The Lighter Side Of RIM Outages

By Bla1ze on 16 Apr 2009 11:35 am EDT

After the other day's RIM email outage, in which many people went without email for a while or at least were seeing some latency in the system, the folks over at BlackBerry News posted this video from the Hoofy And Boo show that pokes a little fun at RIM's expense as well as all us CrackBerry addicts out there.

Sure, we all get a little upset when our email or data goes down, many of us may even go into panic attacks, but hey.. that's part of being a CrackBerry Addict. At least we can look back once it's over and have a laugh or two and remember RIM still has a 99.80% uptime and sometimes, what is labeled as BlackBerry issues are more carrier related more so than RIM related. ;)


izzyncade i'm one of those who checked the blackberry during sex......don't judge me! lol


you would rather check your blackberry over sex? wow, just wow. I take sex anytime over this crackberry crap. :P


had to play that several times for the kids lol!! that was cute though!!




Thanks for sharing this, it made my day a little brighter :).


Caught me off guard with that too, almost spit coffee all over my monitor!!


LOL nice reference to our 15 sec of fame video and CrackBerry book!


lol... freaking hilarious,


Amir Saad

Hahaha, that was really nice. They really hit that painful spot of addiction nicely.
Nice work fellas...really nice

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