Linkedin for BlackBerry smartphones updated - but we need more from it

By James Richardson on 24 Dec 2012 12:43 pm EST

LinkedIn got a welcome update over the weekend to version but unfortunately the improvements were pretty minor. The new features just include contact sync & login improvements and although this is a step in the right direction it isn't quite enough for me.

While it is great that we now have a LinkedIn application for BlackBerry smartphones it's still lagging behind in terms of functionality compared to the Android and iOS versions. What I need from the app is proper notifications. If I have the app on my BlackBerry I don't want to get and email telling me I have message - I want the app to tell me and give me a Splat.

Clearly things are going to change with the arrival of BlackBerry 10 as LinkedIn integration is built into the OS the same as Facebook and Twitter, but considering that BlackBerry 7 is going to be around for some considerable time I would like to see a bit more from the BB7 app. The lack of notifications may well be down to the fact that the app is not built by BlackBerry but if other non native applications can give notifications surely LinkedIn can too?

Let's hope things improve for BlackBerry 7 users in the near future as currently I don't find myself using the app as much as I would like.

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Linkedin for BlackBerry smartphones updated - but we need more from it


The problem in the past was that, in order to accomplish what you wish in notifications, the app remained open in background at all times, and could not be closed. Battery usage could practically be watched draining before your eyes. The app was removed from everyone's BlackBerry within a day or so. The new version does not remain running whether you want it to or not and battery life is no longer an issue. I'll take this version over the previous ones.

LinkedIn for BB is not available for Germany - I did contact LinkedIn several times but no response - for which countries is it available actually?

I'd like this app to have an intergrated conncet like BBM or FB with Blackberry contacts. It would make the app a lot more successful

I do like the new updates as well as the patch, but i am still having issues with the sync and downloading contacts/connections. And it is not like I have hundreds or thousands of connections just 35 on LinkedIn.

You can keep it open in the background if you use the end call button instead of the escape, battery life is still pretty decent with it running in the background.