Lil' Frenchie and Lionel The Whale sticker packs now available on BBM

By Bla1ze on 8 May 2014 06:52 pm EDT

If you're not satisfied with the sticker packs you have now on BBM or are simply just looking to add some more to your collection, you might be pleased to know two new ones are now appearing in the BBM Shop and are available for purchase. Lil' Frenchie and Lionel The Whale have arrived with their pricing set at the typical $1.99 for each pack. Lil' Frenchie was designed by Eric Uchalik who also created the Lil' Shelton set while Lionel The Whale was created by Stephen Dix.

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Lil' Frenchie and Lionel The Whale sticker packs now available on BBM


I think $2 is too expensive for sticker. Why don't you just sell $1 for sticker and maybe someday $2 for themes (blackberry 10 themes)

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I'm a big fan of the stickers, but with the latest 2, I'm finding it difficult how I would use these in my conversations......

Yeah, they are kinda cute though.......

Maybe some Walking Dead stickers would be nice.

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Why don't they give it away for free, no? Please! People gripe about this ,yet on IOS they will pay for air if they asked them to. Simple the developers/artist have to earn a living 2$ is less than a Starbucks Coffee, you will have the stickers a lot longer! Honestly don't understand the mentality.

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I don't mind paying, but the price is completely out of whack compared to app prices. It's like trying to sell a bike for more money than a car.


I would pay for the original even. This would be so amazing!
I can guarantee you more of my mates from other platforms would jump onto the BBM train with it too.

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I can see it now! Gotta catch 'em all!

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I still don't know about these prices! I mean, I can Asphalt 7 AND 8 (over 2 Gigabytes of gaming) for $1.99...

OR, I can get 20 little graphics to send in an IM...

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I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right. Had just been in the whole sticker mode and have bought more packs then I'm willing to admit lol.

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Maybe it's just that these stickers have no appeal to me.

Someone mentioned Walking Dead stickers... That is something I might consider. But even then, I think I'd kinda regret buying them (but do it anyways) lol

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A lot of people do not play these games though, but are always texting each others.

Not all products are for everyone, and that's good.

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The pricing of these sticker packs is out of whack with app prices. Considering the amount work building and maintaining an app that, there is no way sticker packs should be $2.

You buy a coffee for close to 2 why is anyone complaining lol about the price of stickers is beyond me.

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Just because someone can afford $2, doesn't mean that they should spend $2 on something that they feel does not have value for that price.

At the end of the day, everyone assigns value to items - even if affordable, if they don't feel it's worth their money, they aren't going to spend their money. (And yes, there are some people who value, and will get more satisfaction, from a great cup of coffee than a purchase of BBM Stickers).

...or someone who'll buy a latte AND BBM stickers.

Why *not* support your favorite mobile company? :) of course, this assumes you like the stickers, too.

I'm not sure I like these, but I *did* pick up a pack early on.

Just go cheap once, LOL, a spoon of instant coffee powder, and use the saved $2 or 3 to get a sticker pack. Done!

Resource allocation, feed Starbucks or feed BlackBerry. Choice is ours!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Maybe the coffee is worth $2. With respects to the designers. They stickers look nice, decent but they are no where cute or meaningful when compared to competition like LINE and Viber. Hopefully the designers look into other sticker packs to get an idea.

Again that's your opinion and you are entitled to it. For you they are not good enough for some of us they are and we have no problem buying them. I have bought a few and will buy again.

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SouthPark ok
Simpsons ok
Family Guy ok.

These...Not a chance for $2! Actually not a chance for free.
(thanks for supporting BBM tho)

Yeah, these unknown, uninteresting and quite frankly unattractive designs (save a couple) are not worth a free download let alone $2. Get mainstream designs and sell them for .99 cents and add some other free ones while you're at it. Then you'll get people hooked on them. It's a good start I guess, but BlackBerry needs to listen to the users here.

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100% agree with you, come on BlackBerry release a bunch of free stick packs and get people to fall in love with them

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These two packs are not my thing but I'm glad more options are arriving for purchase regularly.

I want some bigger name characters though. I would love an Itchy and Scratchy pack from the Simpsons.

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Ugh, these are useless. We need less specific ones and more that can be used by the general population.

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God terrible stickers... not cute at all... please bbm look at the stickers LINE makes.. they are all about flirting not this junk.

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and there's also 1 more sticker pack you forgot to mention crackberry.. WORK!!

looking good here, good job BBM team, keep the stickers, the BBM channels & new updates coming before the release of the 10.3!!

That little frenchie (just bought it) is the perfect girlfriend sticker set. In fact, is the first sticker set my girlfriend bought on her iphone. Cudos to BlackBerry for making the other platforms buy BlackBerry stuff.

Hardcore BlackBerry 'er

Love the whales. Just bought them for those messages to your nieces and nephews. Thanks BlackBerry for moving beyond the mainstream. BBM Rocks

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Bought both these packs before the article was up, lol. I think they're both ADORABLE. Funny thing is: I RARELY, if ever, pay for apps and I've bought the majority of the sticker packs available. I think they're a FANTASTIC addition to BBM.

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Can we get some freaking free stickers? And more stickers added to the default BlackBerry one?

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I think people would be more interested in buying stickers of pop culture things in my opinion. It would be awesome to get cap come to make Street fighter, Mega-man, or other. Same thing for Marvel and DC.

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Spiderman Stickers? Guess a few would buy those.

I want "The Mask" cartoon stickers. Awesome distorted face action! This guy is hilarious.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Not trying to compare things. But just have a look at Viber Stickers. There are more than 50 HIGH QUALITY stickers which are not just cute but also useful in conversations. For ex, How can someone use WWE sticker in conversation? The stickers must replace text and should have expressions. All these stickers I have seen in BBM are no where near Viber stickers. I mean they are not useful in conversation. Most of the stickers are also free in VIber. I am NOT going to pay $2 for 20 static images, simply I will use Viber if I need to use stickers (though I would love to see BBM succeed).

Different strokes for different folks. I would like to see some more basic emoticons become stickers. The wife +I use the Gilbert ones all the time with each other, but personally I can't see using most of the stickers with anyone over 30.

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I have purchased ALL free and premium sticker sets... I love them and I will continue to download them... But in the meantime I began to hate the Wrestler set and it disturbs my collection. Is there any possibility to delete some of the purchased/downloaded sets????? BTW- the sets are very cute, but I´m waiting for some more offending sets with explicit "finger-gestures" or alike, perhaps performed by Homer Simpson... :-) Some sets could be more aggressive or vulgar... :-)

I had bought many stickers but now I'm thinking, about the price.
Of course many of them are cute but it could be really expensive if you try to collect them all just for out them sometimes into a chat.
The newest one i don't think I will purchase, maybe the next time

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just plainly bad designs - the Lil Frenchie is barely visible in this dark grey??? I can't get these graphic designers/artists' approach?...

We need the guys at Cyanide & Happiness to make a sticker pack. I would actually consider buying those.

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Yet again a bunch of stickers that can't be used within a conversation OR instead of a conversation. £1:50 is way too much for a bundle static UN-EMOTIVE images.
Not interested BlackBerry.

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With the attitudes most of you have, BlackBerry is doomed to fail. It's just $2. Support the BlackBerry.

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Why are so many comparing stickers to coffee? Have you no decency! ;-)

"It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity." - Dave Barry

I'm with the folks who have previously mentioned that most of the current offerings are not useful in conversations (which is the main idea of BBM after all).

Stickers are bigger emoticons and emoticons' purpose is to say in a little picture what you'd otherwise need to express in a whole sentence or at least multiple words. The purpose is to add visual punch or flair instead of just plain words while expressing EMOTIONS. How am I going to do this with a cutesie little whale or a kitten dressed in a costume?

I'd like to see stickers that are larger versions of the standard emoticons or maybe celebs' faces (think Chris Farley and similar) making various facial expressions that mirror the standard ones. Now those I could use and would pay for.

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