LinkedIn For BlackBerry Now Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2010 12:04 am EDT
LinkedIn For BlackBerry Now Available For Download

The LinkedIn for BlackBerry app has finally been released. We've been hearing the word "soon" all to often when speaking of the application but the wait is finally over now. The interface has a familiar look to it, much like that we've seen in the Facebook and Twitter apps. While the app lacks some of the features of the iPhone version it does meet all the requirements needed to get things done via LinkedIn. All the basics are included, such as: Network Updates, Search, Connections, Invitations, Messages. Give it a run through folks and be sure to leave some comments on how it works for you all. Support shows for Tour, Bold, Curve with OS 4.3 and higher.

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LinkedIn For BlackBerry Now Available For Download


If you don't know what LinkedIn is, then there's a fair chance you don't need to use it. Basically, it's like Facebook for business professionals, where Facebook is geared towards the personal social network.

I was using LinkedIn for over 5 years and it was a waste of time. Had my profile up to 100%, network growing, and still no one contacted me. It was like Facebook for business, let's see how many business contacts I can get! Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's helped some people. But in my circle of business contacts, they said the same thing and lost interest in keeping their profile up to date. This app is a little too late for me. No thanks.

Curve 8900, don't see any major issues right off the bat. It has the basic functionality to manage your LinkedIn page. We'll see how it holds up and what sorts of updates get added.

After waiting all this time, LinkedIn release an app with buggs and it doesn't work on my 9700.
I downloaded it, didn't work. Deleted it, rebooted, then re-installed it, and I still can't get it to work.
Good job LinkedIn!!!

click menu and then sign out. works just like any other BB social App (aim,ymsg,facebook,twitter) all require you to sign out. since the pull data in the background

Did that and it still runs in the background. There's no way to shut it down, even after a battery pull. Did LinkedIn not test this app?

It works on my Bold 9000 but the font issue is quite annoying. I don't see how difficult it is to make an app for BB but I am truly deceived by this long anticipated version.

The contact sync is a manual exercise from what I can work out so far… which is not fun with 100’s of connections...

Same issue for me with menu fonts being huge and small on focus...

Overall look quite good (bugs aside). BB has ground to a halt (30 secs between menu response) as I write this so may be syncing contacts in the background??

...after 15 mins it did not speed up so I manually rebooted... after reboot the first keypress caused a white screen and then it rebooted itself... as many of you seem to have it running ok, I'll keep trying...

[Bold 9700 - OS .545]

Works great. For a version 1, they did a better job than Facebook ;)

Does exactly what it should for an 'on the road' version of Linkedin.

Installed smoothly, runs fine, all features tested successfully, great interface (far better than the Facebook app), as I have 2,500+ contacts in LI, it took a while to load them all (3 minutes or so), it ran in the background fine as I switched applications (email, password keeper, etc.), the fonts seem fine on my device (no huge fonts so far).
Thumbs up on this initial version, well done!

Just in case that's a factor in the app running smooth.

This OS is the best yet for no memory leak, maximum memory available after the OS upgrade (30mb+), so I added several apps in the past week.

With LI a few more mb taken, total free now at 24mb.

it looks like a collection of wap pages of linkedIN.

and how could it close it.
i can see it always on.

Their BETA testers do need to be shot!

It is a PITA not being able to close the app and NO BIS-B supported as mentioned above.

Wasn't this developed by LinkedIn? Why are people having a pop @RIM?

Just downloaded the LinkedIn app for the 9700 Bold. So far, it is running smooth on this. I'm running on the default os that came out the box (no leaked os) My guess it may not be working on other devices is because of a leaked os? Too many apps/junk on your current device? Who knows!

I also have linkedin on my ipodtouch. Just like FB, I like linkedin on the ipodtouch better than on the blackberry. However, I like how its easier to retrieve direct messages & send messages through the linked in app itself or through email via the blackberry better vs ipod touch.

Overall, the interface and menus on the ipod touch destroys the blackberry but for a 1st version on the bb, it isn't so bad.

Works well over here.

After installing Linkedin Blackberry application my Curve 8520 is bricked.

The message is:

For those connecting to the app WITHOUT a BES account. What are you using?

I'm on BIS and nothing I do is getting me there.

(I'll turn WiFi on now, but what is the point of this app if I can only use it when under HotSpot coverage?)

This app is brutal... the fonts are all out of whack and don't leverage the system settings... and it doesn't seem to close... it's always running in the background. Not impressed so far...

No Storm support. Considering how long it has taken them to get this out you would think the Storm would be supported.

It's almost like the black sheep Blackberry. Seems like a lot of big players (AKA Google, LinkedIn, etc) don't give the Storm much love.

I don't know if it's a bug, but I've just downloaded this app, installed and configure my account details on it. And when I want the application to quit, just won't quit! it's stays on memory! I've tried signing out of it and won't quit! I don't like not being able to control when this app is running. That's all I have to say about it.

I'm uninstalling right now. Just rebooted the phone and the application it's still open consuming memory and battery. Don't like it.

got a 9700 on rogers, i can't seem to login and there is not exit function... bleh, going to uninstall until they fix some things.

One problem I noticed is that it conflicts with the FB app in that it overwrites pics. If someone doesn't have a LinkedIn pic, it erases the FB pic. No way to manually choose that I can find. Other than that seems pretty smooth.


who was waiting something along the lines facebook/myspace/twitter app, with suport for... BIS !!!!

cant believe its not there..

now in south america, we can only use it with wifi.....


oh, wait, it has to have its icon open all the time...


No BIS is a huge fail in my opinion. But what bothers me even more is that there's no... waaaaait for it... NO SUPPORT FOR GROUPS!

It runs fast (much faster than Facebook, for instance) and you can access the main features easily. They did a good work. I hope something similar comes out from the Twitter guys.

Anyone trying this app should back up their contacts before installing and syncing with their contacts. The integration with contacts is about as bad as Facebook's had been through v1.5, only worse. Using LinkedIn, I'm getting illogically duplicated information (addresses, phone numbers, job titles, companies, email addresses, etc.) in different contact profiles that are "natively" on my BlackBerry but aren't even on LinkedIn. I'll delete this version and wait for the next version. I'm always willing to try again, hopefully, LinkedIn is, too.

Linked In is such a great idea but they have consistently been asleep at the switch. They develop things to slowly, the are the last guy at the party with last years style. This app is yet another example.

reports error back to LinkedIn
Good app but seem like not tested well.

As to usefulness of LinkedIn, I just got 10 resume after posting a job offering on my status, good for me and does not cost a penny.

Not sure if this is something somebody has mentioned already. But you can't close this thing. There is no option to control this. I've used they feedback feature to complain, so maybe they will fix this and post an update in the near future.

For those that have installed already, does the app automatically load all of your LinkIn connections to your BB address book or must this be done manually? I would actually prefer the latter.

This program works for me, and I'm on Rogers BIS. I'm on OS 5.0 version 464 (not beta). I also don't know what people are saying about a font bug -- shows normal sized to me (if not a bit small for my eyesight).

It does run constantly in the background, I can confirm, even if you log off.

Curve, Bold, Storm, Tour... Most common blackberry models. Is it so hard to develop apps for these? Why no storm support?

I am so happy for this release. Now my social networking somewhat is complete.

Sidenote: If you don't know what it is, PLEASE DONT USE IT JUST TO USE IT & have this turn into something else.

installed without any hitch. i'm running

-i have that font size issue like the rest.
-linkedIn app runs in the background regardless if logged in or not.
-i'm a BIS user and it updates fine. it states under options that its using TCP.

Use the send feedback option in the menu so that they can get the fixes out.

Now I can keep in touch with all my other unemployed friends, and can message each other about how pointless it is to be on this stupid site!

Running .405 on my AT&T 9700, I usually finish the day with 50-60% of my battery left. At about 4:30pm today (after downloading the app this morning), I'm at ~30%. This app is killing my battery life! Looks decent (except the annoying font issue mentioned previously), but it has a long way to go. Anyone else having battery issues?

If you are a Pearl or Storm user and use Linkedin you are out of luck with the Linkedin BlackBerry application, as I was having trouble downloading the app to my Pearl,I emailed Linkedin and they replied saying that version 1.0 of the app is not compatable with the Pearl or Storm. A little research before post an Article saying the Linkedin app for BlackBerry app is available for download would have been nice.


I get the error message: Unable to connect to LinkedIn. Please check your connection and try again. Can anyone advise me how to connect? I have a Bold and am running on AT&T. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use the send feedback in the application to let the developer know that we would like to be able to shut down the program like we can do with FaceBook and others...

Great app addition to my BlackBerry- lets me add contacts straight from my BB if I'm at a conference. Now what I'd like to see is some sort of QR code that people could implement on their business cards, so that I can just scan it and get the connection request for LinkedIn.

This is a pointless app on the Blackberry. No option to update or change profile, all you can do is update status, check/send invitations and see a limited view of a profile.

Sounds like another app sanctioned for use on BB (or not, in the case of the storm) when it really shouldn't have just yet. It might not have been made by RIM but RIM is certainly responsible for the user experiences of its customers and hence RIM is ultimately responsible for an app which does not operate as it should.

Hey everyone. I just upgraded to the new Verizon Tour OS v5.0. I do not have WiFi... I did the following and it connected. Options > Advanced Options > Browser > Then changed both to Internet Browser (Blackberry Browser is the default). Entered my signin info for Linkedin and it connected. Good luck!

Hope this helps someone... it was frustrating me

After about 14 hours am down to 10% battery life on my 8900 running 5.0.0411. Usually after a day I should be between 50-60% left. Can't shut down the app even after signing out. If you sign out what is the point of keeping the app running?
Needs work.