LightWedge shows off 2012 accessory product line for e-readers and tablets

Verso Artist Series 2012
By Alicia Erlich on 10 Jan 2012 10:56 am EST

If there's one thing I'm always on the lookout for it's a solid case to protect my PlayBook. Although I also want something stylish and practical that isn't so bulky it won't fit in my pocketbook. I had the chance to attend Digital Experience! held by Pepcom Inc. where LightWedge LLC. unveiled their new 2012 Verso accessory collection of e-reader and tablet covers for a variety of devices including the BlackBerry PlayBook. Click on the jump for more information and screenshots of some of these awesome covers.

LightWedge LLC. wanted to create a universal accessory line to meet the demands of the growing industry. Not only that but included in these new collections are covers inspired by well-known artists, Vera Bradley, and the New York Times. What makes these covers stand out from the rest is that they offer multiple sizes to adapt to different tablets and e-readers. Each one comes in either two or three sizes (ex. Small, Medium, Large) to fit whatever gadget you may own. If you're wondering the PlayBook is the medium size.

One feature that stands out is their patent-pending strap design that provides a snug fit for your device and is not located in the corners but rather further inward. Another is that when propping it up on a desk to let's say view a video, it folds over itself and locks into place with a magnet. They're lightweight and portable and, best of all, they do not sacrifice quality as they are made from durable materials both inside and out. Now PlayBook owners have a whole new range of accessories to choose from to carry around their tablet in. 

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LightWedge shows off 2012 accessory product line for e-readers and tablets


I think the ones you would have to look for are the ones that say Kindle Fire, since it is the same size as the PlayBook!
This would be a great addition for when I finally get my PlayBook!
I think I like this one

My mother-in-las has that exact case for her Dell Streak 7. Kinda annoying taking it in and outta the case tho!

A company really needs to make one that allows the playbook to be dock-able.

I'll continue using the official slip case until such a time arises.

The straps look like they are far enough towards the middle that they MAY interfere with the screen or bezels. Would be interesting to see an actual PB in this case.

@dakid72 Nice looking case, BUT it covers the bevel on the kindle. This means it you will lose in functionality of the Playbook bevel gestures of the Playbook so it is a no go i am afraid.