Wednesday DIY: Limited edition BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jan 2014 04:10 pm EST

If you've been jealous of your friends that are rocking a limited edition red BlackBerry Z10, here's your chance to join the club. A recent listing on eBay (and a handful of others) is offering up the red limited edition Z10 housing right now for the mediocre price of $69.99.

The auction states that the housing is "100% original" and includes a red LCD screen and digitizer assembly, middle frame, back housing and battery door.


Word on the street is that each one is individually numbered as well, so it looks like these may be somewhat legit (or as legit as they can be anyway). So if you're looking to spruce up your Z10 and go limited edition, this may be your best bet. Just keep in mind you'll have a bit of work to do to get all the pieces together, and don't blame us should things go south.

Check out the limited edition Z10 housing on eBay

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Wednesday DIY: Limited edition BlackBerry Z10


There has to be a YouTube walk through somewhere, probably on one of the sites that has the original parts for replacement. They probably sell the torx screwdrivers too.

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Howdy, I'm interested in a white Z30 myself got any pics and where to purchase? Would be appreciated thanks

They type. I flick :p

This is a nice cheap way to change the look. I spruced my Q10 with 24ct bezel and frets..... and guess what..... it spends most of its time in a bumper. The red case is very cost effective for the Z10. Especially if your z10 works fine but has been around floor and desk a fair bit.

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Z30 is freakin awesome..... but I bet you don't put that Q10 down when you get it. Enjoy:-)

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Can't get enough of my Red Z get so many looks.

 BlackBerry RED Z10  STL100-3/

Wow I posted these 5 times in the forums a couple months back and now they are front page news

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I heard that the leak was crazy buggy. I was literally one step away from installing it, and then I read the ".1925 bugs" thread and was scared away.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

I got my red housing a couple months ago. I only needed an LCD screen, but for the same price, why not go all out?

It was pretty simple to do. The hardest part was finding the correct screwdriver set. Also, the back of the housing (not the battery cover) didn't have the correct contact points for my version (stl-4, Verizon), so I had to use the original.

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From what I understand the Z10 has two screen models that are not interchangeable... the 001 and the 002. Mine is the 001, but this red one doesn't mention...

70$ including lcd/digitizer? Wow seems pretty cheap. I remember when the Z10 came out and guys were posting they broke there screen and the price was in the hundreds to buy a replacement

I'm Z30ing it now but this might be worth buying to spruce up the 10.

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Black versions available for US$45 including shipping, so I ordered one of those for my Z10 as a spare-parts kit. That's barely more than what just the back panel/batter cover would cost alone.

The one linked is for the 4G version, but the seller also offers the 3G version, which is the one you want.

Doesn't seem to sell the 3G version with a screen, but that just means it's cheaper if you don't need a replacement screen anyways.

Can confirm: Casing is of higher quality than the white back I got from elsewhere, and the labels and numbering inside match what I've seen of the limited edition models.

And the screen that comes with this one actually seems to be in better shape than the cheapo replacement screen I got when the Z10 was still kinda newish. For the price, definitely a bargain.

I think the $6.99 is S&H... I'll keep my white! I always use a case and I have plenty of those to change the look!

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These Red Developer Z10 are becoming more common. Think I'll stick with my Z10 and Limited Edition Elite Battery Cover.

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Can we get a pic of this? Heard about them but can't find them any where. Not even pictures.

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I bought the torx as a kit on CrackBerry Canadian site.... came with the pry bar

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Wow... how far do they go in the fakery... fake numbers on a fake limited edition :D

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It's red. What's the big deal? It’s still only a Z10. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Well this spurred me to pick up the Z10 Black housing and screen. My Z10 has picked up some battle scars over the year I've had it.

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Just bought white housing for my lumia. Why not splurge and get red for my z10.

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Legit and Ebay are two words that can't be used in the same sentence.

Z10 STL100-3 using CB10 on 10.2.1

I keep it Black last time try that on my 9800 to switch from Black to White I broke the screen...

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I was contemplating buying a z30 have had z10 since it's inception here in the states... I jumped on the opportunity to pick one up (red z10 housing) build is amazing seems very legit. Is stamped on the inside "developer " and "special edition" with numbering! That coupled with and snap, I feel I have a new phone... it's definitely gonna hold me over for a couple months! hopefully the z30 drops down in pricing by then... only concern I have is that it is very very slippery, I used a case on the previous housing and wanted to avoid it with its new wardrobe... I ordered a protective film for the battery cover in attempts to circumvent any slippage...

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