LG's low blow Facebook post against BlackBerry turns out to be a great BlackBerry ad

By Bla1ze on 14 Oct 2013 08:07 pm EDT

These days, BlackBerry is like a sitting duck and everyone is waiting in the woods to take shots at them. In the case of LG though, it would seem they not only underestimated their own brand loyalty but they also never took into account just how passionate BlackBerry users are as well.

I will never give up my BlackBerry, just too functional, and indestructible. Angie Hady, Facebook

As you can see in the image above, LG decided to take to Facebook to fire a shot directly at BlackBerry telling folks to write a eulogy for their BlackBerry on their new LG G2. Looking through the comments on that post, it backfired terribly and arguably made BlackBerry look good.

Normally, with things like this people tend to get, shall we say, overly defensive with their comments but the stream on Facebook is actually quite reasonable with a lot of folks sticking to what actually makes BlackBerry a better choice for them than the LG G2. 

After having used BB10 for a few weeks and falling in love with it, I strongly believe that most of the negative comments about BB10 are from people that have never used it for any length of time.Nadeem Pir, Facebook

The other factor that had folks upset was simply that they have had LG phones in the past and seemingly had issues with them. Various posters on the Facebook page noted quality concerns with LG devices and were suggesting that instead of insulting BlackBerry, maybe LG should get their own affairs in order, especially when it comes to hardware reliability.

Very poor form, LG. Looks like this has back-fired on you. No, BlackBerry isn't doing well right now -- due to poor marketing and advertising. However the devices themselves are excellent, efficient, and not copied from rival devices, such as Samsung.John Westover, Facebook

I have to admit, it's always a bit funny to me watching companies go back and forth with each other but with this one, I'm not even sure what LG was thinking. It's no secret BlackBerry is going through some tough times right now, even they admit that but for another company to take a shot like this, to me shows there is still some fear of competition out there.

In any case, I hope LG was paying attention here because this is a good example of how not to run the social media portion of your business. I'm sure I know the answer to how you feel about it but, go ahead and drop some comments below or in the CrackBerry forums letting us know your thoughts on the situation and of course, hit up the LG Facebook post if you want them to know how poor form it was all. Just remember, do so constructively. 

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LG's low blow Facebook post against BlackBerry turns out to be a great BlackBerry ad



Well educated I see.. Cuz Canada don't have states ... It is called provinces. Territories as well ...

LG is playing dirty with social media, They are deleting posts that point out their flaws and short comings. I do not believe a reputable company will delete the comments of users when the users are correct. They should take criticism for their childish ads when needed. No company is perfect but for dignity's sake they should not be deleting the posts of users with serious and real complaints.

Yes, they do.

And check this out, they actually *sell* a lot of them too!

Now if BlackBerry can find a way to copy that. And if they did figure it out they'd probably end up being late, again...

The only reason those Facebook posts were relatively 'constructive' (i.e. Not the usual internet-trash) is because they were posted under those people's real names under the assumption that they could be read by their real-life peers.

When you come to places like CB, everyone spews insensitive and unedited rubbish under the cover of an anonymous user name/avatar.

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Great point!!!! Having real life friends being able to read your comment makes some ppl think twice.

What are you talking about, have u even read some of the comments, those comments don't sound like pple were holding back, and let's be real who the fuck would be afraid of what there Facebook friends would think, because they chose to back the better device

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They sell a lot of phones because they build their phones out of the cheapest materials known to man. I'm sort of glad BB isn't putting out a cheap-as-possible phone.

They don't sell them, they come free with their no-efficiency washing machines.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Lol, also watch the nexus 5 outsell the G2, why ? Because NO ONE is buying a nexus device and walking around saying hey guys look at my awesome new LG phone. No it's a nexus 5 which just so happens to be made by LG. I don't even think they say LG on them, and if they do it's no where near their normally branding

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LOL, to bad hardly anyone knows it's an LG phone, it sells because it's a Pure Google Nexus phone, one that is subsidized by Google.

And the next iterations will likely never be LG again, due to Google taking in Motorola...

Posted via CB10

Most will not be buying the Nexus 5 because it's made by LG... They'll buy it because it runs pure Android, Android as it was meant to be, AND it's factory unlocked. Hell, if BlackBerry released a Nexus device, people would buy it because it's a Nexus.

Everyone like my post!!! This is what I wrote haha

G2 isn't any better then Nexus, HTC One or even the second generation galaxy's (S2). LG wishes to have the same user base as BB10.
You guys are behind, wake up..
My Q10 that has 720p lasts for 3 days, your 1080p last for 3hours.
Your piece of cheaply made Chinese plastic vs this nicely made Z30 made in North American made phone http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=ps0XL4EYfU0&desktop_uri=%2...

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I highly doubt that the G2 has a great battery life, with a big screen and 1080p the battery goes down pretty quickly so until I see them side by side I call BS in the battery life stuff

Q10: 2100mAh Battery, Super AMOLED screen(less battery consuming), 720x720 resolution, 3" screen

LG G2: 3000mAh Battery, LCD IPS Screen, 1080p resolution, 5.2" screen.

It just doesn't fit, everything in the LG G2 is more battery consuming than the Q and the battery is not that much bigger(as the screen difference is almost 50%), I've been told that the Q's battery can last 2~3 days when I get mine I'll see whether that's true or not but I don't think the LG G2 can last that long.

Well the Xperia Z1 and the G2 both have the same processor, the same screen resolution (1080p) and the same battery size, the Lg's display is larger (5" vs 5.2") yet the G2 has much better battery life (Xperia Z1: http://blog.gsmarena.com/the-sony-xperia-z1-battery-tests-are-done-heres...)
It could be because LG makes some of the best displays on the market, or maybe because of software optimization, or because it has GRAM (http://www.androidauthority.com/lg-g2-comes-with-graphic-ram-but-what-is...), but just because it, theorically should consume more battery life doesn't mean it does in practice.

I'll believe it when I see it because logics(or at least my logics and knowledge in the matter) say otherwise, also the GRAM only works when the device is not being used that wouldn't help if the device is under medium-heavy usage

Numbers don't lie, and honestly i'd trust a source like Anandtech or GSMarena more than i'd trust your logic

Agreed numbers don't lie, bigger screen, "better" resolution and LCD display consumes a lot more battery, I'll believe otherwise when I have both phones side by side.

I currently own both a G2 and a Moto X.
My G2 easily outperforms any other phone I've ever owned in the battery department (HTC One, GS3, Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Z10, 9930, iPhone 4s.. etc)
I will finish my day with 5-6 hours of onscreen time easy, and have around 15% left.
Stop being a blind fanboy, it's really starting to become embarrassing.
And LG phones are actually very well made. The Nexus 4, Optimus G/Pro, LG G2, etc. are all great feeling devices that are well made.

Seems like the author of this post took this shot against BB a little too personal.

LG's(except for the Nexus that doesn't even have LG branding on them) are just wannabe Samsungs, please get over yourself.

PS: I started this as a rational post but then I read "Stop being a blind fanboy, it's really starting to become embarrassing." so I decided **** you too :), have a nice life.

So you have a BBRY that was made in North America..? Are you shure it wasn't manufactured in Asia like most of them and at best assembled in North America?

Yeah and crappy stoves, fridges, dishwashers and microwaves (speaking from experience)

Yeah they make phones....what they do these days is copy samsung......LG Optimus g pro = Note 2...LG G2 = S4....instead coming up with there own ideas

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To be accurate, he invested in an early typewriter firm, which went bust. This explains many of his subsequent sarcastic comments about business.

Many times I wonder who actually run the social accounts of these big corporations. Most post looks to be written from teenagers.

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They are special assignments from the regular customer service team.
They are barely trained compared to a regular rep. As they are not paid more, they don't need more than them to apply for this position. But the things they say are from the marketing team which are well educated people. Everything they say is thought for months. So yes, this surprised me they had let something like that come out.

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LOL, this is the main reason why I wouldn't buy their phone. I have had nothing but issues with my LG appliances

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lol I know crackheads are hurt but come on, this statement is pure bull. How about telling this to those who both Nexus 4 and maybe include Nexus 7 series. Let's just admit it Blackberry is going down. LG is just telling the truth in a bad way. No bias to LG. Samsung Note and Blackberry 8520 owner here

Lol what makes you think that, you clearly have a limited understanding of economics to make such a bold and uneducated statement, every large corporation has to go through the this at some point, remember apple did too. You forgot citibank, and nothing is bigger than citibank, and they are still here today aren't they? Stop watching the news buddy,

Posted via CB10

The Nexus 4 Blows the Z10 out of the water, Not only does it have EVERY feature the Z10 has but them some. Not surprising actually as the Z 10 came out way later then the N 4 , but you will be HARD pressed to convince convincing the rabid BB fans here. Don't bother . Just agree with them , it is much less work and far better to let them see the light ( eventually ) on there own.

Have you actually tried a Z10/Q10/Z30, or are you just surmising based on what you have read? Don't bother answering, I know what you will reply with regardless of the real answer. You troll on about the Blackberry fanboys and you are nothing but the same, but for LG.

LG shipped 12.1 million smartphones in Q2 2013. That's an increase of 17% over the previous quarter and 112% year over year.

To say "nobody cares" about their devices is a grossly uneducated statement.

Standard fanboi response. They are running out of people to say 'move on' to.

Based on contest responses for free devices CB has what... 6000 active users? that ain't enough prosumers to fight BYOD. RIM better have a plan 'B' at their fingertips.

Posted via CB10

I love it, they try to bash a company that is going through rough times and it backfires. Serves them right. Haha. I love my BlackBerry. Long live BlackBerry.

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It so sad that the iphoe 5c have already outsold all Flopberry 10 devices. The LG G2 is great devices. I guess you blind loyal blackberry sheeps aren't interested in checking a great device that is far better than the Z30, which is DOA. Another writrdown in a couple of months.
BlackBerry is finished. My S4 is so much better than your StruggleblBerry 10.

So sad that people like you love the BlackBerry name so much that you can't seem to pry yourself away from a blackberry fan site. Shouldn't you be on Imore or android central? You're making an ass out of yourself on this site. Besides who would listen to you on this site anyway. We are blackberry fans.

Posted via CB10

I love reading people who try and trash Blackberry and they can't even spell lol Either they cannot spell or the crappy auto-correct on their fancy Droids are making them look stupid. Either way..Makes me laugh! I wish people would just accept the fact, to each their own. Smartphone choice is a personal choice. I choose BlackBerry. There are many other great devices out there but if I'm going to get a new device it will be the Z30.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

^Nicely done. It really is to each their own, I chose my Z10 running Blackberry 10 since it allows me to accomplish what I need to do without being distracted by apps that are designed to waste time and spend money. I don't mind spending money on good apps, but spending money on in game items like powerups in Candy Crush ect. is simply not my cup of tea.

Maybe you should be using a BB10 for spellcheck. Then copy and paste onto your S4. OR go finish grade 3 english before posting again.

What's the 'bl' stand for in 'Struggleblberry'?

Dang, you were almost clever and you would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for that meddling S4 keyboard and those kids

Posted via CB10

Seriously. #1 all smartphones are great once you get used to a given ecosystem. #2 BlackBerry is awesome because of the level of IT integration at most companies. Apple usually gets basic email/calendar #3 the z10 is a solid device. Build wise I would say only the iPhone is better and not enough compared to the premium. #4 there's something professional about having a BlackBerry. I have an iPhone and old Samsung and like the feeling of carrying the BlackBerry #5 hdmi out rocks

Posted via CB10

"should of spellcheck"
It's pretty obvious that you don't do enough writing to understand why anybody would use a BlackBerry.
"should have used the spellchecker". "Should of" is functional illiteracy.

Sorry, but spellcheck does not correct lousy grammar ("should of spellcheck"). For that you need to use your brain and the good sense you learned in English class.

And no, you don't make valid points about Blackberry. LG used to have the majority of the cellphone market and now where are they? Sure, they're alive but certainly not leading the pack. I suppose it could have been worse for LG, they could have become like Nokia.

So Ron, let me get this logic straight. You are on the bandwagon that phones that sell in the larger numbers mean they are better phones. And you are part of the herd of people who own the same phones. Yet, BB owners are the sheep? Ah, I get it... or not...

If you love your S4 why are you reading Crackberry?
And why are you talking about "iPhoe" sells if you're using an android?
LG G2 is great devices?
Another writrdown?
Sheeps? Lol

Please tell me these are mistakes from typing on your S4. If not, we don't want you on #teamblackberry

How many mePads, mePods & mePhones have you purchased? Just curious Holmes, business survey aaiight.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

I just don't know why are you still here. ;)
Anyway, the way Intel, Apple and Google are all swooping over the people that BlackBerry is laying off says a lot about the BlackBerry 10 platform. They are just screwed by poor marketing, high price points and opinions by people who had a bad experience with BBOS or did not try to buy into BB10 OS like they had embraced the original iOS

Posted via CB10

I'm guessing android central bores you because it's harder to troll?

How pathetic go get a life loser lol.

So why are you here, and for the record pple who buy blackberry's don't buy it for the brand name alone like Isheep pple, we buy it cuz they make quality devices that other phones can't compare to.. enjoy your laggy bloated s4 that will soon fail u on the privacy front. Lol it needs quad core to manage all the bloatware it has, and when hackers start hacking handheld devices don't come to blackberry, cuz we don't want you. #justsaying

Posted via CB10

What a brilliant and constructive comment. Whatsoever, Im against letting an LG phone in the hands of children under 5, ill tell your parents, bas boy...

Posted via CB10

There sare so many typos that I didn't understand a thing you say, this kinda stuff doesn't happen on a BlackBerry :), also your signature is pathetic and so are you, I'm not gonna explain to you why does competition benefits us all or how the Z10 is better than your S4 just GTFO and go to Android Central.

Do you see any typos? Of course I'm using a BlackBerry.

I'm using my DAB, do you have a problem with that?

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the party. Lets sing our support for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

This comes before BB launch their media campaign to clear the air. Live on Blackberry!

Posted via CB10

Here we go with CB trying to put positive spin on this...

Yeah, those handful of select facebook comments are really going to sell BB10 phones and gain back marketshare... Those select few are diehards. BBRY doesn't need more diehards; they're already "in" and already bought their BBRY device. If anything, those same people who claim BB4EVER! will be on an iOS/Android phone in the next year or so.

I still don't see how an outright diss from one major corporation to another on a public site is going to help BBRY just because a select few are defending them while even more are mocking BBRY.

Let's not be delusional and think this situation is actuallying *helping* BlackBerry. That is complete blind fanboyism.

If company is THAT comfortable/confident to deliberately disrespect another company BY NAME (not like Samsung just *hinting* at Apple fanboys) publicly and feel they can get away with it, then the ship is already sinking...


That campaign put BlackBerry as the bullied victims. People mostly sympathize with victims especially the bully use a very bad firm. Sympathy can only help.

Posted from Z10 via CB10

See my above comment to the other moron cause it applies to you also. Find another site!

Posted via CB10

This is absolutely ridiculous. How does one Android phone even differentiate itself from all of the other Android devices on the market?? There are tons of them. I just don't get it..... Very poor taste there LG

Posted via CB10

The word pwned doesn't even cover what happened there. My last dumbphone before getting my first BlackBerry was an LG flip phone.

Admittedly LG did a pretty good job with the Nexus 4, but no matter how you package it, it's still Android - a horribly laggy and janky virtualized platform even when running on ridiculously high end hardware.

When LG develop their own native mobile OS, maybe then I'll consider buying one of their handsets.

Posted via CB10

The Nexus 4 is a great phone for what it costs. Everything I've read about its construction makes Samsung phones look well built in comparison. Very cheaply built.

The Moto X currently costs more for around the same specs, but it's a much sturdier phone.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

People like you are a trip. laggy really? I have had a DROID dna since it was released that phone is smoother then any phone I have ever had never needed reboots. Had a Q10 it was a nice phone also smooth buy it also has its hiccups. Just like ios I like using all the os choices. But to say that the q10 or z10 really compete with the HTC one, galaxy note 3 even the dna or the iPhone is just crazy if it did they would be selling. Be honest with yourself

It's a virtualized platform (with a garbage collector that blocks everything momentarily when it kicks in), there's no getting around that. And with a virtualized platform, you're going to take a performance hit. Android will never be able to achieve perfect smoothness. Here are some YouTube examples of the Note 3 (sporting a Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of RAM):


This issue affects some folks less than others. It's also an issue that is very difficult for the lay person to articulate. Their brain tells them something isn't quite right, but they don't understand that the touch metaphor is completely broken due to lag (over 150ms) and jank (inability to consistently complete computational tasks within 16.6ms to maintain 60FPS).

I've owned many Android handsets, include the Note 3, and in my humble opinion, Android's performance is appalling. Nevertheless, I still respect your personal experience with the platform. If it works for you, that's cool. Give me BB 10 (point 2), C++ and Cascades any day (not to say BB doesn't have issues - they cut many corners to get to market quicker, and the UX suffers because of this).

Anyway, we digress. Shame on LG! Shame!! Looks like they got egg on their faces.

Ya WIN some and LG you LOSE BIG on this stunt! Blackberry thanks you for the support and free advertising!! LOL! Love my Z10!

The only decent phone LG have made is the Nexus 4 because they had to keep there hands off it to a large degree. I wouldn't be surprised in BlackBerry's phone business was in better shape than LG's it's just they have whitegoods etc to make them cash.

The funny thing is that trolling BlackBerry is becoming a cliché......

LG could have chosen Windows, Samsung or Apple.

LG wouldn't dare because all of the above would remind them of their market share in the Android market and how small it is.

If you really want to compete build your own customer base and following.

This way your competitors have more respect for you.

BlackBerry may suffering but the industry owes them a debt of gratitude, which only will be realised years

Posted via CB10

The LG fridge, stove, washer & dryer we were considering can now be scratched permanently off the list.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

I thought they only make kitchen appliances lol, Blackberry a Smart phone for smart decisions!

i really wish all people would realize that we are all using great phone's here and its all preference.ive had and tried every operating system home and cell ,They all do things alittle different but at the end works out about the same.For every one option one has another may have it in a different way.I see it allot like ,car's they all do one thing the same drive a-b and back one is better on gas when one has more hp .I have a chevy aveo.lets compair that to a Chevy avalanche .

13 1/2 hours until I hold a Z30 in my hands, and will finally be able to behold all that is BB10 on 10.2.
(I've passed on the Z10 when I heard rumours of the Z30, so it has been a very, very long journey to this point)
Can't wait to experience what others have been loving until this point.

Storm - 9860 - Playbook 32 GB

Good on you, mate!

If I had heard about the Z30 before I got my Z10, I also would have held out.

However, I'm still loving my Z10!

Posted via CB10

RonBro66 who's the sheep here?. My name is RonBro66 and I support Apple, who's the sheep here?. How many Apple products do you own because you are the true sheep sucked in by garbage Apple products?. That is a sheep buddy. If it's made by Apple I'll buy it. That is probably you. A true sucker.

Posted via CB10

Here's one for you, berry is on the ropes and has no debt. LG is selling phones but they have debt and declining sales. Smell like desperation to me.

On the fast Z10

I think they pulled it, hahaha serves them right! And we thought BlackBerry had marketing fails :3

Had three LG phones and nothing but problems. Very cheaply made. After that I purchased a BlackBerry Tour and now the Z10. My Tour way outlasted my 3 year plan, and I expect my Z10 to do the same. Also, I completely agree with the comment in the article about people bashing BB10. I guarantee the majority of iOS and android users that trash the platform have never even tried it, because if they did they wouldn't have much to say. I guess it's easier to be oblivious and arrogant.

Posted via CB10

...all of my BlackBerry's have outlasted my plans...my 7850 did it, my Storm did it, and my 9860 would have done it had the Z10 not came along...but like you, I also expect my Z10 to go the distance as well...and as an industrial mechanic, my phones aren't treated lightly...an iPhone or the best Samsung would never survive a month without perhaps a heavy case...something none of my BlackBerry's have needed...as far as LG is concerned...don't run your lip, when you make some of the crappiest electronics this side of house brands. my dad has been in the electronics repair business for about 30 years, and he hasn't had a good thing to say about LG...

Posted via CB10

I have been in sales for a very long time and if I've learned one thing it's that you never talk negatively about your competition. It only makes you look desperate and worried about your own shortcomings. Be humble, be proud, be Bold.

Posted via CB10

Just because you've thrown your first touchdown as a Quarterback.

You've haven't won the Superbowl.

The G2 is a good smartphone but as for the their previous efforts....i don't think so.

It's a little early to shout the odds.

Posted via CB10

What is JRA ,66 and all those who say "sheeps" doing on a BlackBerry forum if they so hate the brand. Shows that you guys are immature and bored. Go sh** and play with it if you are so desperate for something to do!!! Anyone with common sense would clearly see that this backfired on LG big time.

Posted via CB10

Great ad for BlackBerry! The comments are just awesome.
They should implement it for the Z30 as a tv ad for but instead of having the LG device(no need to stoop to their level) have in big bold letters 'any random phone' and pen with the caption LG wrote or something similar and then start showing all the REAL people's comments popping up one by one and all those shots of the Z30 comments in between and maybe cut to some shots of it doing things quickly, maybe even with some of the beautiful new apps on the way. Then cut to the iconic flashing led and then New BlackBerry Z30 Now Available!

Thanks LG =}

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Lmao LG was my first touch screen phone. Pseudo touch screen, the chocolate, loved it but they never lasted. I went through 4 defective ones. And several others. Haven't had an LG since. I'll stick with blackberry now :) though my Z10 has had issues but they were solved in 10.1 no where near the pain LG put me through.

Posted via CB10

And you know the old saying don't worry when people are talking about you, it's when they stop talking you have to worry

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Way to kick them while they're down LG. I hope BB10 is here to stay - it's faster to communicate than Android - that's for sure.

BB10 is amazing. On Verizon since day one. Z10. Going Z30. Adding son who is begging for this one. Love the unique quality and speed of QNX. Thanks. Keep em coming!

Posted via CB10

Ya know, it's really sad. There seems to be a higher percentage of BlackBerry love on the LG Facebook page in response to their post about BlackBerry, than on this thread about the whole thing.

Just seems to me that there's more love for BlackBerry outside of these forums. And considering the website we're on, that's really, really sad.

Subscribe to Tri County Catering and Party Idea Channel. Pin #C00123065

This is what I love about BlackBerry users: they know why they use a BB and don't feel the need to defend there choice. Many people commented on how they use a BB for reliability, product hardware, and need of use. When it boils down to it, BB fans are loyal. They are also realists. Notice how people who commented on the facebook post said they were thinking of switching to S3 or S4. Clearly shows u don't need to have a phone that just came out. You need a phone that's right for you.

Have the lg 4x hd, problem since day 1 screen is touching her self, can not spend 5 minutes without doing this,very annoying ,no service no parts replaced with cheap Chinese screen now became hard to touch, got the Q10 and realized that I was in hell, actually I'm enjoying my BlackBerry moved from android for ever and that for sure.i can say anything but this device is just amazing, amazing, amazing. Thanks RIM.

Posted via CB10

Astonishingly stupid move. They would be smart to delete the post. The G2 is a very fine product, but it does not give them an excuse to do such tone deaf marketing. It completely lacks the cleverness of Samsung ads going after Apple and Nokia going after everyone else. This is not clever marketing.

Bashing the competition like that really is a bad business practice. In fact, the store my wife works at, if they are caught putting down other companies they can get in serious shit. Also, if they don't have a product a customer is looking for they are encouraged to refer a customer to the competition if need be. It's called good Karma.

Posted via CB10

Looks like Nokia is getting on board with slamming BlackBerry, too. Nokia US just posted the following on their Facebook page. It's not as overt as LG's but the reference in their ad is unmistakeable. Very disappointing as I've always liked Nokia's phones (N9 and Lumia 920 especially)...but do love the BB10 experience on my Z10/Z30.


If they underestimated their own brand loyalty it means that the loyalty is stronger...

I think you were trying to type over estimated

Posted via CB10

That was a pretty lame thing of LG to do. Did the post get taken down? I was going to comment.

Posted via CB10

LG does makes good phones.. unfortunately with poor updates & support..

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10

A few rabid fanboys strike back and it counts as a backfire? Stay tuned for the Nexus 5 release and maybe Blackberry can take notes of how to make a device with TODAYS specs instead of a phone with two year old specs like the Z10. Oh yeah why did Blackberry have a billion dollar write off again? LG will laugh this one off no doubt.

LG have more debt than BlackBerry has anything...that is pretty messed up too.

Also, the inventory write down is so that they could drop the share price for the privatisation deal. Also, to drop the prices of the Z10 so they can be sold and show a profit next quarter.

It did actually backfire and they realised it because they pulled the post. If it had been a success and not backfired, it would still be on their timeline.

Posted via CB10

nexus what?
google what?
the only way for LG do a excellent job was accepting to do the nexus and keep their hands off and google make the magic,

They need big hardware specs to run a clunky OS. Get it straight. Bb10 is slick on the current hardware.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

My grandpa told me when they making appliances, they already LG Lost Generation. When they making phone, they just keep making LG Lots Garbage. My son tell me no matter what they keep making, they just making G Garbage, the new one G2, Garbage Too !

I'll never get a crappy LG phone, nor any of their crap that they sell. They have lost me as a customer for ever...

Posted via CB10

I owned and using G2 and Z10, side by side.
G2 is a solid device. With a great hardware spec with great PRICE. Plus 6 gig free per month for a year bonus from my carrier.
Z10. Well, i used it only for 2 reason :
1. BBM
2. Watching youtube through big screen TV by connecting z10 with hdmi cable.

Both G2 and Z10 can get along very well. No need to fight.

Posted via CB10

I fully agree! I'm not going to claim that the G2 is a bad device. The only thing I don't like, which happens to be the same on my Z10: LCD screen so a lot of battery drain.

I'm not a huge fan of the Android OS but it isn't BAD.

I would, however take the Z30 over the G2 because the speakers, battery life and reception; not to mention 10.2, make it worthwhile for me!

Posted via CB10

I love how this backfired. What were they thinking, insulting a company that makes better phones that themselves? They can only wish their own customers are this passionate about them when another company does this to them.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I have always hated LG. Think it stands for Low Grade. I believe it more and more now. I will never own an LG anything, let alone their Galaxy -- I mean Galaxy clone device.

Posted via CB10

My last phone before I went to a smartphone (my first blackberry) was an LG all touch screen feature phone. I have been with BlackBerry ever since. Now rocking the all touch Z10. Woot

Posted via CB10

I saw this today in my news feed. It was a sponsored ad so I assume it was targeted at people who like BlackBerry on Facebook.

I posted a couple of positive posts myself on the thread.

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Here is a tidbit for Apple supporters. Apple cheated the US out of 10 billion in taxes in 2012 alone. There are figures as high as 30 billion are due by Apple and go unpaid. Yet Apple gets tech support paid by the US Government....ie taxpayers. You Apple fans support a company that shits on its own country.....the US Government is grappling with its serious debt issues, and you iphone fanatics support the very company that shows what is wrong in America. Also PK always taking shots at Canada, yet we are in much better shape than the US. Hang on PK, your problems are just beginning.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Well, I guess it is official. LG isn't bidding on BlackBerry any time soon!

Hey, maybe they know something we don't? Perhaps Samsung is making a move towards BlackBerry, and this is LG's lame attempt at throwing pooh.

Just a thought.

Samsung won't make a move for BlackBerry because they, along with Intel, are bringing their own OS: Tizen.

They might only be interested in separate parts of BlackBerry but I don't think BlackBerry will break up anytime soon.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Looks like somebody is gonna get fired at LG...
A name as LG shouldn't be tainted with such actions...

...forever BlackBerry...

The point is this ad is tasteless regardless of what company do it. I'll take BB to task if the situation was reverse. Same with Samsung or Apple. You do not need to sink to that level. Have a jab at BB which is fine. Dancing on it's grave not so much.

CrackBerry why would you allow such ignorant comments to keep going and take away from the comments section you should ban PK you can hate on BlackBerry but why here & come on Canada too?

And why is an iPhone sheep in this website anyway? That's jus a waste of time with nothing actually constructive to say we all here recognise the faults but there are actually things that BB10 does that not her does and there is obviously enough people who feel the same

& ps we as a country are way more respected around the world as opposed to the states

My blackberry loyalists the future exists for us jus concentrate on moving forward :)

PlayBook007 is 100% correct, and Apple did also rip off the U.S in all that tax money legally, however it was a "loophole" they found and the U.S government should work to close it, and it is hilarious how these idiots still support a company that is getting away with this, and defending them no less. Haha.

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I try not to comment on crackberry anymore, Because I feel like all these loyal Blackberry Users in Denial. First I don't think insulting someone's nationality or culture is called for, especially on a tech site. Secondly, Although I disagree with LG, They're only seizing the moment. Apple and Motorola are doing it by poaching some of the 4,000+ employee's that BlackBerry is about to lay off. I was once a BlackBerry user. The Company Executives got arrogant and now this is the result (see Nokia, Palm, Windows Mobile). I like cheering for the underdog. I hated to see this happen to a Pioneer. This is what happens when a company gets too comfortable and they don't see the change in the wind. In less than 10 years the smartphone industry has shifted. Two companies that weren't even in the phone industry are at the forefront of Innovation (Apple & Google). Laugh at Apple and the iPhone all you want to, But they sold 9 Million Phones in a Weekend. It's so bad for BlackBerry that T-Mobile is only selling their phones online. Heck, Even Rogers, a Canadian company stopped having faith in BlackBerry. They weren't even going to sell the Z30, But only bowed to pressure. BlackBerry could send write all the letters they want to, too little too late. the writings are on the wall. BlackBerry knows it. Why would a company thats supposedly "stable" or "not going anywhere" pen an open letter and then advertise it? I Smell DESPERATION. Fairfax Financial knows it. 4.7 Billion reasons to split the company up. Either way BlackBerry as a whole is finished. They will be sold and separated or they will live on as a subsidiary (See Motorola). Heck, They couldn't even get the Launch of BBM for Android/iOS correct. They blamed it on a beta version for Android? Really? No More B.S. Please. Let the flame war begin in 3..2.1.

You make absolutely no sense whats so ever. I advise you start reading factual information and stay far away from the bashing rumours and doom/gloom based articles that are only based on opinion, made out to sound as if they were facts.
BBRY made some wrong choices, quite typical and very common with many company's. We all know BBRY was late to the game, but now they are full in the game with a growing BB10 enterprise and doubling its Z10 sales quarter to quarter.
Ask yourself why USA Carriers signed dubious multi-year Apple contracts to force feed iPhones to customers while screwing BBRY sales. And if Carriers fail to sell iPhones, Apple gets paid $Billions$ in damages from Carriers........ Who on Earth signs nonsense like this? Verizon for one owns Apple $14B for not selling enough iPhones... You see, it does not matter how much money BBRY put into USA marketing, because Carriers were not promoting the product despite the fact BBRY paid for it to be promoted.

Once this nonsense dies down, BB10 should gain slow but steady sales.

As for your so called 9M iPhone sales in a week?!? Umm, wrong, they shipped 9M, they did not sell 9M. And Apple cut supply of the iPhone 5c because its sales suck real bad. Again, the facts speak the truth.

Haha you beat me to a lot of that. Just fix where you stated that "Verizon for one owns 14B" to Apple, to "owes 14B". ;)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

The facts are slowly coming out. Apple controls every carrier in the US and Canada. In the end, they will pay for this. BlackBerry will hang on, Bb10 will become main stream, the apps will continue to come and Apple will have a hard time renewing those types of agreements.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Not entirely sure what you're trying to get at here...

Those other companies that went under didn't exactly have the resources and interest that BlackBerry has.

Yeah, Thor and Boulbon dropped the share price at a convenient time just after Prem Watsa left so that he could bid. That's business.

Yes, people come on here and say stupid things...show me a place where that doesn't happen and I will show you the utopian dreams of a lunatic.

I'm happy that Apple and Motorola are looking at picking up the layed off employees. The layoffs have been in the pipeline for two years now. When they decided that BB10 was their future, they had to stop with BBOS which would therefore make a lot of people on that, redundant.

Rogers stated that they weren't planning on stocking the Z30 from the beginning. That was before the news about BlackBerry looking at alternative strategies was even a thing.

While I agree that the top management of BlackBerry was terribly conceited and arrogant, that doesn't mean that they will disappear.

Prem Watsa is an old fan of BlackBerry and also of keeping jobs in Canada. He will take them private and build them back up without the negative press since they won't be public anymore.

I think that while some people are definitely in denial, most people are either being logical or optimistic. It doesn't make sense for the company to disappear. When a company is still this big, halving their costs and still $2.6bn in cash reserves and no debt; they don't just disappear.

Your comment was just a lashing out masked by an attempt to be fair and reasonable.

While it would be nice that people do more research before they bash companies, just don't try and be a smartarse about it when you couldn't be bothered.

YES, they're struggling! Everybody knows that. However, the bandwagon is full...please, catch another.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Welcome to the internet...

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lol, used to like LG, but not anymore. No more LG electronics for me, though the Appliances are overpriced but good.

Yeah.... that back fired like a broken rubber band that got pulled too tight and hit em dead in the eye. That's what get for trying to shoot rubber bands LG. Your track record ain't all that great either...cough....cough....G2X!

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BlackBerry will show all you fools, they ain't Nokia with Symbian technology of 2003 who still got bought out for a cool 7 billion dollars. Gotta make room for the bandwagon jumpers. I can't believe you clowns would write off a 6 billion dollar company...who cares wtf the market says about their stock..its all bs to make $$ shorting it. Then the same dudes who made loads of cash shorting it will buy at its lowest point and hold it to make $$ on its way up.

They have actively been deleting posts.... LG should be worried, once BlackBerry fixes there ads and commercials LG will be need to pick up their game.

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Fuck LG. I encourage everyone to go slam on thier website and fb as much as possible. I will never buy an Lg product ever.

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Hey bud, let's try and be reasonable and mature about this.

While your sentiment might be coming from a good place, it will just do more harm than good to go bashing on LG.

Yeah, they made a mistake with the post and they know it, since they pulled the post from their Timeline.

Just try and keep our comments rational and mature. It is what separates the people from the idiots. ;)

Also, try and cut back on the swearing here please. :)

Though it is nice to see the passion! Just curb that passion with logic.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Out of nowhere LG comes out with this. Samsung and LG maybe rivals but this stunt stinks of samsung pulling some stings. Tactics like this, only prove to me more that BlackBerry DOES have something unique to offer mobility. My hats off to all the devs and R n D teams @ Blackberry who work hard to give us BB10. To the management team............. No comment.

LG .,...... I will never will buy another product of theirs again. I can't believe I supported a company like this in the past. They can count 1 less customer in the future.
LG is going DOWN !!!

Nice to see so many sane responses to this LG blunder on Facebook . Much more effective when BlackBerry fans don't come across as immature twits. Nothing like free informative advertising.

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