Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 smartphone coming in red for developers

BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition Device
By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2013 05:00 am EST

If you're a BlackBerry developer, you're likely wondering what the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition device will look. Wonder no more. As was revealed at BlackBerry Jam Europe, 12,000 of the Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 smartphones are being built exclusively for developers who created apps in time for launch and they'll be coming in a glorious red color.

In addition to the limited color, the devices will also come with a special serial number. Finally, the deadline for acceptance of the limited edition device has been extended until February 28th if you haven't yet qualified. You can catch one more shot of the devices backside below or head on over to the registration page to claim yours if you're a developer who hasn't done so already.

Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10

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Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 smartphone coming in red for developers


Ajaja! this is so funny: so what is special about this Limited Edition? well it's red, but if that's not enough (personally I don't like red) then hey, it does have an special serial number!!!! diferent from every other Z10 made!!!! lol, isn't the whole idea of a serial number to be different for every unit????

May sound pety but the fact that it is red may be Verizons beef about not allowing the dev special edition. They probably wanted that color for themselves.LOL!

Red for revolution :)
Will it launch as the "(PRODUCT) RED" for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS? Why not.

That actually explains a lot about the different BlackBerry case options. I wonder if anyone was clever enough to predict this? I sure didn't. "Oh, red cases! That's a nice change!"

Aww, shucks. It's tough becoming a 'recognized' developer when you live way out in the boonies. Well, this at least paves the way to the possibility that the devices CAN possibly be modded.

YAY :D Loving the colour scheme actually. Since BlackBerry stated it would be a colour "Never before seen on a BlackBerry" we were thinking brown or yellow, Red LE Z10? Perfect ;)

I figured it would probably be a different Z10 color. Interesting choice. All that is left is to see when they will actually be sending them to developers.

hey kevin,special edition orange crackberry phone?ask your buddy at BB to make one for us,we are the faithful we deserve it,i will buy two no matter what they cost

Could be a cool perk for corporate: Buy X number of BB devices, get corporate colour scheme. Would be cool in some cases, lousy in others, I suspect.