Limited edition Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900's given to South Africa's Olympic gold medal winners

By James Richardson on 2 Sep 2012 03:36 pm EDT

Over in South Africa Research in Motion has been kind enough to celebrate the returning Olympic gold medal winners be giving them each a limited edition gold BlackBerry Bold 9900. RIM's Managing Director of South Africa, Alexandra Zagury, handed over the gold smartphones to:

  • Cameron van der Burgh who broke the world record and won a gold medal for the Men's 100m Breaststroke.
  • Chad le Clos who won a gold medal swimming against champion Michael Phelps in the Men's 200m Butterfly as well as a silver medal in the Men's 100m Butterfly.
  • The members of the gold-winning Men's Lightweight Four Rowing Team - James Thompson, Matthew Brittain, John Smith and Sizwe Ndlovu.

To say I am jealous is an understatement. I shall just have to focus on BlackBerry 10 instead.

Reader comments

Limited edition Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900's given to South Africa's Olympic gold medal winners


It's cause RIM knows who's paying their bills. I was in Johannesburg a few months ago...tons and tons of BB phones. I left my extra battery back in the states and I easily found one for my 9900 at a local shop. Try doing that in the States...good luck.

If RIM not gonna do it then Crackberry should make sure Bolt gets one after all that BBM speak at the Olympics

I'm sure Jamaican and Canadian Gold medal winners are going to want more than a phone to promote a product. You think Usain Bolt is going to pose for Nike in return for a pair of shoes?

That hottie swimmer Chad le Clos (back row on right) can break that snazzy gold BB in by giving me a call. Mmm mmm... ;-)

They should offer this to gold medal winners here in the States. This could be some good marketing going into the BB10 launch.

That's *brilliant* marketing down under in South Africa!

If only RIM marketing was nimble in UK, by enabling Bold 9900's NFC work with London Underground transport payments, that would have been a marketing coup for worldwide audience! But alas...