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Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 Photo Gallery

By James Richardson on 5 Feb 2013 07:57 am EST

Over at BB10 Jam Europe today, all eyes have been on the two new devices that have been shown off - the Special Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 and the Dev Alpha C. Hopefully you saw our hands on video with the Red Z10 earlier and as I promised here are some additional photos of the handset.

Whether red is your color or not you have to admit this one looks good don't you?



Darth Maul berry! Red is definitely my color. How I wish I could have a red one!!


Looks like the Imperial Guard Helmets, it should be called The Imperial Guard Berry, at least IMHO


Beautiful, hands down..!


Looks hot! But the material looks like it's a smudge magnet :O


It's sooooooo hooooot!

troy lee

Troy~£€€ what beautifuL device (drool)


Hope BB will ship them soon, can't wait for it!


I want this one over the white!


Anyone want to sell theirs??


Im pretty sure who will be buy this one, some lady who love " hot red" devices
Live Long and Prosper!


1. Wow, Red Ferrari sexy. Nice! Me likes.

2. BlackBerry should have teamed up with Bono and branded this a (RED) product. Good cause, good product, what more do you want?


trueeeee thaaaaaat.......


Is it just me or is the device two toned? Not sure if it's just me but I think it's red and orange. Got to watch James' video on that one.


No, I see the same color shift. I would say it's due to the lighting and/or the exsposure time. It's not uncommon.


OMG!!!! That is nice as hell. I like that better than the white ZEE10



I so want this one.........


That looks nice. I would buy it if they sold it


Okay; the color red isn't quite my cup of tea when it comes to any mobile device that I would want to carry around as a "daily driver" BUT my jaw dropped when I saw these pics. This limited edition unit is B E A U T I F U L ! Oh my God! I am stunned... :O


Hey everyone, as much as I love my will-be limited edition, I am currently in school and will be selling the device to help pay for tuition most likely, if there is interest. Would anyone want the red Z-10? I might try an auction.


I want it!! But the price is the question???reach out to me if your serious @bldshd189 or thru CrackBerry


The red looks good, would prefer daeker but nice.


Not for me, but Red is definitely HOT.


I prefer BLACK, but that RED is HOT.......hummm


Beautiful...they should be offered in different colors by all carriers.


I know folks seem to love the red, I have just found the white to be much nicer. Plus there have been red BB phones before I still want to see the "color never before seen on a BlackBerry" I am intrigued as to what it can be!


the back is a shiny plastic? gay...


I might order a OEM black back for it. I think Black/Red mix would look pretty awesome.

Inco Gnito

This colour is awesome - especially for ladies. BB should definitely bring more metallic colours. Silver and grey would be optimal since BB partnering Mercedes.


Now that's a colour to stand out on!! Lucky DEV.. lol


Damn I wish they would have this 1 for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love the red!! Have had a few red berries over the years


That thing is Drop Red Gorgeous!


The more I see it, the more the color grows on me. One thing for sure, it will definitely get noticed! I can see going to the next BBJam and the developer's with the LE Z10 will stand out.

I always put a case on my non-keyboard devices. I wonder how much of the red will show with a case on.


I luuuv Blackberrys and Ferrari, so a red Z10 is super hot for my tastes!


Give me 1 as a surprise giveaway ! ;)


Im pretty dissapointed, I much prefer the black matte/metal, but hey, really is uber kind of them to give me a free phone! I love the z10 any colour.


Any news on whats inside the box, or is it standard retail packaging?


it's HAWT-E, YES!!! but I still love the black one


Damn. I'd pick this up in a heartbeat. In fact, I wondered if red was the mystery color (given the red flip case).


It would be so much nicer in Blue! Not a fan of red on cars, phones... Blue would of been sick! Still looks good!

anthony lovings

It would be nice if BlackBerry made exclusive colors for US carriers. Pink or Red for T-Mobile (also Breast cancer awareness ) not going to mention Valentines day, perhaps a light blue for ATT, a Yellow for Sprint and white for Verizon. No need for carrier branding just look at the color


I want ORANGE for ATT or Red to match L920


It better come to the U.S. if they expect me to purchase it. lol :)


that's an a$$ kicking Ferrari red phone! Me likey


More color choices for us consumers :(


You can also spray (or very carefully and delicately) paint your newly bought Zen 10. :)


That's really sweet looking. I think it would look even better if it was matte rather than glossy, but still, a very nice looking phone.