Lewis Hamilton picks up his first win for Mercedes at the Hungarian Grand Prix

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2013 11:05 am EDT

Being a new F1 fan, I've been diving deeper into all the Formula One goodness on race weekends. I try my best to check out the practice and qualifying sessions as they happen, but for most races I've had to DVR them as they show a bit early here on the east coast. I make it a point to avoid social media on race day and have been doing pretty well so far. Kevin nearly blew the race with a BBM yesterday but luckily didn't give too much away. It's been 24 hours but hopefully I'm not spoiling the results for anyone else :) 

So after my Sunday morning errands I settled in to check out the Hungarian Gran Prix and I have to say it was one of my favorite races yet. Without a win for Mercedes since joining the team, Lewis sat on the pole once again and this time didn't take it lightly. Right from the start he took control and really never looked back. He took a commanding lead through most of the race, only dropping back for a short time.

Team Mercedes wasn't too worried however as Lewis made great moves after his pit stops, never falling too far back in the pack. As things wound down, Lewis pulled ahead by over 10 seconds and ultimately took the checkered flag - marking his first win with Team Mercedes AMG Petronas. 

While his teammate Nico Rosberg started in 4th, he quickly dropped back and ultimately retired at lap 64 due to engine issues. Here's what he had to say:

So congrats to Lewis and Team Mercedes AMG Petronas. It was an amazing race and hopefully the start of many big things for Lewis and Team Mercedes!

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Lewis Hamilton picks up his first win for Mercedes at the Hungarian Grand Prix


"Lewis sat on the pole once again and this time didn't take it lightly."

- Louis CK (nah, not really...)

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Let me say it once again... I LOVE that BlackBerry is in Formula 1. Love Love Love it!

Picking Mercedes as the team has worked out really well too. Great timing. It's amazing how much air time Mercedes is getting this year. 

I am a share holder. I want to know if these millions spent are benefiting them. Great that he won the race but BlackBerry needs to win also

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it's ALL part of a complete, global Marketing strategy: getting the name to as many eyeballs as possible using a medium people follow and are passionate about through a positive viewer and fan experience. The challenge/trick lies in converting eyeballs to transactions ... but THAT presents a challenge for every major sponsor of ANY sporting-related naming right (from arena names to the main names on jerseys, etc.).

F1 is a GLOBAL franchise with the most motor racing viewers anywhere, especially outside N.America (where NASCAR dominates & Indy cars is a distant 2nd).

Associate with & support a proven winner and the eyeballs follow; give them an exciting & positive experience, and expect that to deliver dollar-transaction-conversions.
As long as you're not sponsoring a Lance Armstrong or OJ Simpson ...

Plus a googelplex! Great...this guy won....the purpose of being on the car is to generate brand buzz/sales....has it? I'm very skeptical

To see the BlackBerry logos around the pits paddock hospitality/Mercedes areas is positive. I love seeing the BlackBerry logos.

I hope that marketing will include top tier US motorsports and other sport venues.

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I was fortunate enough to see this race live (thanks BlackBerry!), and yeah, what can I say, my ears still ringing despite the earplugs. :D

Perhaps a bit more of an ambiguous title to avoid spoiling it for people who are going to watch it later.
Just a suggestion

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The Hungarian Grand Prix is always one of the best. It's one of the most demanding tracks.

Anyone who hasn't vacationed in Hungary should go! The architecture, food, history and last but not least, the women are stunningly beautiful.

I'm sure anyone who's been, will confirm what I'm saying!

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Agreed. Btw the hungarian track has a new contract with FOM (Formula One Management), so the races are guaranteed till 2021. I wonder if the BlackBerry and Mercedes relationship will still exist by that time... :))

This is kind of like hearing about wall street fat cats sitting on their yachts while the public loses their houses. Who cares about bbrys f1 team. We are dying out here. A frigging victory parade means nothing when you are losing the big game

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It hink it means a lot, because F1 offers one of the greatest brand visibility in the world. And yes, there are countries, where people watch and love F1 but never heard about BlackBerry, or didn't have any relationship whith BlackBerry, and these are not necessarily the third world countries.

The really interesting part of the race was the start when Lewis just puled away from Vettel, unlike the last race when the 2 Red Bull cars outran Lewis to the first corner. And then Lewis just kept pulling away from Vettel, made the first pit stop for tires early, let the tire change rotations work through the cars in front of him, and won the race with a substantial and increasing margin. A statement win for Mercedes AMG Petronas.

Epic win for Lewis . For once strategy and car held up well.Pity poor Rosberg, got himself in a real mess
Good publicity for BB esp their important markets in UK and S.E Asia and Canada

About damn time, he always had pole position but due to some misfortune he would end up losing it during the race

V8 SuperCar Racing is the Best. Real cars, real head lights and tail lights doors that open and cars you can buy off the showroom.

Check it out on youtube V8 supercars

anyways way to go MB and BB

I really hope this is not a flash in the pan for Mercedes. I would really love to see Lewis or Nico win more races this season. If the tire issue has been solved for Mercedes this will indeed be the case.

Go Mercedes and BlackBerry :)

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Wait till SPA at the end of August. One of my favorite races of the year. Check out the mahem that happened in 2012. Eau-rouge... my favorite corner in F1.

This move by BlackBerry to team up with Mercedes is looking better and better with each race weekend. In the heart of the championship battle, with Lewis Hamilton in particular a great asset for public and sponsorship attention this is always going to be positive publicity for them. Long may this winning formula continue! ;)

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I used to be F1 fan, big time, but no more, and there are many like me who stopped following it after a few years of rule changes that made it plain boring.

I'm sure there are a few here who remember the Sena, Post, Mansel years.

BlackBerry should have spent the millions on marketing in mediums that reach the majority of people on the street rather than the few who watch F1, and even than BlackBerry is not so prominent in its presence there.

BlackBerry needs to come down from its high horse and ride a bike, scooter or a skate board, they much more fun.

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Yes it good to see BlackBerry as a partner on a big 'Global Brand' like Mercedes -Benz F1 Team. They (MB) just don't put any old business logo branding on a F1 car. I'm happy for Lewis on the win and he beat Schumacher's record at this track.

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I'm an old F1 fan since 1986! I'm thrilled that BlackBerry decided to support the Benz-Team this season! I'm traditionally a Ferrari guy since ever but Benz is my home team as a german (but BMW is my fav)! A very surprising win by HAM, one of the last real drivers in F1! I miss the real guys, especially SENNA R.I.P.! Power to the BB-Benz-Team!!!!

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Adam and Kevin please please please stop spoiling the outcome of races on the homepage!!! Some of us are huge fans that aren't able to watch the races live. Now I have the qualifying and race downloaded and ready to watch and the result is completely ruined!!!!!

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BlackBerry should put this money into marketing instead of sponsoring a race team. In their state a waste of money.

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