LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 updated - Adds performance improvements and in-app notifications

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2014 04:38 pm EDT

If the LinkedIn app on BlackBerry 10 has been acting up for you recently, there's a new update now available in BlackBerry World you'll certainly want to try out. The release pushes the app into v10.1.7.80 and according to the change log it adds multiple performance enhancements as well as an in-app notification view. Personally, I've never had many issues with the app but clearly there were some kinks to work that warranted an update. The update is live in BlackBerry World right now, so everyone should be able to grab it immediately.

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Thnx Bla1ze. More functionality is always good.


Hope this lets me de-escalate Invitation Requests from the Priority Hub. I always get certain contact invites show up there for some reason.


Man, lots of updates today...almost feels like Apple product today. Hint that official update coming soon?


The only real issue I have had, and I really wouldn't call it an issue is that I will get a pop up stating that I have used up my daily allowance of cache. Other then that the app works fine for me.

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After update -- still seeing error message. Oh well, it works and that's all that matters to me. Nice improvements! :)

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yep, cache error here updates like this...not.


Ya, I'm seeing the same thing

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Same damn cache error. Gotta love the app..gonna try reboot.

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Cache error remains.

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Cache error message continues. Deleted previous version due to that message and PIM and System battery drain. This update deleted too until it's fixed.

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Didn't they extensively test this before releasing.... ??

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I always have the cache problem :(

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Good to see LinkedIn paying attention to the BlackBerry platform. :)


LinkedIn are not paying attention to BlackBerry platform. Issue with cache has been brought up by many via LinkedIn forums. Still no fix. App deleted until this gets fixed.

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That will really get them to work on the BlackBerry 10 app. Lol. They probably look at how many people download it before deciding how much to support it. LOL.

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Jeroen Vos

Cache problem...

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The problem is still there...LinkedIn please fix it!

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I've never noticed a cache error. Now I'm afraid to update mine lol.

What I do notice is the delay in getting a notification. I will get an email notification then the app will send me an update a couple of hours later.

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I still have the cache problem. Very disappointed :(

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Never had the issue before, did after downloading.

Since deleted pending additional update.

Hope they fix this soon, I love the app.

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The in app notification is nice. It still doesn't show how someone who invited me is related, and I constantly get using cache / no update errors.

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Still getting the same error message about cache. Forget it...

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I'm also getting the pop-up message cache error.

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Great update. Now if I could figure out the purpose of LinkedIn, I would be one happy camper.

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It still does not synch with inbox messages. I still get 'failed to get messages from inbix' blah blah blah.

So dear LinkedIn - please fix the synch issues. Thanks.

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Everyone with cache error, delete and re-add account. That fixed the cache error for me

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Amit Kapoor

Still it gives an error... Daily limit reached...retrieve from

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Same error here too.

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Why have they not fixed the daily cache download error? Do linkedin not take blackberry seriously?

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I've never seen the cache error before. I better not update then. Thanks guys for posting your findings with the update.


Any time I have ever installed LinkedIn, it screws up my phone until I uninstall it.


Same cache error as before. App isn't useful if data isn't updated.

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I see the frustration with the cache issue. It just appeared for me for the first time w/ this update. Linkedin is an important option for me to have. They have been very supportive of Blackberry and the move to BB10 in spite of less than we'd hoped for converts to BB10. I just sent them a thank you and a request to tend to the issue. We need these developers to support BB10 and I'm not sure what value there is in flaming folks who provide us with free apps like this. Things go wrong in the world. They get fixed (generally)


For crying out loud. The cache issue just popped up for me too out of the blue! I didn't even update yet. Come on LinkedIN...what's going on?


Killed my battery after I updated...damn you LinkedIN!


Add me to the list of disappointed cache error users.


Still having the cache error even after updating.


Was getting the cache error. Logging out and back in again seems to work after a restart.

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