Limited Edition Coca-Cola Indonesia Football BBM Sticker available

Limited Edition Coca-Cola Indonesia Football BBM Sticker available
By DJ Reyes on 31 May 2014 08:25 am EDT

It's 2014 and that means it's FIFA World Cup year! Are you ready for it? BBM is ready for it as there is a Coca-Cola Indonesia Football BBM sticker pack available. The sticker pack was design by Speto, who does a lot of graffiti work for Brazilian culture. It seems to be only available via the BBM Shop if you're in Indonesia but as we discovered early on with the limited edition WWE sticker pack, that was only available in North America, there is a way for you to obtain it even if you're not Indonesia. All you need is someone in your BBM contacts to have the sticker pack and BOOM!

Just get them to share a sticker with you, you then tap it and you'll see the option to download it. This sticker pack is free. If you have the Coca-Cola Football sticker pack, share the love so we can all get it. Note, it may seem like you're downloading the regular BBM sticker pack, rest assured, when you download it, you'll have the football sticker pack. It won't show up in the BBM Shop, you'll just find them together with any other sticker pack who have downloaded to share.

Now, let's hope they bring sports team sticker packs soon, too. What other sticker packs would you like to see on BBM?

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Limited Edition Coca-Cola Indonesia Football BBM Sticker available


Can someone please send it my way?


Thanks from Canada

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!

Please do a great great great favor to me

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Thanks for sending me the pack. Much appreciated.

I will pay it forward and help ease the burden. If someone wants the pack, add me at: 334cba09

I'm at work, so be patient if I don't add you immediately.

Thank you Rodrigo... you helped in an instant! Good luck with with Brazil team...i am with you :)

Posted via CB10

I now have the sticker pack guys so I'll happily send you them however I am working all day today so be patient!

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Yeah, Blackhawks stickers.....

Big Win last night...

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Question - if someone shares this Sticker Pack with you and say in a year's time you get a new BlackBerry 10 phone, will restoring purchases restore the Coca Cola Sticker pack as well?

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I've switched devices a few times already and I still have the WWE stickers that were shared with me. Those are no longer available but restoring still lets me have them

Posted via CB10

I was just going to mention I tried sending the WWE stickers and it says "Unavailable" on receiving device when trying to download

My guess is it only works if they are still available in the BBM Shop somewhere.

Can anyone confirm the Soccer ones have worked when clicking to download?

Posted via CB10

Yes, that's right. Due the the WWE stickers no longer available in the BBM Shop, they can no longer be shared.

And yes, I've been sharing the Football ones and they can be downloaded

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I sent WWE stickers back and forth with a friend two days ago and it worked fine, but it could be that we both have them on our phones. some people still haven't updated BBM as well.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

As long as you have them, you can use them. What you can't do anymore is download them as they are no longer available in the store

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Pin:2B65A7E6 if anyone could be so kind to send me the pack. Cheers from the UK.

Posted via CB10

Okay somebody's sent me the stickers, if anyone else wants them add me and I'll share :)

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If they're so easy to transfer why price them? Also, when imported, are they added to your sticker collection or are they like emmocons that you need to use two characters to display them?

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Because if you share paid ones, you still have to pay for them. But this pack is free to begin with

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I have WWE stickers if anybody wants add my pin 24E11C2B and pls send me stickers you have

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Glad to see crackberry advertise this, but what about the other free Indonesian sticker pack released a few weeks ago?? That was the best of all paid and free ones...

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Same process can be applied to get those. If you know someone who has the sticker pack, get them to share it with you

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There is my pin, send me a message if you want the coca cola stickers.
Ese es mi pin, envíenme un mensaje si quieren los stickers de coca cola.

From my Z10

Can someone pls send me the coca cola sticker? My pin's 24C8536D. Thank you...would really appreciate the assist.

Posted via CB10

Thanks DJ for sharing it.

Anyone who wants it, add me: 2B5E52DF

And I will send it to you ;)

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Waiting for a better set of stickers as I'm not a fan of junk food sponsoring sports events...

That's weird. When I follow the link in my post it is no good (using CB10 app). Anyone else have the same issue? I went straight to the adweek site and the article is there.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Hey there! Can anyone share with me the Coca Cola stickers? Here's my pin:2B5D5748

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I have both the Coca-Cola stickers and the other free Indonesian sticker package for anyone interested...

My BBM ID is 2B82488B

Thank you very much for sharing. Although I'm in Indonesia the sticker not available in my android and ipad.

If anyone here has the pack please add me and send me a sticker so I can download it? My pin is 2ABE038A

Z10 equates awesomeness exemplified.

Peter here in Victoria.
2B90F798 is my pin. If someone can send me the two Indonesian sticker packs, I will make them available from here.
Time to pay it forward!

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Rodrigo hooked me up with the sticker pack. I can help share the love. Add my pin and I'll hook you up 24D1A9C3

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Eh is there a limit to the amount of stickers u can have loaded, because all of a sudden I mean like in the last two days or so I've lost my toy story?? What gives. And yes I've hit the restore option and nothing happens, heeeellllp

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Los fans del futbol latinoamericano deberiamos tener acceso a esas pegatinas!!! no creen? 32 paises seran parte de la gran fiesta de el futbol mundial y alli estamos nosotros!! Viva Honduras y nuestra Grandiosa seleccion nacional!!

The Latin American soccer fans we should have access to these stickers! do not believe? 32 countries will be part of the great party of world football and we're there! Honduras Hurra!! and our awesome national team!!

Thank you to my fellow Swede :-)!

Was hoping to read the rest of our chat but you disappeared :-/ and so did the chat :-(

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 / Telenor Sweden

What happened to the new BBM stickers. 99 not the free pack. They've disappeared since last update.

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Just a suggestion for those requesting : as some have done, after receiving tack on a comment to your original request indicating you have received.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


A nice fellow gave me the stickers, if anyone wants them, friend request me on bbm and put the message as "I want the stickers"

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dont seem to work for BBM Android or iOS users.... i sent them and do not appear to buy for them

I sent them to my wife on her iphone but she can't download/ install them. Any ideas??

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10!!!

I too sent them to Brazilian IOS BBM people and they can't add them??? What's up? Is this a blackberry exclusive?

Posted via CrackBerry on my Z10 BlackBerry

I sent this to all my friends, but most of them can get my stickers but are not able to download them to their phones.

Posted via CB10

Can someone please sent me the coca cola and the other free Indonesian stickers.. very much appreciated..

Blaaaaaaaack..wait for it..berry.. BLACKBERRY..!!

Thank Rodrigo and Lars for sharing ;) Big news this sharing option between country

International bbm community

Posted via CB10

The limited edition WWE sticker pack wasn't limited to North America. I have them, I'm in England...

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I faced a genuine issue on Note3 - android 4.4.2 running latest BBM that released may 30th. Whenever someone shares this sticker pack with me I just get a blank sticker instead of a real one. However I'm still getting stickers from the basic pack just fine.

This is either a region restriction (I'm in Dubai, UAE), a bug, or an incompatibility issue because of my version..

Anyone on android with the latest update willing to share please add me on Pin: 74359AF7

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I have these too if anyone still needs them, I also have the little Indian kids pack as well.

Posted from Zedrick the 10th via CB10

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