Lewis Hamilton takes his BlackBerry Q10 out for session with the Red Arrows

By James Richardson on 2 Jul 2013 06:40 am EDT

Technically the above video isn't a BlackBerry one however as you will see - Lewis Hamilton does have his BlackBerry Q10 with him for the flight of his life. Lewis may not have had the best race at the British Grand Prix recently but beforehand he did have the opportunity to go for a fly with the Royal Air Force Red Arrows display team.

We all know now that the bond between BlackBerry and the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team is pretty strong (if you missed our recent Story Maker video of me at Silverstone you can catch it here) and it's great to see that Hamilton is actually using a BlackBerry 10 device.

Whether you are an Formula 1 fan or not the above video is pretty amazing - I can't believe no swear words were used!

Hands up who is jealous?



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Lewis Hamilton takes his BlackBerry Q10 out for session with the Red Arrows


That was the stewardess losing her drinks trolley! It seemed to have come from in-front of Lewis. The pilots water/vodka?

Now that would be awesome!!! Great race this weekend as well. While in first Lewis ended up cutting a tire.

The best of luck going forward!!

Great advertising stuff. Also, during the ModBall Rally 2013, one of the teams had an Audi R8 with lots of BlackBerry-branding on it. These things make me proud of being a BlackBerry fanboy.

(Check YouTube, "Startline of the Modball Rally 2013 - Special" if you want to see it)

I had the Z10 - got rid of the damned thing and went back to what I think BlackBerry is really all about: phones with physical keyboards. The Q10 is a superb device that I'm very very pleased with.

By the way, Lewis' driving on Sunday was simply phenomenal. He is clearly a gifted driver. Full stop.

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some people are way too lucky! i ll settle for an F1 car ride, wait maybe an F16 ride....hmmm cant decide.

Funny, I saw the it on iPlayer, but didn't notice the Q10. Glad he's using one though.

And I disagree, Lewis did one of his best races. From 22nd to 4th shows how determined he was.

Honestly I give two hoots about that. BlackBerry need some good news rather than this kinda stuff. Why is it so hard for them to do some proper marketing? Apple is the master and BlackBerry need to do something. Because I can see why people don't like BlackBerry. They need some Funk business and infrastructure in forms of tablets. Otherwise it's gonna be very tough for them.

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Normal humans are typically a little (or a lot) scared during these flights. An F1 driver is giggling and looks like he's sitting in a LayZBoy. Amazing.

I would love to do that. I'd like to think I would enjoy that as much as he did, but in reality I would be fighting the Gs and battling sever motion sickness. That is no tilt-a-wirle at the amusement park.

Considering his tyre disintegrated and he ended up at the back of the field in 22nd. He had a Great Race and if there were a couple of more laps, he would've caught Alonso. Great Race

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