Lewis Hamilton set to make an appearance at BlackBerry Live 2013

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2013 04:13 pm EDT

Here in Orlando, BlackBerry Live 2013 is starting to buzz and things will officially kick off in just a few hours. Tomorrow morning at 9am, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will take the stage for the general session keynote where we hope to hear plenty of good news on the BB10 front. 

It appears that we may have at least one special guest in attendance as well as BlackBerry-sponsored Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton will be in the house according to a Tweet sent earlier. 

We're not sure in what capacity Lewis will be present, but we hope to see chatting up some BlackBerry fans and maybe even stopping by the CrackBerry Live show. We'll certainly try to track him down, that's for sure.

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Lewis Hamilton set to make an appearance at BlackBerry Live 2013


He should really be working on Mercedes' tire wear problem. Forget BlackBerry, fix the car so you can do more than qualify well.


Without sponsors (and a great one in BlackBerry IMO) F1 wouldn't survive, hence why all year round Mr Hamilton and Co. are obliged to attend sponsorship events that are written into the sponsorship clauses. Just thought I would enlighten a few.

Oh and my opinion is that the fully-intentional Pirelli tyre degradation is causing F1 to lose focus on true racing... but I digress, lol. #BBLewis

Give the guy a break! He just finished a race! His teammate did better this time, it was a close 6th!

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Hamilton is a pretty cool guy and great driver. Good to see him showing up for BlackBerry events.

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In any case that's his engineering teams job. His is just to drive and give feedback.

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After a miserable race in spain, he is doing good to put things behind him pretty quickly... not a LH fan but good promotion for bbry...

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I think it's a bit mind blowing that he would fly over for this. An F1 driver is constantly at work on various aspects of racing. Maybe he feels he needs a break after the weekend's disappointment. Hope he is present for a while and shows off his BlackBerry.

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The tyres in F1 are ruining it. Pirelli tyres have always worn quickly, but this years F1 tyres are ruining the racing, the drivers cant race each other anymore. Every team was pussy footing around the track to save tyres. 4 pit stops in 200 miles, absolute boll*cks.

Everyone except for Ferrari. Ferrari, Alonso and Massa I believe made a HUGE game changing statement yesterday with their strategy. You can either "Pussy foot" or just race and take whatever extra pit stop you may have to make. You're right about every other team including Red Bull. Mark my words, the remaining races will be much different. I believe teams have seen that Ferrari's "drive these tires hard until they're no good" strategy works.

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Who? Really f1. Fine for the rest of the world but totally out of place at this event. Please bbry stop this madness

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I have to agree...at a US event, how about partnering with influential people that the US market can actually recognize and relate to.

You know the U.S isn't the only country in the world, right?

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You realize the Ford GT-40 participated in Le Mans ... NOT in the USA, Corvette again at Le Mans NOT in the USA!

USA is falling and no longer the center of the investment, influencial and soon the super power worlds. But that is another topic for another thread. The USA doesn't have the amount of users to sustain a company in the smartphone sector on its own. Never has so why the focus on the USA as the centre when its not deserved?!

Like I said, because they are holding the event in the US. That's why, and the only reason why. When they hold the event in other countries, then partner with influential people in those countries. I never said that the US is "all that". Stop trying to make this a country battle.

So Alicia Keys is not an influencial person?!
1st Album: 6x Platinum,
2nd Album: 4x Platinum,
3rd Album: 3x Platinum,
4th Album: Platinum,
5th Album: Gold,

I'd say she's a VERY influential person. You're ignoring who's attending and only focusing on one news article here and pointing to me about a country war? the GT-40 was built in the USA, as to was the Corvette, so what country war are you pointing the finger towards me at? The world is larger than you think ... influential people are NOT focused solely in their own country ... their world recognized ... you wanting to have a focus only in the USA is making this a country war/debate.

AKA The Wooden Wonder. Jensen Button would have been so much better. BB should have sponsored Mclaren instead.

Yes!! Tomorrow morning the stars have aligned for a HUGE BlackBerry announcement - a major M2M service solution infrastructure, with Lewis to talk about what BlackBerry has done to help Patronas and Mercedes.

I knew it!!

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Tablets are on their way out so thor would be wasting his time with os10 for PlayBook

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This is what they should do every day. Show up BlackBerry z10 wherever they go. In that way he don't have to go to this kind of event. Even like that it will be amazing if he can go to live. !!BlackBerry logo on the formula 1 car looks awesome!!!e

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