Lil E drops another BlackBerry 10 song - 'BlackBerry 10 Is Here'

By DJ Reyes on 7 May 2013 11:22 am EDT

Lil E, aka 'Mr BlackBerry 10', has been busy in the studio putting down another track. He has brought a a few BlackBerry 10 related tunes already with my favorite still being No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10.

Now that BlackBerry 10 is here, both the Z10 and the Q10, Lil E decided to put those words into a song. His previous songs have been hip hop but Lil E has brought us a little rock tune this time.

Lil E was also rumored to be rocking a Limited Edition blue Z10. There was never any more to come out of this but it did prompt the discussion of BlackBerry bringing more colors to the table.

Check out the tune above and share you comments. Perhaps you could give Lil E some suggestions on what his next song should be?



Not first.

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Get a job...

Just kidding, everyone that posts anything with the word first in one of the first few posts gets ridiculed, didn't want you to feel left out.

Jimmy Choo1

Just read an article online, 10.1 update seeding now. So far available in the Philippines, hopefully will reach us soon

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wouldn't that be nice

Aditya Bhimrajka

Amazing loved it

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Am I the only one that finds these songs lame? I can't help but cringe every time there is another one. Seriously though, the music is terrible and lyrics are just ridiculous.

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2 Phonez

Nope, you're not the only one.


They are bad and they should feel bad.

Detective M Downs

Isn't this guys 15 minutes up, yet?!


That is one BlackBerry BIG Fan. Lil E is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DJ, I love - No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10, too.


Yawn....another slow news day I suppose. Tell "Mr BlackBerry10" to make a song about waiting for BlackBerry10 on the that would be a smash hit!!!!!


This isn't bad. It's at least as good as 90 percent of what's on top 40 radio these days.

Trying to think of other songs about a product. First one that comes to mind is Nellie's "Air Force Ones" about a type of shoe.

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2 Phonez

As much as I love BlackBerry, rappers doing tracks about BBs is just silly blatant product placement. At least it's better than Sean Kingston's BBM song though.


These songs are embarrassing... please make them stop.


Terrible.... get Zeppelin to do a song lol

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What's this auto tune crap?

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Just this idea of a blackberry song sounds so corny. Not gonna bother listening lol.

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El Platanero

A for effort but this guy has no skills.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55


Awasome !!! here is my new ringtone :D


It sounds pretty depressing.


I thought Alicia Keys was our spoke artist. Wth is she doing? Nothing that I see to be helping out with marketing.

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she doesn't promote bbry she promotes herself. I bet that entire Alicia Keys campaign did nothing for bbry. She is useless as a spokesperson.

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Oh, wow: how pitiful. I never should have clicked. Sad, sad, sad.


Alicia Keys was the bright spot in the original launch. But since then... nothing.

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That's terrible. And the no sleep til blackberry 10 one is also terrible. I'm at studio right now. And everybody's laughing at it.

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Sending Kim kardashian 500k and a z10 would have done more for bbry than all these weak attempts at publicity. Of course no instagram and nobody would really care.

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"I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it ...I hit it first"

Shadberry Bold

I'm team blackberry but Lil Boosie did it best with this song for iphone.

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I don't really care for Rap music, but I appreciate him for getting the word out to people who do. I can also appreciate the time and effort that go's into stuff like this.

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If this hip hop angle was done in a satirical manner, it could perhaps work on the younger demographics. The marketing is so far removed from what people in 2013 appreciate, it is staggering. Thankfully bb's primary user base will be too busy to notice or care about such embarrassing tactics.

I love BlackBerry, but I hope my iOS / Android peers never see this marketing campaign.

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Out of all the tunes he did about BlackBerry this is definitely the best one. Team BlackBerry! \m/

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If you doomers hate music, destroy your collections then. But I listen to everything regardless of where, who or what it came from. Music is an art. If you can't take it, GTFO.