Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing

By Adam Zeis on 5 Feb 2013 11:26 am EST

More unboxing goodness!! The Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 was unveiled to developers earlier today at BlackBerry Jam Europe, and some devs are already getting their hands on one. The video above comes from Greek Berry shows off the LE Z10 in all it's glory! It looks like the box contents are pretty much the same as the retail version but the LE looks to include a flat black battery door in addition to the standard red. The video itself is in Greek, but we still get to see what we need to see, right? Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Source: YouTube



Wow red interesting



red Black just takes me to Ferrari. got to release for all!


hott! Ferrari red = awesome!


It's in Greek, but the only thing that you need to know is what you can understand. Ferrari. It's Ferrari red. Nice.


Translation: "Hello i am Vasilis, from, and i hold the limited edition blackberry z10 and you will watch the unboxing of it to see whats in the box. A very beatiful box, and here it is. Its red, actually a ferrari red, a gorgeous device. Lets put it to the side to see what else is in the box. There is a limited edition case or back cover (this is not in the video, i am not sure what it is) , a european charger, the usb cable. Also the headphones, the battery a uk charger and this is all. Stay tuned for the review of the OS and the boot screen, enter for the latest news about blackberry in greece."


Whoa! That RED Z10 is on fireeee! Would love to hope that they will have this in the U.S. I think that would really bring #Blackberry on top...Having colors of Black, White, Flat Red, Silver, and flat Gold.

Colors that look only like Limited edition colors make it more personable. If anyone understands what I am saying here. :)

I would get the red in a heart beat...It would also match my Dr. Beats headphones because they are red as well.


I was tilting my head as the video continued. *head continues to tilt*


Is there something wrong with me if I started drooling while watching this video...
I want one!!!


* BlackBerry by choice *
They should mass produce the red, even though I'm sure they aren't. But then I suppose it wouldn't be as special. I still want one.


That thing is sooo HOTT!! and I'm loving the extra back door or case whatever it is...anyone else notice the BB Spark in the top right corner! Awesome!!


after seeing the video many times, and try to hear what it says.. its a back door


Man, that sure is purrrrrty. I'd go with that if I could.


OMMG!!!!! DAAAAMMMMNNN my jaw has just dropped :O!!!!!


Now I want to be a developer....

Buju Banton

not feeling that color at all


Week #4 - waiting for App Acceptance...
'Pending Review - 2 Open CR(s)'
Sigh...then another 2 weeks for confirmation to actually get the device...

To the consumer, that is excellent news, means they are still EXTREMELY busy approving apps.


My app is approved, but I'm still waiting for them to email me asking for the Dev Alpha back. Hopefully it won't take too long...


Lovely! Bring it on RIM, sorry BB


That looks amazing!!!!.... BlackBerry, please make a Blue!!!!!!!


I want one in every color lol


pretty slick,,, even include black back,,, that would look great enough to get everyone around you to ask," What is THAT???!!!",,, now all they gotta do is give a choice of colors,,, if they do a blue 1, i'll have a tough time holding out for the big "A"... ;-)



Hot damn!!!!!!!!!! This is what they need to make available to the US! I'd get this in red in a heartbeat.


The Red shade Blackberry designers chose is gorgeous.
I'd call it Scarlet with an undertone of black and the red accessories are the same rich tone.

Because of its elegant visibility I ordered the Red FlipCase for my black Z10 in Red. I want folks to notice my whizzbang phone and I want to be able to find it quickly on my desk among the clutter.


Love the Red but would really love Purple like my BlackBerry Curve 9300.


The really should do like Nokia and make it in various colours... if anything, it'll be a departure from the Blackberries of old (at least the top end models) that were only available in black (some in white I think). Keep the Ferrari...erm, BB red for the limited edition and make them in blue, green, purple etc.. Think of it as BYOC, bring your own colour. Might even become a tagline for the device in an increasingly BYOD world lol.


I want a red Q10! :D
Or a blue one! Or a white one!