Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 Photo Gallery

By James Richardson on 5 Feb 2013 07:57 am EST

Over at BB10 Jam Europe today, all eyes have been on the two new devices that have been shown off - the Special Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 and the Dev Alpha C. Hopefully you saw our hands on video with the Red Z10 earlier and as I promised here are some additional photos of the handset.

Whether red is your color or not you have to admit this one looks good don't you?

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Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 Photo Gallery


1. Wow, Red Ferrari sexy. Nice! Me likes.

2. BlackBerry should have teamed up with Bono and branded this a (RED) product. Good cause, good product, what more do you want?

Is it just me or is the device two toned? Not sure if it's just me but I think it's red and orange. Got to watch James' video on that one.

No, I see the same color shift. I would say it's due to the lighting and/or the exsposure time. It's not uncommon.

Okay; the color red isn't quite my cup of tea when it comes to any mobile device that I would want to carry around as a "daily driver" BUT my jaw dropped when I saw these pics. This limited edition unit is B E A U T I F U L ! Oh my God! I am stunned... :O

Hey everyone, as much as I love my will-be limited edition, I am currently in school and will be selling the device to help pay for tuition most likely, if there is interest. Would anyone want the red Z-10? I might try an auction.

I want it!! But the price is the question???reach out to me if your serious @bldshd189 or thru CrackBerry

I know folks seem to love the red, I have just found the white to be much nicer. Plus there have been red BB phones before I still want to see the "color never before seen on a BlackBerry" I am intrigued as to what it can be!

This colour is awesome - especially for ladies. BB should definitely bring more metallic colours. Silver and grey would be optimal since BB partnering Mercedes.

The more I see it, the more the color grows on me. One thing for sure, it will definitely get noticed! I can see going to the next BBJam and the developer's with the LE Z10 will stand out.

I always put a case on my non-keyboard devices. I wonder how much of the red will show with a case on.

Im pretty dissapointed, I much prefer the black matte/metal, but hey, really is uber kind of them to give me a free phone! I love the z10 any colour.

It would be so much nicer in Blue! Not a fan of red on cars, phones... Blue would of been sick! Still looks good!

It would be nice if BlackBerry made exclusive colors for US carriers. Pink or Red for T-Mobile (also Breast cancer awareness ) not going to mention Valentines day, perhaps a light blue for ATT, a Yellow for Sprint and white for Verizon. No need for carrier branding just look at the color

That's really sweet looking. I think it would look even better if it was matte rather than glossy, but still, a very nice looking phone.