Lewis Hamilton talks BlackBerry at the Dubai Mall

By Adam Zeis on 7 Nov 2013 04:40 pm EST

Lewis Hamilton recently stopped by the BlackBerry store at the Dubai Mall to check out some new devices and talk shop with fans. He fielded some questions over BBM about his Formula 1 team, his BlackBerry use, BBM and more. Lewis is currently rocking a Z30 and it's great to seem him showing his love for the BlackBerry brand. Here's to hoping that things pick up for team Mercedes AMG Petronas in the coming weeks!

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Lewis Hamilton talks BlackBerry at the Dubai Mall


Watch your mouth! He is awesome and totally great all around young man. He actually respects his fans! (+ when you get sponsored, you need to keep up your end of the bargain)

Even when Gutierrez was a punk and would cut off our boy on lap 16 of Yas Marina Circuit in Dubai he didn't curse him out, or talk dirty about a shameful move EG took. E Gutierrez should have a drive thru the pits for that move, cause I think Lewis could have finished top five at least

I wish Him all the best and what a man!

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Esteban Gutiérrez studied at the same university that me (México), that's why I like him. But I like Hamilton because he represents BlackBerry. :)

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So it was Gutierrez 's fault?? That was lap 16! Your boy still had about 50 more laps to get to the top 5!! I like Hamilton but let's face it, he's not so sharp lately and neither is his W04!

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YEAH it's his fault, what he did is not acceptable by the FIA. From 7th to 5th it was separated by 12.1seconds. Other than the "incident" on lap 16, EG slowed down LH for over 13 laps before and after keeping lap16. That being said I have not seen Hamilton take any good risks in the last few races such as the ones Alonzo has been taking. So you are right in that sense. If he was sharper he could have secured 2nd place I think, but the combination of EG and his "not best he can do" performance yielded him the best possible outcome.

I'm looking forward to Perez and Gutierrez future, but I gotta say I'm way bigger fan of Perez than Gutierrez after this incident.

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BlackBerry need to multiplique operation with partners ! That's great ;)

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Yes this video showed my the BBRY love in other parts of the world. I also saw a lot of Z30 and Q10's in the video. Jealous = Yes!

"Blackberry is the iPhone of Smartphones"

I meant,they lost the championship this year but I love seeing BB's logo on the car and their relationship with Mercedes.I think it cost them 12 million,not bad.

Yeah, they have a full length commercial that Lewis did for the Z30 posted on their BBM Channel
Mercedes AMG Petronas C00011785

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

What does BlackBerry have Alicia Keys for? Louis is a world famous F1 driver for a team that Blackberry paid to have advertising space on a couple cars and he seems to have a real love for BlackBerry and shows it off. He came to Florida during his busy schedule for BlackBerry Jam, he does tons of photo shots with his BlackBerrys. He is the true global icon that Blackberry needs and has. Thank you Louis

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Ya know, I have nothing against Keys, but as much as I follow BBRY, I can't remember anything she has done. Perhaps they need to push some major marketing with this guy.

Get rid of Alica keys.

She doesn't deserve to be on the blackberry payroll...
Mr. Chen if you are readying this post, get rid of Alica keys and get more of lewis Hamilton.

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Ashton Kutcher works for with Lenovo so I doubt he'll be promoting BlackBerry unless the Canadian government decides to reconsider blocking a bid from a Chinese company.

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Geez this is what is and was required ! Starz. To promote the phone !

Get Obama !!! Tim Allen !!! Etc

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Fairly sure that Mr Hamilton is a heavy instagram user, but not going to be doing that from a Z30????

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Easily. Especially with BlackBerry and his team software engineers to back him up just in case if he doesn't know how to sideload.
But i doubt if sideload is a difficult task for him.

Now that iGrann and BlackGram are out there. He doesn't have to sideload it anymore.

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He's a great ambassador to the brand. Out of all the things that the marketing team did, I believe sponsoring the MB F1 team was the smartest play.

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I agree, this was a strategy they needed more of. One nice thing I noticed at a Toronto Maple Leafs game a few weeks ago was BlackBerry logos just off to the side of the both nets. When viewing a game on TV, they are in play often. I have know idea what Mr. Chen has planned, but I really hope BB10 gets the coverage it deserves. I realize it may be too late and they would have to double down on the risk of pushing the handsets, but it seems like such a waste nobody has a clue about its greatness.

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Waste of money BlackBerry does not have.

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This is great!

Real exposure for BlackBerry!

I really hope BlackBerry succeeds as I am a die hard fan lol!

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BlackBerry needs more exposure in the U.S. Who should be the ambassador besides Alicia Keys?

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Did you notice than in the last three races the Blackberry name and log on the cars have been replaced by the BBM logo. The name remains on the team headphones. Looks like they are putting more marketing $'s into BBM over BBY. Still a great marketing platform tho, a global sport with a soccer-like worldwide popularity.

Ah corporate F1 sponsorship deals.

So convincing aren't they.

Sadly as soon as the cameras have stopped rolling and he's back in his protective bubble with his minders you can be sure Lewis whips out his iGalaxyNexus phone to get on with his real life.

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BlackBerry Chen also inherits a partnership with the Toronto Raptors. I saw BlackBerry Logos all over the place when they played the Miami Heat on Tuesday.

I hope our man BlackBerry Chen can create an overwhelming amount of exposure.

My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

I think he went there mainly to see the BlackBerry's racing car display. XD

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Well they should officially sponsor Usain Bolt. He is a BlackBerry Fan as well. And I mean can you imagine the publicity you would get from him the fastest man needs to use the fastest most efficient phone....ok so marketing lines aren't my thing but you get the point lol

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Yeah.... talk about "keep moving". how better to do it. As for "coming soon".... with Bolt it would be DONE in under 10 seconds :-)

Don Diego loves and endorses the Zed.

It's a good match to have the Mercedes f1 team sponsored. With that being said I just can't get past the obvious puppetry that is occurring. We all know Lewis Hamilton wouldn't be naturally using a z30. Same with the Mercedes bbm channel, it's fairly obvious by the content and timing of the posts that it is just for contractual reasons and will stop when the dollars aren't coming in from BlackBerry anymore. I think the dollars are best spent just having the name on the car and racing suit. Paying extra to have him pull out a z30 at a press conference and take pictures of journalists is just so fake, and is something I have never seen in watching f1 for many, many years. Even Lewis Hamilton never took pictures of the journalists before the smartphone sponsorship to his team. I appreciate him not getting caught on an iPhone yet so the illusion is kept up though. Well done on that front.

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For clarification I am talking about a picture posted on the BBM Channel of him and a z30 at an f1 press conference. This is general conversation about him and the sponsorship.

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No one does charity for Blackberry. He is doing it as he gets paid to do so. Well no doubt this is one of the best endorsements BB can get.

Have been a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton for several years, this just makes me an even bigger fan.

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Dubai was a BlackBerry hot spot but even they seem to be cooling off right now. I didn't see nearly as many BlackBerry totting people as I'm used to and when I stopped by a Virgin store to pick up a Z10 for my wife as a replacement for her 9900 the lady at the counter told her "you should have bought an iPhone." That was annoying. We told her we were buying the Z10 specifically because we wanted to.

I wanted to upgrade to a Z30 originally but changed my mind because what I saw in the stores kinda put me off. Do you know that the Z10 unlocked retails for less than Q5 and is even cheaper than the 9900 in Dubai? As someone who bought both the PlayBook and Z10 at launch at full price I can't get away from the feeling that supporting BlackBerry products at launch is a waste of money - the erosion of value I had with the last two purchases were massive. It also brings to question the strategy being pursued by BlackBerry. Why didn't they price the phone cheaper at launch to get it into more hands rather than crash the price by half just months later in what seems like an admission of defeat/inferiority? And how is a Z10 priced cheaper than a OS7.1 9900 or a Q5 with lower specs.

Anyway I was disgusted and didn't buy the Z30. Even as I continue to support BlackBerry I think I will now wait 6 months after every product launch to buy the devices. It's not like there's any benefit that early adopters (beta testers) really get from BlackBerry.

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And yeah I was at the Dubai Mall thing. The instant Lewis left the crowd disappeared. They wouldn't even wait to listen to the BlackBerry pitch at the end. Something needs to be done fast. Wishing the new team luck, I can't deal with having to use an Android or iPhone (too open and too closed respectively)

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This is just marketing, he would be embracing any mobile phone that is sponsoring the team. Don't think he's doing all this because he wants to. The team have a contract to fulfill.

Just had an idea...Lewis Hamilton has fans is a more mature audience, and even those fans are split between different F1 teams...to promote BlackBerry to the masses they should glue a Z30 (or Z10, Q10) to the hands of the "celebrities" that make front page on every damn tabloid and other juicy magazine...the masses try to copy those characters in every possible way (mostly silly), maybe then they (the masses) will see that BlackBerry is out there...

Mr Chen, get a BB10 device into the hands of #UsainBolt. Maybe the next BB10 device could be called a BlackBerry Bolt.
Just my 2 cents

Of course he tells the crowd how much he likes his BlackBerry. They're sponsering and paying his team/him. If Samsung would be sponsering, he'd show how much he likes his new Note 3.If Microsoft would be paying, he'd show off his new Lumia 1520 and praise it.

Once the contract expires, the public BB love will "suddenly" stop....

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