Limited edition titanium BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 hands on

Limited Edition Titanium Porsche BlackBerry P'9981
By Adam Zeis on 4 Apr 2012 11:32 am EDT

Hands-on with the limited edition titanium Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981!

If the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 isn't quite your speed, perhaps you're holding out for something a bit fancier? Seen here is a limited edition titanium BlackBerry P'9981. While it holds the same basic design as the original P'9981, this version is decked out in titanium all around, giving it a much different look than the stainless steel original. The keyboard fits right in with its matte black finish giving this device a smooth, dark look. A carbon fiber back cover (real or not we're not sure) finishes off the sleek lines of this high-end device. It looks like this limited edition titanium version isn't going to be readily available at Harrods either (sorry Kevin!), yet it will be available at auction with proceeds going to charity. Who knows ... maybe Jay-Z and Beyonce will want to upgrade? Keep reading for more images.

So what do you think of this limited edition P'9981? Better or worse than the original? Would you use one? Sound off in the comments!

Titanium Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981

Limited Edition Titanium Porsche BlackBerry P'9981


Limited Edition Titanium Porsche BlackBerry P'9981


Limited Edition Titanium Porsche BlackBerry P'9981


Source: Pocket-lint

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Reader comments

Limited edition titanium BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 hands on


That's almost my dream color Blackberry.
Just a Silver or Titanium-ish Bold 9900 with a black keypad+trackpad.

I take thats gonna go for a pretty penny. It looks way better then the original version. I would actually think about it if it was for sale. Where as the first version i would not. Sleek look!

LOVE IT, WANT IT, LOVE IT, WANT IT, LOVE IT, WANT IT. This is the perfect BB form, color and device. I could not have designed one better in my wildest dreams!! LOVE IT, WANT IT!!!!

This looks like the dream phone for a certain personality...mine and is going to raise a lot of money. Real carbon fiber is the only material that can replace that lovely leather back of the original 9981.

Worst looking BB ever. Just amazes me how many are drooling over this odd looking device. Just goes to show you fanboyisim has no limits. No matter how expensive, at the end of the day it's only a BB. Does lipstick on a pig ring a bell?

I like it, and I totally get that "they dragged it from the 80's." You've never heard of "retro"?

It's got kind of a DeLorean vibe. But being Porsche designed, it seems more appropriate to include high performance materials like carbon fibre and titanium.

The guy holding the phone with a driving glove is a bit over the top. I hope when BB10 is released, its a little more classy.

The glove material looks too loose fitting and wrong material to be a driving glove. I think it's more of a protective micro fiber glove to keep smudges from getting on the phone while it's being shown off (I could be wrong of course). Not sure it gets any classier than that! =D

I guess this was what Throsten meant by going for the HIGH end of the market... a bit too high ;) now.. drop a bit.. I know rim had a net loss of 125 mil and you were trying to sell each for 1 mil a pop and curves for 100$ a pop .. but I want a bb10 bold somewhere in between ;)

Nope, still don't like it! The design looks like something from 1985 and I wouldn't wanna carry it around! Seriously, fire who ever designed this device. It's 2012 people!!

Looks pretty sleek to me. I would definitely rock that phone! I wouldn't be afraid for someone to steal it because most people would think it looks hideous and unattractive to steal.. lol

Platinum P'9981? Ok now this is starting to get obscene.

obscene....I know what they could do next.

Obsidian P'9981

Just make sure the edges are not too sharp :)

I don't really care about what Jay-Z and his wife and baby have or get as gifts from other people who can afford high end toys. I would like to have a phone that sync's with my PB without issues and maybe even some ability to choose a different theme now and then for my 9850.

we should all pitch in a couple of bucks and buy one for our fearless leader :) maybe it will include for 7.1

Even uglier then the regular, I wouldn't even use that if I had it given to me for free LOL, good lord, disgusting. Hey RIM, I have a thought for you, stop with this bullshit and get some god dam apps for BlackBerry from the app makers that we want..... No wonder you've tanked harder then the Maple Laughs, which I didn't think would even be possible.

If I wasn't so in love with my 9860 i'd leave blackberry for the simple fact that they would produce something like this!!

I would def upgrade to this if I could. The phone is an amazing design. Blackberry did good with this. I wish it was a little bit mor affordable to the small guy but we all know there must be a limited edition for every product. Plainly put, the phone is perfect.

Not my cuppa! I wouldn't consider using it even if I am given it for free to use. I would quickly put it up on sale and buy a more real limited timepiece, preferably a diver watches. But, everyone mile will vary :-)


Sad all that money for a bold. At least give me a faster processor or a better camera how about front and rear camera how about full hd video what a waste off time all I can say is rim you got till December to make me a he'll of a phone and a real tablet or I'm gone

Titanium enclosure for a high end BB10 would definitely differentiate BlackBerry. If they did it as a limited availability run of just a million devices, and not get the pricing crazy, then they might get noticed.

Apple had a Titanium PowerBook at one point. The pricing was not at a crazy level. Modern manufacturing could allow this to happen.

I notice the sleek design of the Nokia 900 is polycarbonate. That's not high end. The Zeiss designed lens in the camera is high end.

That provides perhaps another idea. Perhaps with CEO Thorsten Heins connections in Germany, he can make a deal for Leica designed lenses and that Leica red dot on the top of the line BB10 phone. That would definitely make it a status symbol.

I love your idea! I was dissapointed when the 9930 camera didn't come with an auto focus lens and I feel that BlackBerrys have never been known for their cameras, but with a partnership like that, we could start getting really great quality cameras that complement the rest of the high end hardware we get with our BlackBerrys. A tip of the hat to you!

I own a 500Mhz Titanium PowerBook. Awesome. Still works....installed Linux MintPPC11. I just love that rig.

I was thinking the same exact thing...

I bet that glove is more stable in terms of "tech" than this crap is.

Hey RIM, stop spending money on putting out useless crap and start using it for R&D to further enhance BB10.

...unless they're trying to make extra revenue for the BB10 project? If so, then we're really in trouble...

.................. do I get the glove to ;-) let me see what clasymetal for the P'9982 comes next.

yahoo i will not mind using it can i have 1 for free lol
this thing will be dream as we see sports car on streets