LIME Jamaica live streaming their BlackBerry Z10 launch

By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2013 06:20 pm EDT

Starting on April 23rd, LIME Jamaica will be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 to their customers and to help kick off the celebration, they're hosting a live launch party. The event, taking place via their Facebook page on April 18th at 7:30pm (That's tonight!) will feature plenty of demos and talks from BlackBerry representatives and one luck fun who tunes in will win themselves a BlackBerry Z10 by playing a trivia game throughout the evening.

"Our customers are pumped and waiting with high anticipation for the introduction of the BlackBerry Z10 to Jamaica. We have a spectacular launch planned and so we are giving our customers and friends on Facebook the opportunity to share in what will be a world-class event," says Carlo Redwood, vice president, marketing, LIME. LIME is known to deliver, first, the world's most sought-after devices with, of course, the best experience for users on our network. On the 23rd, we will also have a special offer for our customers who want to get it first." 

Live in Jamaica and looking to get in on the chance to win? Head on over to the LIME Jamaica Facebook page for when the event kicks off and you're in!

LIME Jamaica Facebook page

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LIME Jamaica live streaming their BlackBerry Z10 launch


Shout out to my caribbean brothers and sisters... Trinidad & Tobago on the 23rd

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Lime used to known as Cable & Wireless.... which, as the name implies... is as ancient as submarine telecom wires (to the islands). It's probably now some part of Vodafone (isn't everything nowadays?)

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LIME is a brand of Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd. It is not part of Orange or Vodafone. LIME/Cable & Wireless is primarily Caribbean.

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Cable & Wireless was 'demergered' into Cable & Wireless Worldwide and Cable & Wireless Communications. Cable & Wireless Worldwide is owned by Vodafone, that's correct. But Cable & Wireless Communications which is branded as Lime in the Caribbean (except for BVI and TT) is not owned by Vodafone.

I'm check it out and see what is going on, but the common man like me probably won't be able to afford that phone, it could be as much as $70,000 to $80,000 Jamaican dollars, will see if they give any plans to reduce the cost.

I've had my white z10 stl-100-3 on digicel for the past month and the 4G speed is amazing. I bought it online and shipped it in as digicel doesn't carry the phone as yet. Glad to see Lime stepping up nd offering it first.

Digicel is launching the 23rd too ... had my Z10 for about 3 weeks too on Digicel ... looks like they blocking mobile hotspot though ... the min i put their sim in, the options disappear ...

I called Digicel some weeks back and they said they dont block mobile hotspot on the z10 or any of their BlackBerry devices, then again, they were kinda shocked when i said i had a z10 to start with

thats nice question does the Video chat and Voice chat work on the 4G service????? or only on wife need to know that

Yes Jason, send-on... Onstage to the world!!! I hope this superb Z10 maintain Blackberry's strong hold on Jamaica... I need to video chat with ma peeps...

Yes! Finally bb10 in jamrock. Hope I can win 1, cuz I know they're gonna cost an arm, a leg and a kidney. x_x

Enjoy the Z10 friends. This is the real Canada loving our favourite island to the south!

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Where is this being held? New Kingston? I've spent a lot of time working there, so I know it would be great to be there!

Thinking about the launches of BB products over the year, BB is nicely positioned to cut the sails (and sales!) of the Samsung GS4 and iPhone 5S. With a Q10 hitting the markets in 2 weeks, they will hang on to the customer base and strengthen their business client relationships. However, it will also provide more support for the BB10 platform. After the iPhone 5S is out, BB should be releasing a new device in the August timeframe just in time for back-to-schoolers. The Z10 and Q10 should still be available. The next big launch is in November, in time for the holidays ;)

My understanding is that its a Lime launch. So all Caribbean territories that has the Lime network will have our Z10 launch on 23rd April. I'm just a lil impatient to see the prices here in Trini.

Good to see a LIME being featured on Jamaica is BB country and people enjoyed the launch and I many are enjoying the phone as well. I hope to win one because the retail price is really high here. Hope the other islands get it soon too.

I'm happy to see my country get big up via LIME and as a lime customer i am proud they are on board as well big up to lime and Crackberry cant wait to get my Z10

LIME launched it today in Dominica but i just bought an Iphone 5 so il wait till the Q10 (since i still have my 9900)to be my second device ...a blackberry still dominates the Caribbean market and they are sold usually above full price for them a 9900 today still goes for about 2300$ XCD that's 852.09 USD and everybody has one

dont forget they are sold locked to the network for that price which to me is really sad after dishing out so much money on a phone

I'm from the Cayman Islands, right next door to Jamaica, Z10 comes out tomorrow here too. Happy to say I had one before most here cause I'm just that determined! looking forward to people getting on board with BB10 here though since most have ditched to iPhone as of late.. I'm one of the few still left supporting BB strong!

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