pearl and Storm users

By Bla1ze on 7 Jun 2010 12:14 pm EDT
LinkedIn for BlackBerry updated- Now includes support for Pearl and Storm users

LinkedIn for BlackBerry just got a nice update to correct some bugs and add additional features. Version 1.1 is now available for download via BlackBerry App World and the LinkedIn website directly. The latest version adds some long awaited support for the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Storm as well, include many bug fixes for other devices. Check out the breakdown of new features listed below:

  • Localized for members in Italy and Brazil
  • More detail is provided of what your connections have changed on their profile. You can now see what sections have been changed (Education, Headline, Experience, etc.), as well as when your connections adding things like an Instant Messenger account, Twitter account, or adding their birthday to their profile.
  • Bug fixes like improvements to BlackBerry font usage and the BlackBerry Contacts application is updated if you’ve enabled address book integration with LinkedIn. 

If you are a LinkedIn user, this update should correct some, if not all the issues you have been seeing with the application. Check it out, let us know in the comments if this release is working any better for you.

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LinkedIn for BlackBerry updated - Now includes support for Pearl and Storm users


Bla1ze, if you are going to rip posts off from other sites, give credit to them. This isn't the first time CB has stolen and taken credit for things they did not write. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

So which site do you work for that you think he stole from? Stuff like this is public knowledge its not like they scooped an app release. And you can't really say they took credit for it. Not like it says exclusive or something. chill out dude.

I agree that it is public information, however search some other blogs for this post verbatim, and then go to LinkedIn's blog and look at the release. It is not that the information is stolen from anywhere, however as part of the "press" it's not cool to plagiarize. Come on guys, we learn this in college. If you are going to do your own work and write your own posts, that's sweet, but don't just copy and paste without reference to where you got it from just because you are affiliated with a big site. That is all. If you would like to refute this, I would be more than happy to give you all the evidence.

First off FWIW neither Bla1ze nor I finished college, so we didn't learn that. And I think its more toward the line of paraphrasing than plagarizing. I'm not sure who you are or why you're so upset about this one post, but I apologize for whatever it is that you are mad about. Press releases drop every day and the sad truth is that we don't have the time to do up an entire post about it that a PR person can't do better, so we snip out parts of it and throw it in a post. It's not a secret - half the time we post the damn release along with it. Sorry if we offended you with the failure to post a source link, but announcements like this are a dime a dozen and I doubt many other sites would source something along these lines either. 


Don't appologize to this guy. Let him whine about it all he wants. he can also hit up twitter, facebook, digg, and all the other blogs that mass post press releases. Cry babies will be what cry babies will be.

....and to the mod....while you're deleting other posts in this thread that are not completely relevant (my response earlier to the dorid fan boy), why don't you go ahead and delete these as well. Relivancy is missing.

First off, I wouldn't go around bragging that you didn't finish college big guy. Second, yes this release is a dime a dozen however you are missing the point; this was not paraphrased, this was straight copied and pasted. I know this because I read multiple blogs and I frequently I back track to the original press releases. This post as well as others in the past have been copied and pasted to CrackBerry and although there are other big blogs that do the same thing, it is unethical and just kinda sad. I understand you guys have a lot to do everyday keeping up with everything trust me; there are not enough hours in the day to do many things, but if you are going to try and save time by grabbing posts off of other sites, link it or change more than the closing remarks. Now all you CrackBerry readers can flame me if you want, but be logical people, all I have to do to win this battle is post the evidence.

be about it. Show the evidence. While you're at it, include the copy right statements regarding the specific material as well as the Terms Of Use requirements. If they say the content cannot be used, repeated or reproduced without specific credit, written authorization or recognition, then yes you win. If you canot produce that, stop running your mouth trying to sound all worldly and go about reading your blogs.

You still didn't say why this is such a big deal. What site did he "steal" it from anyway? Why don't you go read your other "multiple blogs" and stay off CB if it bothers you so much. Some of us like to get our news here and could care less if its copied or not. Not sure what your beef is with bla1ze but maybe you should take it up with him. your bitching sounds like he beat you out for the job or something lol

Are you guys all retarded? I am not saying CB can't use any material from other sites; can you not read? All I am saying is that if you are going to COPY something VERBATIM, it is nice to show where you received the information from. I have no doubt that LinkedIn sent a release to CB, however it was not in that format. Furthermore, what is the probability that the same exact words could be written by 2 people about the same news that was not a direct copy of the press release without copying? Not probable. Lastly, you guys are making this a "big deal", I am merely stating that it is unethical to plagiarize. BTW anyone notice why Bla1ze hasn't commented in defense? I rest my case.

Let me tell you something... WHO CARES, shut it up and whine elsewhere. Why should we care about credit it's not intelligence property or something else, it's a wrap up of blackberry stuff, get a life and do something else.

I think you mean intellectual property. Are all of you guys Etards? Did any of you ever learn anything at school, or do you just learn via

haha. read your forums signature. go back to berryreporter and leave CB alone. You've been annoying enough. don't be hatin cuz no one reads your site.

I'm blocked at my company from accessing LinkedIn either at my PC or on my device. I can of course get to LinkedIn from a home PC but my device is still blocked via policy - can someone post a link to the jad if possible?

Thanks all.

This application looks great but is still running in the background and draining battery, why dont they fix that bug. I will not be installing until that is corrected

Tried to DL through app world but says not available for my device or carrier? On Storm 1 with VZW?

Thanks for the Storm Support BUT downloaded and deleted.... App wont close... I guess I don't use Linkedin that much to warrant having this app...

I posted in the forums as well under Blackberry 9700, but, I figured I would post here since I am afraid this might be an issue related to this product:

Hello all. I am running a BB 9700 with the .586 OS from T-Mobile. Yesterday, I updgraded to the new version of LinkedIN (only thing I installed that day, hence my mention). A few hours later I noticed that a couple of the calls coming in (who had previously been in my address book) were showing up on my Caller-ID screen with just the # (as if they were not in my contacts list).

I checked my contacts, and lo and behold, a good 30-40% of my contacts had just disappeared.

Now, this wouldnt normally be a huge problem, I would just re-sync with Outlook and have no problem. However - the device now refuses to sync for anything other than Calendar. I have tried battery pull, uninstalled LinkedIN, and downloaded the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager just to be sure, but it won't work. The Sync (which I also restored to default and then reconfigured) starts, gets through calendar and starts the next item on the list, and then just stops. No error message, no nothing. Can anyone help?

1. The app still stays running in the background, thus reducing battery life.

2. Each time I open the LinkedIn app, for some strange reason, my status light will stop blinking. It only happens when this app is opened.

Otherwise, it seems to be a good add and much improved. Btw...running this on a Storm 2.

App staying on in the background is unacceptable. This is why I uninstalled it right away last time, and it's why I won't even bother this time. Thanks for saving me some time.

I had waited VERY PATIENTLY for the Storm to be supported. Downloaded and installed the application yesterday. Noticed that my battery was almost DEAD within 4 hours of installation. Found the application still running (from Menu key /switch application). Tried the BB Storm Escape key to “quit” the application – no luck, still running. Tried the BB Storm End key to “quit” the application – no luck, still running. Tried the Menu key / close option – no luck, still running. Tried Menu key / logout – it logged out, but was still running. The program continues running no matter what I do.

I finally had to delete the application because battery life on a Smartphone is more important than any application. I understand this is version 1 of the Storm being supported. But I can’t use an application that chews through my battery like that. When an application is in the background it can’t continue to process and drain the battery at such an extreme rate – bad coding.