Lexitron for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2011 10:12 am EDT

I have always loved word games. Granted I may not be very good at them, but I still keep trying. I was happy to see Lexitron on my latest pursuit for games in App World. Lexitron is a simple word game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. In a Boggle sort of way you pick letters to make words, gaining points along the way. Each round gives you a large bank of words to fill up, and the only thing you need to keep in mind each round is finding the 6-letter word. Other words count for points, but without the 6-letter word you'll be done when the round is over. Lexitron is a blast to play if you like word games and has endless replay value. Check out the video above for more then head to BlackBerry App World to download.

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Lexitron for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Just a request on behalf of the office folk...

A lot of us have to suffer web filters and all we see is 403 - Forbidden

Access denied by URL blacklisting

as a courtesy to us maybe you could post a few screen shots like you use to....

this might actually be my first app purchase...

i still dont get why most games and stuff dont have free trials... if i wouldnt have seen this video, i couldnt have known how cool it looks.

I'm usually NOT a word game person but I think this one might just make it to my Playbook, I can definitely see myself getting frustrated at times but think the fun will outweigh the frustration LOL.

bought it and it's great. Two things, however:

1) it would be nice if you could shake to shuffle the letters
2) there is a bug that some times it shows you the words before you start... which I kind of like because i suck at word games ;)

+1... I played this on my palm and yahoo games. Now I play it on my kindle, and hopefully soon
if I finally decide to buy a PB.

Kicked my a** and I think I'm a bit of a wordsmith, so it will take you guys down as well. Give it a shot - what's $1.99 anyway>? You'll spend more than on some overpriced coffee thing that will pass right through you! This challenging app will be there forever, handing your butt to you daily.

Dang, first purchase from app world and this is my fourth BB device. I usually go for the free stuff but this is worth it!

If you like word games, try Finish It! Word completion and total madness.

Nice the playbook picks up a few coo word games.