Limited Edition Patriot BlackBerry Bold 9700 Device?!? Yes Please

By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2010 12:14 am EST
it looks real pretty!

Here's a cool story. After winning Olympic gold in mens hockey, Research In Motion commerated the event by handing out custom designed BlackBerry Bold 9700's with Patriot branding to the players. In addition to having them given to Team Canada, Research In Motion also made 20 of the devices available to Future Shop employees who had the best sales records In February to give away as sales incentives.

Sadly, the chances of being able to pick one of these up is slim to none unless of course you find someone willing to part ways with it for a price. Which, would likely be high due to the limited edition factor here. Pretty awesome for any Team Canada fans out there, I'll certainly be looking on eBay to try and find one. If you were among the lucky winners of one of these, let us know in the comments.

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Limited Edition Patriot BlackBerry Bold 9700 Device?!? Yes Please


im sorry but yall r still celebrating that win? u almost lost at ur own game. id just be thankful for the win

the usa has 37 of em to out clang you :)......
Great game...
Would have been good if RIM did this BEFORE the Games for a few countries....or if Colorware? does this.....

Population of the USA: 304 million = 37 medals
Population of Canada: 33 million = 26 medals

Seems like the US would've had to win 260 medals to have the same scale of success at the Olympics as Canada.

Listen pal, if we would have won in regulation time, it would have been normal, nothing special.
But since it went into overtime, it became much more interesting. The people started going crazy.

Thank God you are in America, we don't need people like you here in the Great White North!


...on a Canadian site about a Canadian-created device. In the meantime, please feel free to blow every Canadian while we make love to your women who are currently in hot pursuit of REAL MEN. Starting with Lindsey Vonn and so on. Sorry aboot your luck, that is all.

Funny though how even one goal from Team USA came from a Canadian (Parise)...but I guess you didn't realize that as his Dad was instrumental in the 1972 Summit Series for Canada.

Alive for 28 years.
Hockey Player for 25 years.
American for 28 years.
BlackBerry Addict for 3 years.
Having a BlackBerry Bold 9700 Team Canada Edition?

A good hockey player respects a thing of beauty even if you win a Silver Medal.

Please RIM make more of these! I would love to buy one these. Definitely a colectors item! Women's and Men's Team Canada rule!!!!!! We are Golden!!!

They should have only made 14 to commemorate how many Golds Canada has won hosting the Olympics.....all three of them that is.

.....and then they could make the USA limited edition, to commemorate the 271 Golds won when they host the Olympics.

I knew the Canadians would start talking mess about all the gold medals they won this past olympics. However, when looking at their overall gold medal haul throughout all the olympics they hosted, it turns out that Vancouver was an anomaly.

That being said, I think the phone looks pretty cool. Would love to get a hold of one for my Canadian wife.

Nice looking phone, I'd like to be able to pick up a case or a skin that looks like that. Even just a BB holster with those colours would look amazing.

Sounds like some folks are a little sore at Canada's pwnage of the Olympic Games. Sorry US, you can't win them all.

I think we had to give it to 'em. It was their house after all. Canada was record setting in gold - a nice change for 'em after all the goose eggs they hosted in the past.

I really like, it looks really cool i must admit! ohh, maybe whoever wins the BlackBerry 9700 contest from colorware can get get their's to be a replica of this edition, it might not be the limited edition one as in the picture but can be a nice replica.. lol..

someone said that they have a feeling that Kevin might get his hands on one of these.. that was my initial feeling too...beat me to that comment lol... we'll have to wait and see if that becomes a reality!

Unique and enjoyable, this mobile phone. RIM thinks and lives so into the sport idea. A cool story with an Olympic spirit and decor!

Omgoodness beutiful. I want it even though I'm not canadian :D I'll denounce my nationality for that phone!!!

Far nicer than the customisation you tend to get from colorware, maybe they can learn something from rim.

Given that there is already a white 9000, I wonder if rim will look at these devices and think its time for a white 9700 too.

.. i love have that.. i use storm 1 if i have that. i can give review to my friend what is the best from bold 9700.. pleasssss

WOW that is hot! I would love to have that and since I am considering moving to Canada, what a jump start that would be!

Even if they won't sell them, I'm sure you can just get a sticker for yours and claim you were on the Canadian Hockey team, haha

Apparently, so is the US...300 million in population only translated into 37 medals, while 30 million people in Canada produced 26 medals. So much for world domination.

I see a lot of non-canadians trying to mock canada... but don't forget that the phone in your hand was designed by canadians... in canada... just sayin

I want one... It is certainly very nice. Perhaps a third party will make the parts for this.

Oh, and all you Canada haters can go home. We set a record for gold medals this year for a Winter olympic... This is our game.

I love customized CrackBerry devices!
Would be cool to see a Team Germany 2010 Fifa World Cup Edition, when we will have won the tournament :D

Especially because the BB 9700 was born in Bochum, Germany ;)

This Bold looks awesome, got to hand it to RIM for this one, I'm not even Canadian & I would rock that phone. I'm not going to "bash Canada" either because 1. I've been there a few times & have always had a blast 2. My uncle actually has dual citizenship with the US & Canada & lives up there and 3. They won one heck of a hockey game during the Olympics & I'm not even a big hockey fan but that was great to watch. I do have to agree with some other posters on here, wish RIM or maybe some case makers would do this for other countries, would love to see a USA one that maybe EVERYBODY would have a chance to get a hold of, maybe changing it up a bit so people know it's not the "official" one but something along these lines would be sweet.

that looks sick!!! i want one... this is totally what i wanted for my phone since i'm a team canada fan... wish i worked at futureshop now -_-...

That is a really beautiful phone! And to commemorate a really great game that was the conclusion to an overall good Winter Olympic Games. Nicely done, and a cool gesture by RIM.

Congrats to all of the Olympic athletes and all who made it happen. The Winter games are so much more fun and exciting than (most of) the summer games.

For a person like me...who's proudly to b a CANADIAN...who proudly works @ FUTURE SHOP+ works in the cellphone dpt..who's absolutely a crackberry addict...who hearts/supports our team Canada 100%......has just found out about this contest 2days be4 the contest was ending....

how the F on earth d i not know about this contest!!!!!!!!


FML big time...!!!!!!!!!!

(hv to keep telling dont need another bold2...this is just another 9700...this nothing make myself feel better about possibly losing the contest already)....ok fine...i SO want it...!!!!!!

They have to make this available...c'mon, I mean...look at my use name. I'm sorry USA, you have to admit it was an amazing hockey game...and props go out to Miller. He's probably the best goalie in the NHL today!!!

After hosting 2 Olympics with zero golds, Canada gets with the programme like other countries for decades, sponsoring or providing direct support, and we actually supported our Canadian athletes. What a difference it made for them & us!
Our gold medal drought is over... Long live the Olympians!
The bar has been raised. Will anyone best it in Socchi RU?