Here's one for you Liverpool Football Club fans - LFC Connect for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 May 2013 05:36 am EDT

LFC Connect (Liverpool Football Club) will pretty much be mainly of interest to UK football fans but considering the BlackBerry subscriber base we have here in Great Britain I thought this one was well worth sharing.

The application has been natively built by Liverpool Football Club for BlackBerry 10 so I expect to see many more of the premiership teams to follow suit. Anyway, on to the good stuff. The LFC Connect app is more than just about news. Once the app opens it will automatically load the social page. At the base of the dispaly are two tabs - Twitter and Facebook. So while on the Twitter tab the application pulls in associated Tweets regarding the club to keep you up to date with the latest gossip. You can compose a tweet from within the app using the third tab at the base of the screen - easy peasy.

Jumping into the main menu gives you a selection of other options. First up is 'The Kop' where you can view videos and photos as well as access blogs related to LFC.

Then comes "Passport'. Here you can view past matches and selecting one will give you not only the final result but also a detailed view of the important parts of the match and at which minute they happened.

There is also a fan finder which will use your GPS to locate fellow Liverpool FC buddies that are using the app. As you will see in the video - there wasn't many so hopefully after this post goes live things should improve a wee bit. 

Last but not least is the BBM integration. You can see which of your BBM friends have the app installed or you have the option to invite others to download it. With the LFC Connect app being free you Liverpool fans have no reason to not grab this one from BlackBerry World.

More information/Download LFC Connect for BlackBerry 10

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R Field

Damn now I need a Chelsea built for BlackBerry App now. The Premier League needs to build one as well.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


I agree!! Oh please add a Chelsea app! The Liverpool app looks great!


Blue is the colour!

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Your (and the below CFC fans' ) wish is granted:
Get downloading! :) #KTBFFH


Another Chelsea fan reporting in. Someone please write the code!

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Man Utd can't be far behind!

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Chelsea fan here as well.... we need an app

Posted vi CB10 on my zed10


Enough of this filth ;)
(Actually fair play to 'pool for getting in on the BB10 action so sharply)

Arsenal app too please!

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Gooners here as well, while is display nicely on my Z10 Browser, a native app for BB10 would be special.

And Arsenal summer tour would be in my City, Jakarta, Indonesia this July.Yipeeeeeeee !!!!


Yes. I can't believe pool beat us to an BB10 app.


It's because they had nothing else to do all season!

I kid!

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This is the app that I have been using.

But the more the merrier.

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I know it's not an official app, but it helps in holding us over until we get one.

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Lol, it's called "Arsecast" .. nuff said

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Fantastic as a Liverpool fan this is good news :-) all i need now is a blackberry 10 phone, hopefully soon :-)


they should create a dedicated section for suarez vids in the app called "you've got bit"



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Unfortunately I'm an Arsenal fan

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You say that like its a bad thing.


Any Chelsea fans that want to get in on an awesome Bbm group all things cfc drop your pin here

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Liverpool fans lol!! Good one.. :P


They need to focus on the Champions.
Gooners supporters need their BB10 app.


Need chelsea

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Need Arsenal....

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Yessss! You'll Never Walk Alone!!

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Khanhye East

Or as Piers Morgan said "You'll never chomp alone" :p


This is a beautiful app, not just saying that as a Liverpool supporter.

Downloaded in Canada!

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juventus 31

What about Juventus !!

Forza Juve

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The Selected Fruit

Another good reason why I should get the Z10! YNWA.


Yesssssssssss downloading asap

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Seriously, Arsenal need to be all over this. But, since they have their iOS app, I can't see this happening... 

Khanhye East

Chelsea needs one too!!!!! WTF, COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!

But, for now, you can join this group here.


Thank you so much. Glad to have it now on my Z10.

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How ironic that the first native PL team with a BB10 app. is Liverpool, as it will be mostly viewed on stolen handsets.

Humga Chan

Well, at least they won in something...

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Nice! I'll take any small victories as a L'pool fan.


Chelsea!!!!! KTBFFH!!! Need an app!!!

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Sorry to gate crash.... ppl, plz follow @soccertoon on twitter...footy satire n all the fun. thx heaps!

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We won it 5 times great app you'll never walk alone.justice for the 96

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Ah..the history channel..

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Shahril Badruddin

Chelsea Chelsea apps pls..

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