LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.1.6.2

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2013 05:49 pm EST

A nice little update to the LinkedIn app for BlackBerry 10 is rolling through BlackBerry World right now for all of you out there who are making use of the service. The update brings the app into v10.1.6.2 and has several improvements according to the change log, especially in the way of re-sharing links and adding comments.

What's new:

  • Easily re-share - More ways to share your favourite LinkedIn content within LinkedIn or with other applications.
  • Quickly like, comment and share posts from 'Recent updates'
  • View "Volunteer Experience and Causes" in profiles
  • Screen reader support for BlackBerry OS 10.2.0+

I don't personally use the LinkedIn app, so there might be a few other unmentioned as well. If you happen to spot them drop a comment below and let others know. The update is live in BlackBerry World right now so hit the link below to grab it.

More information/Download LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10

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LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.1.6.2


What do you mean, you tap the LinkedIn icon and nothing happens?

Whatever it was, is it fixed after this update?

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

I'm a big user, so glad to see this update cause every little bit counts! BlackBerry 10 support is getting better every day :)

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Running and after installing LinkedIn the accounts page does not load. Uninstalled and account page loads fine. We should have a LinkedIn app written for BlackBerry 10. I hope this problem with the accounts page and android apps is sorted out with the official release of 10.2.1. I hope that is soon!

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I have same problem after installing Linkedin the account page does not load, uninstalled Linkedin, but account page no working any more...upset !

If accounts page still does not load after uninstalling LinkedIn try uninstalling a couple of android apps. The account page problem also seems to appear when lots if android apps are installed. I am trying to use Built For BlackBerry apps for now where possible.

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Using10.2.1 I have had no trouble with Built for BlackBerry apps, but I had to delete some other apps to be able to access the account page. I must be at the limit..because to install a ported app and maintain the accounts page access I need to delete a ported or android app. I will be happy to see this account page problem solved... still staying away from LinkedIn app.

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I use LinkedIn on a daily basis, so this is great news. Happy to see that the support for the BB10 is there,

Nice to see another update. But would definitely like to have the option to change/update personal information via mobile.

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So let's see... did they fix any of the issues I reported???...

Golly, they DID fix some of them! o.0


I hope the new BB version works better than what has been available to date.

I use my PC to access my LinkedIn account to get-out good information.

I guess it could be different for others, but I'd say it's more useful once you are working or in University. Doesn't hurt to set it up, even to get interesting articles. Might depend on maturity level a bit as well.

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Yeah i think it's more relevant once u start working or in uni. But as Nathan pointed out , no harm. Mine is not loading even after reinstall :(

Well at least it's useable for the company's stated 'prosumer' market. What the fuck exactly is someone supposed to do with a grumpy cat meme anyways? Garbage app? Garbage OS more like it.

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Such lucid, eloquent feedback from someone with the username "AppReview."

Surely everyone eagerly awaits your next in-depth review.

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Looking forward to a native version, since BlackBerry has it included with each OS release.
One would think that there would be a Cascades-built native version. At least for LinkedIn due to the 'Prosumer' directive.

You have the option of sharing your Contacts with them or not.

You can access this option later via the app's Settings.

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Running 10.2.1 like others here and this update has screwed up my accounts page too! Not responding, I even deleted all the Android apps but still no joy! :(

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