Limited Edition blue BlackBerry Z10 makes appearance

Red's nice and all, but blue looks great too...

Blue BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 4 Apr 2013 09:23 am EDT

While developers are getting red limited edition BlackBerry Z10 devices for their work on the app front, it looks like creative influencers are being treated to limited edition blue models.

Lil'E, the hip hop artist that has branded himself as Mr. BlackBerry 10 over his last few songs, has posted a picture of a blue Z10 on Twitter and Instagram. Though it could be a well-done aftermarket paint job, it looks like this Z10 is fresh out of the box.

We're still poking around for details on who BlackBerry is giving these ones out to and where Lil'E got his, but we'll be sure to keep you posted. 

Does the blue Z10 catch your eye more than the red one? Or do you prefer the retail black or white models instead? 



I want!!

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said it once. Ill say it again. BLACKBERRY NEEDS to market multiple AWESOME colors for new consumers and existing Blackberry fans. DEVS deserve it just as much as the consumers who purchases Blackberry phones, accessories, etc.

This would help BLACKBERRY'S market better too, as they have now completely hopped on board with touchscreen/multi task cell phones. GOLD, RED, LASER BLUE. colors would be awesome.. This would blow APPLE out of context. Who cares about the basic black and white colors. Everyone has them...Provide more colors so consumers can choose there personal color and stand out. The above colors I like...I'm sure they can provide more. Just sayin' :)


Personally Ive always wanted a Bronze colored cell phone. I would paint my cell I just dont want to damage it. Oh btw someone is selling a RED Limited Z10 for $2100! wtf! Do you see what I mean why BB should release more colors? Or DEVS will sell phones for $2000! just because they recieved 2 of the same thing! yeah right! That aint fair!


I felt the same way too. BlackBerry needs to get Se limited edition colors out. If you think about it, that's what got apple mainstream attention was when they intro the colored MACS with the clear casing. I love bronze but I gotta admit I never thought about a cell in that color.

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Guys its really a black one but he took the picture with his 9900 ;)


Drooling 0_0

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I wonder if different housing colours will be available later


I have been wondering this same us be the best thing to be able to switch housing on the z10. if wi

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That's nice,

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The limited edition ish might drive hype but for me personally, I live for the colour blue.Even though I prefer electronics in black, the colour blue would overshadow that.

Alvin Tang

Looks good!!

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I wonder how much people would pay for aftermarket paint jobs on their Z10s?



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The blue and red look so hot. But, I'm rocking my black from AT&T

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R Field

If you want your z10 blue get one of these.

There is a thread and photos of them in the CB forums.

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Aeron Solo

Fake! (but i hope it's real :))

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ARG I need this it matches my car perfectly


I want a blue one!

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R Field

Like it though looks cool I guess it's a blueberry

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I LOVE this blue one! Looks better than the red imo.

Serkle K

that blue does look slick

Christopher Melendez

Reminds me of the Nextel days when it was possible to get the after market cases and change them out your self. I used to have the i95 with the transparent case..


OMG... I want the BlueBerry


OMG!! That voler is perfect

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My first blackberry was a 6230, the only color option was blue. I really like my z10 but would love it in blue!

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"Blueberry", I like that....I'll rock the hell out of that.


Blueberry is pure old school; having a Q10 Blueberry would have such a significant nostalgia it would send ripples across the net.

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Looks good. I still like my black.

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Hmmmm....looks like a white Z10 under a black light to me. It would be a cool colour if it's real.

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Is it called BlueBerry z10 :)


I just made a mess.

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El Platanero

I actually prefer my black one. The the battery cover feels great and I don't see myself having to replace it due to fading paint

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Cool in blue, but, my white is ... just right!


I want the Blue one!

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Man. Who knew colour could invoke such powerful reactions? Oh wait... I'm sure the marketing peeps and designers knew that.

I'd be more than happy to sport a blue Z10.


Time to order the blue phantom skinz

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I'll be honest, I want a Q10 bad, but I would most certainly jump at the chance for a Blue Z10. That looks SWEET!


Loogs segzy...I want a blue one, a red one, and a white one to keep my black one company...and because I'm a greedy SOB!

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Come on Blackberry make the Red and Blue Z10 available to us regular bb users. Hell I am on AT&T and I only get one choice.


My favorite color!!!!!

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Francis Pavolko

Black is still my favorite. Good thing to because it was my only option at ATT.

Gregory Ryan

So the blue PlayBook never made it out, but we get a blue Z10?


NICE, Very NICE. I like the BLUE one better than the RED, but not better than the WHITE


hell yea that beats the red one anyday


I had the 8830 Curve in that blazing orange color. I'd love to see the Z10 released in that color. I bleed orange. Hook 'em!

But the blue is nice. I'd take that one or the white over the black. But when push comes to shove, any Z or Q 10 in my hands will be ok. I just need my IT dept to get on board before I can upgrade. I'd really love to se a slider BB10 device.


I would've taken blue over my white one, hands-down.


Looks nice but nothing beats the "Black"Berry Z10 I'm rocking! Go BlackBerry!

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Blue for sure! But a nice darker classy blue, not facebook blue


Pimp your p hone!

Starring exhibit

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Want. First time I've wanted a blue phone instead of a red one. This one speaks to me. My preciousssss.

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Looks cool I have a white one with a black back and my wife has a black one with a white back the power of ordering two.......

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As long as they didn't pick an ugly shade, I think Green would be awesome. Jade or sage would be just fine.


+1. Greeeeeen, a nice dark Emerald would be great.

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Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!!!!!!

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ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that and the red are friggin sexy. I just made a MESS!


"All black everything!" Didn't get the white because I didn't want it to look like an I phone from a distance
..wish they would've done red and/or blue as the original alternate colors...

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I want a CrackBerry ORANGE one !!!


Like the one in the Facebook phone blog? Yeah, looks like Phantomskinz has that colour too.


Wow.....what a beauty.....

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Like it!! Time to order my blue Phantomskinz chromatic. Had my eye on that already and this confirms how good it looks!!

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I would love to see that model available for the public. Or even just the housing.

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Blue is my favorite color! I so want this.

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I'd love to get my hands on a red one.

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Blue is cool, but I wish I could get a red one. Since I have zero development skills, looks I'll be getting a black since that is the only one AT&T has.


Looks cool. I hear blue consumes more battery power...and once you go black, you never go back ;-)

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I want 10k-14k gold plated

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Again why not offer the Z10 in different colors to set yourself apart from the other manufacturers and not to just populist royalty only? Maybe from market research choose up to five colors for consumers to select from and lead the pack with design, look, and feel.

John Pawling

I like a " Few" colour choices and blue is good

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I want that blue Z10!! If that was an option for sale, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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My first BlackBerry was a "blue 'berry." Looks cool. I would have strongly considered it versus my black one if it had been offered, but black probably would have won out for business reasons.

John Pawling

Red and white and black colors are great ;) but blue is needed to compliment this fantastic North American phone!

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Blue is so unexpected!


I think a black/blue combo would be cool.


This is pretty neat, but the red Z10 is pretty much the nicest looking phone I've ever seen. Wish they'd make it available to the general public, somehow. =\


Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! Easily the best looking Z10 so far! Really really want this.


I have a good idea Blackberry!!!
Hook me up with a blue z10 and I'll tattoo the BlackBerry symbol on me. Then I'll instagram and tweet The "F" out of it to my13 followers.....

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The Blue is really nice!

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Sexyyy when is it available??

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A blue one would be really awesome!


I think the blue with a black back cover would be shmexy.

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I want bkue

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Definite would take this over the Red (and with a black battery cover on the back!)

Chris Westwood

I so want the blueberry :-(

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Ganda!! I want one!!

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A blue q10 will be a real winner..

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Sign me up for one of those!!


Seriously BlackBerry should offer the colour versions to everyone! A bunch of girls I know would love a pink z10

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Kevin Ventura

very niiiicccce (said like Borat)

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I would love the red...or the blue. Rocking white right now with a transform case since there were no cool cases when I got mine on February 5.

I want anything that will make people ask what phone I have so I can tell them about my z!

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Go with microfiber pocket pouch red one, it looks awesome with white z10. I have this combo, and boy people can't stop looking at it. White z10 with red pouch (BB original) .

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Ok... what the heck! I have my WhiteBerry and I love it. I seen some pictures of the red LE Z10 and I ended up ordering a red phantom skin to make it a RedBerry. NOW I see the BLUE!!! I want the BlueBerry as well. Looks like I am putting in another order. Looks fantastic, but of course, no matter what color the outside it, we all know what is underneath. ;-)


Omg, they all look nice!

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It's a Blackberry....therefor it ought to be black....


I want this one so bad!! So much more appealing than the red one

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I like it!



Could be like when apple released the imac, such a simple thing as adding a bit of color to a new device could be that all important difference.

It has more of an impact because they wouldn't simply be offering new colors on an old device.

I'd say continue building the hype and then release it soon and market the hell out of it.

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Love it!

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I think more colors should be available to the general public! I hate that I didn't have the choice with my carrier :( I haven't had a colored one since my 8320!!! I would love a blue one or pink hot or breast cancer color one, purple or lime green.




Nice looking device

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Red vs. Blue...

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Charles McCoy

I prefer black

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Maaaaaaaan I would definitely jump at the chance for one of those since it's my favorite color!!

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I'm in.

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Daniel Fulton

It's a blueberry

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That is just awesome.

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I personally like the red one better! Would look crazy with my red transform shell case!! Maybe BlackBerry should at least release a blue transform shell case, seems to be a popular color. For now I have the black Z10 from att w my red transform case.

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I say is the white one with blue anodizing and blue paint.

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If want color buy a skin.

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BlackBerry should make a Z10 in leather, they used to be known for having such executive devices with leather backing, I'd love to see a newly engineered Z10 device with leather finish that would be really amazing! :)

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Just Me

Limited editions are a great idea.

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Love the blue!!!

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Looks amazing! This one and the red one make me want to go Z10 instead of Q10. A pity they aren't available to the general public.


Wrong color i think...they need to to with the Gold!!! Ppl love that.


Prefer the blue to the red but orange with black screen would rule!

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We are all about the multiple colours, how about silver and white ones as well?? Let's see what BlackBerry has under their sleeves, I want to know!


Blue is cool but the Z10 Oreo is the way to go

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Look again there are TWO devices in that box

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I'm gonna have to find a blue one! It's n'y fav color

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Business black baby! Classy and timeless.

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I like dat

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Black looks very plain and difficult to differentiate from the rest. White looks okay, but just not 'BlackBerry'. Plus the black screen against white just doesn't do it for me. But Red or Blue??? OMG I want those choices! That blue one in the picture looks hot, but if I could buy either one, I'd get the red. It's too bad I would have to have been a developer in order to get it. It's a sweet prize, but man... let the masses have red! Let the developers have... IDK GOLD CHROME, like it's an effing Zelda cartridge or something.


I want all the battery doors so I can match colors to my days :)

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Blue is the color football is the game. Seriously wanting this. Oh btw phantom skinz doesn't have that color though I've checked their website

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Very nice

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Different colors are welcome, blue looks awesome and classy

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Where can you get this color or the red one

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Green blackberry for the people who paid full price for the phone



I want a blue blackberry now.


i wish they made changeable face plates or super slim clip on cases that look like these.. id buy that


Oh lord, pls provide people who make leakphotos with a better camera...


Please tell me this will become available in Canada?! The blue is so much nicer than the red!

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THAT DOES IT!!!! I'M GONNA PAINT MY Q10 blue when I get it!! :D


blue looks awesome.. i like better than the red, but unless these become widely available in the next month I'm still going black.

and what in the world phone these days has that bad a picture quality? that's like worst than my first curve...


There's a thread in the forums of a red Z10 someone wrapped from They have some good quality pics of it posted and it looks just like the dev limited edition Z10s. I was surprised at the quality of the wrap. On the site choose phones and go down to BlackBerry Z10 Chromatics and the page with the colors shows what the phone would look like wrapped when you click on it. There are a lot of colors posted that people have mentioned that they would like to see here in these posts. Check out the pics.

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I want it!

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Colors are great but most people just put in a case anyways..