Lindsay Lohan: BlackBerry Bold Poster Girl

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2009 08:17 pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan Tweets a Her Bold

Oh Lindsay... you always find a way to make it back into our CrackBerry Sightings blog, and each time you show up wearing less and less. You went from this attention getting outfit to a bikini at the beach and now you've taken it up a notch and lost the top. Awesome. Though I'm afraid the next BlackBerry sighting image we have of you won't be postable without a disclaimer :-)

Seriously, I just came across this post at from the mtv newsroom. It turns out Lohan herself posted this photo on her personal twitter a couple nights ago. She was bored... the picture is from an old Fornarina fashion shoot. Nice photo, and it leaves no doubt as to her smartphone of choice. As for her BlackBerry twitter client... she's still tweeting it old school on TwitterBerry.

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Lindsay Lohan: BlackBerry Bold Poster Girl


I'm with you guys she used to be pretty hot now she is just disgusting. I don't really need to see her without any clothes now. Go back about a year or two and try again.

You guys are so funny. But, I agree. That is just way gross. Kind of looks like Mike. Jackson with boobs.. well.. sort of boobs.

wha wha wee whaa nice phone, not so much ^. no but seriously someone throw a cow her way!!! she need to eat some1.

ohh i remember when lindsay had some thickness to her she was so hot, but now look at her what a shame

I don't see anything wrong with this pic, all i see is a girl with long hair covering up her tits and taking a pic of herself on her Bold, that's hot.. no?

ya... im a guy who has been told that my standards are pretty low, but i dont think i would ever stoop to crack whores... they smell, they twitch and just not trust worthy... imagine her u know what... how smell that is... if you call that hot then u have a crazy ass fetish... lol.

If this was to be rated for any type of Internet theme or Movie theme picture it would be rated as nothing because no one would be able to stomach the look within 3 seconds of looking, therefore they can't even rate the dang thing.

Terrible. Needs a time machine.

Id rather sit there and watch 2 girls and a cup for 10 hours straight... this chick seriously needs to have a lipo tube stuck in her ass thats feeding from oprahs ass.

If she spent more time lifting a fork and less time lifting her Bold, she may actually look better, though she never looked that good to begin with. I guess drug dealers are using Twitter too.

I know the focus here is that she's a BlackBerry user but what happened to this girl? She used to be beautiful. Very sad.

wow this chick looks worse and worse every pic. like her very soul is being sucked into the camera. eat something woman and stop smokin that pipe.

wow if this is att's verison of a joke its hillarious... i mean the old cingular jack was better looking and thicker... maybe they should hire katherin zeta jones... since Tmobile dumped her.

Perhaps you guys should consider going this route: if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.

Ok if you wanna call normal 110lb women fat then my friend you have issues. This chick is just wasted.... And really needs to consider treatment...

I am sure none of you losers would walk away from that if you had the chance!!!
Nor would I, for that matter.

I love how someone said "...this makes me want to get rid of my Bold."

haha. Sadly drugs and an eating disorder can take a deep toll on your appearance :/

She had so much going for her at one point.

I know, it's horrible...that perfect skinny female body?!?! You all twitter/tweet/facebook/whatever the hell you all you do, way too much.

Her body is rockin' and you know if she was standing in front of you grabbing your belt loops wearing nothing but the hair over her boobs and asking you to give it up...well I know 99.7% of you geekberry's would hit it. Quit hiding behind your login and just admit want to give her a BOLD spanking...........and yes, then feed her a 5 course meal.