Lindsay Lohan Goes BlackBerry Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jul 2008 02:23 am EDT

Hollywood is starting to go BlackBerry Bold and the device isn't even available to the public yet! First it was John Mayer, then it was Kate Hudson and now it's Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan Sporting the BlackBerry Bold!

I'm still hoping we see the Bold come to Rogers before this month is over. I can't take it any longer!! Thanks to everyone who emailed this in! I grabbed the image from CBS since they beat me to the post.

Lindsay - if you're reading this.... How are you liking your Bold???

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Lindsay Lohan Goes BlackBerry Bold!


Kevin, I can understand why everyone else would be excited to get their sore-BlackBerry-fingers on a new Bold, but why are you?! You've had your share of Bold -- what happened to yours anyway?
Software issues? Short battery life? Overheating?
Hm, must be overheating... =P

Hey Jacky C, never listened to our special edition BlackBerry Bold podcast.

RIM killed the PIN on my Bold shortly after the review series went up. So no web browsing/email/BBM/apps that require data/etc. Basically turned it into a cool feature phone. And a BlackBerry ain't a BlackBerry without that Pin.

Also...with the pre-release Bolds, the OS is only upgradeable to a point. The hardware got switched up a bit on the production models, basically deeming the pre-production ones (earlier ones anyways) to be stuck on older versions of the 4.6OS, which are usable, but not perfect.

So ya see...I think I want the Bold to be released more THAN ANYONE ELSE. I've used the Bold... I know how nice that display is, how fast the processor is. Going back to an earlier BB just ain't the same.

I guess it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but dammit, I wants me a Bold back!

First the C-lister. Then the A-lister. Now the common ho's! Oh yea, that means it's definitely launching soon...

On another note, glad to see Lindsay is branching out from crack to crack-berry.

Is it me or is that a "RIM Prerelease/Demo/blah blah blah" sticker on the back of her 9k? Look at the first pic.

This whole time we thought regular joes or in this case hoes (ha, ya like that) are the ones leaking out betas and pics. I guess we were all wrong. It's the Stars that do it!!! lol

RIM is doing a great job to make this product Viral. At least they're trying to. Hope they don't forget about their loyal customers who are also waiting for the bold? keep this up long enough, and many will convert. with iphone 3g out, it's pretty tipsy. hope you're listening rim.

she must be texting her dealer. man she looks a mess. im a recovering addict and i know when someones not clean. and she deff does not look clean in my eyes. note the pale skin and large shades. a blackberry cdma bold would make me happy too.

Is it just me or is her head to toe frecklers giving most of you guys shrinkage too?

God, she probably has freckles even... THERE!!!! nastyyyyyyyyyyyyy

*pukes in his mouth a little, then swallows*

Man I want the Bold so badly now after switching my Curve to a Iphone. The iphone is seriously a piece of junk.. argh

Alright I get the marketing hype and why they'd want to put their new phones in the hands of those in the spotlight, but here's what doesn't make sense: The whole reason for the BBB delay is supposedly "for ATT to make sure the phone plays friendly on their network" and for the FCC authorization, etc. Sounds like a legitimate reason for a delay - until you see them in the hands of a celeb. That is sort of contradictory. If the phone is not yet certified by ATT, why are they sending the phones out? Why don't they just go balls-out and cut them loose to the public?

I love my unlocked Bold so far. Just got it a few days ago from our friends in Canada. By far the ultimate BlackBerry!!

She is looking gross man. Wow...I would not touch her with a 10 foot pole. Now the Bold on the other hand give it to me.

I can't believe the worst actress in the history of the world (ok, second, next to Paris Hilton) has the phone I covet.
Who'd she have to bl.. (well, you get the picture) to get that phone?