LINE messaging app now available for BlackBerry smartphones

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2012 12:51 pm EDT

A few days ago some images of a new chat application started appearing. Looking into it further, we found out the app was LINE, a rather popular chat application for iOS and Android in different regions. The excitement came from BlackBerry users in those areas, as the app was soon to be available for BlackBerry. Now here we are, a few days later and the app is available for download in BlackBerry App World. Like most other chat applications available, it packs a lot of features into it:

  • Easy, Fun and Convenient: Send messages and photos in an instant!
  • Link your Smartphone - PC - Tablet: Use the smartphone version while on the move, PC/MAC versions on your desktop, and a web-browser version for tablets. Stay in touch wherever life may take you! (No PlayBook version directly)
  • Lots of Stickers: Convey your emotions and make your chats more fun with a huge variety of fun stickers! There are 4 free sticker-sets waiting to be downloaded by you.
  • BBM™ Integration: Easily check the latest info on updates with BlackBerry® Messenger integration. (Supported for OS5 or higher. For OS6, LINE can only be installed on BBM ver.6.0 or higher)  

Having given it a quick run through earlier, there is some stuff to like about it but also some stuff that you may not like. The stickers are cool, the app is fairly quick and it looks great but quite few things make me not want to use it.

The set up process isn't really intuitive, the adding of friends isn't intuitive and in order for it all to work better, you have to upload your contact database to their servers. Granted, they do ask you beforehand so bonus points there but reading their privacy policy is certainly recommended. If you're not concerned with any of that, you'll find the link below.

More info / download LINE

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LINE messaging app now available for BlackBerry smartphones


me too here, i'm on the 9900 os, i've been forcing myself to search for LINE but once i've found it, it said it's not available for the device. SCREW YOU LINE!!!

Running on 9700. My friend talks about it a lot, they even abandoned WhatsApp, Viber for this. Trying to figure out what makes them like this.


Guys, If it is not available yet, Just be patient!!
My area still has not made it available to me yet! i'm in Singapore!! :D

Dear Blacbkberry Official,

Please remove my two issues:

1. is it mandetory to enable data service (turning it 'ON' from Mobile Network Option) for using wifi on blackberry 6? as i have heard enabling data services will be charged via network service providers.

2. secondly i want to use calling app like Line, viber etc but its not allowing me to do so.

Your immediate response will help me alot.