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Lime Barbados adds a touch of class to their BlackBerry 10 launch - Hand delivers BlackBerry Z10's

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2013 10:44 pm EDT

For Lime, the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 has been pretty spectacular. The company kicked things off in Jamaica with a live launch held on Facebook and right now, they're running a contest for their customers offering them a chance to see Alicia Keys live in concert. Aside from all of that though, they've been bringing a touch of class to the mix as noted on their Facebook page. Customers who have preordered a BlackBerry Z10 are getting their device hand delivered to them complete with some BlackBerry branding on car the lovely ladies show up in. Needless to say, it looks BlackBerry advertising in the Barbados and surrounding areas is going strong.  Thanks, Mario!

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Thats cool!! :D

Posted via CB10


BigUp to my friends @LIMEBarbados!

w0lfgang close to the annoying "first" comment....drat!


Great stuff..good to see progress.

Posted via CB10

young keezy#CB

Wooot. I'm from barbados and a huge blackberry fan. Nice to see Z10 finally arrived here. I'll go pick mine up.


I'm surprised u didn't get ur z10 yet...gr8 cell....reppin my bajan z10 users

Posted by ©B* Courtney Z10


Go Barbados, LIME sucks btw........:D


LOL, why do they suck?


Nice, Best Buy made me go to their store for mine :-)


Nice. Would be nicer to see a little more work go into it instead of just a magnet. Take my truck for example.... but anything to get the brand out there.

Posted via CB10


Go Barbados!

Posted via CB10 - FINALLY


Girl on the left needs a steak and some potatoes :)

Posted via CB10


Why, not fat enough for you? You always have Rosie O'Donnell if that's your thing...


I didn't say eat the whole cow and a sack of potatoes ;)

Posted via CB10


Lol, alright, alright, I hear you. :-P


Holy cow, how many pre-orders will they have to fill like this?! Either way, awesome to see such enthusiasm for the BB10 launch around the world. This is pretty cool for a carrier to do for their customers.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


Would have rathered one of those ladies deliver my Z10; nonetheless, good look for my fellow Bajans.


Yessss!!!! Bajan z10 power!

Posted by ©B* Courtney Z10

Jimmy Choo1

Girl on left :)

Posted via CB10


Not sure if being delivered in a Nissan can be considered class, but that's cool anyway... :-P


For the price you pay for a Nissan in Barbados you could by a rolls royce in the states.

Posted via CB10

Majestic Lion

That's a pretty interesting approach. Good for you, Bim.


Fantastic news for BlackBerry. It has been long overdue, it's only fair that the pioneers of smart phones makes a comeback. I've had my z10 for almost a month now and I am enjoying every bit of it, smartest keyboard on the block hands down. I do miss the physical keyboard though, waiting for the q10 release in South Africa. Qnx makes multitasking seamless. So many great features in the new OS. Best device on the market right now. #Team_Blackberry

Posted via CB10


I don't always comment on CrackBerry but when I do its on my Zader10 via CB10


Q10 is available in South Africa through Vodacom, picked mine up yesterday so now my Z10 has a friend:)

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Great stuff, I guess we can say they are Z10 Call Girls, very innovative!!

That Boy RiSkO

I'm on Digicel not lime but never the less i'm glad to to see Blackberry and by extension Barbados getting some love. The phone is a top device and hopefully I will be getting my hands on one soon!


I heard that Digicel's Z10's sold out. Not sure how many Lime has left, those things are moving like hot cakes so you'd better hurry.


That's great to see.

Posted via CB10


Finally lime is stepping up proud of them and good for BlackBerry get those Z10s out

Posted via CB10


This is class. I do hope BlackBerry does this for limited edition premium models in the USA - as it'll create its own buzz and marketing.

Apple had done this in the USA for their 20th Anniversary Mac (tam) long ago.

Posted via CB10


u kno why I LOVE this post. i'm from the Caribbean, St Lucia. the Z10 was launced last month with a live demo n units on hand for people to play around with. but I mean for the region to get a mention, not jus a mention but a story n CrackBerry...... BIG UP Kevin & co. I think iKll go b'dos n pre order tho... I want those lovely ladies delivering to me


Damn, all I got with my pre-ordered VZW Z10 was the guy from the mail room bringing it to me. Much better service in Barbados!


Good for the Island of Flying fish Barbodos, they should have got Rhianna involve, she is from there.


Big up to my place of birth...the beautiful island of the sun....barbados!!!

Posted by ©B* Courtney Z10


Can I have them ladies re deliver my z10!

Posted via CB10


Cool , at last Bim gets the new BB 10 Os phones!!! I live in Barbados and it took Lime forever to even announce the Z10, when I went to the store the guy said that they were trying to promote the I phone and Android. Sad but true , Balackberry Os 10 phones have been on the streets long before lime . Crackberry rules!