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Lewis Hamilton introduces the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2013 08:53 am EDT

Lewis Hamilton is again showing some BlackBerry love, this time showing off the new BlackBerry Z30. Lewis has been a great proponent of BlackBerry having used both the Z10 and Q10, and now it looks like the Z30 will have a home in his pocket.

In the video above, Lewis gives a quick run through of the Z30 and all the new features including BlackBerry Natural Sound, Priority Hub, the new antenna, as well as old ones like the awesome virtual keyboard and BBM Video. 

It's great to see the Mercedes AMG Petronas team continue to show some BlackBerry love. Let us know what you think in the comments!



Nice !
BlackArrow ! ;)

P.S: "compared to the Z10 [...] up to 7 hours more of use". Good point.


Yes good endorsement showing off the new z30's features


It's better than the commercials for the Z10. At least it's more informative. I can always set aside some time to check out Lewis Hamilton... and his ride. ;-)

Posted via CB10


Good informational video, even though it sounds very read.

Once we get commercials which strike an emotional chord we're golden.


First page:)

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Is this what we've devolved too...

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Damn it

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Gord Cluthe

*snicker* At least you caught it yourself :D

Alpha Omega

that's what's needed more devices in people hands.


Very nice....good to see some love for BlackBerry.

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R Field

Good now condense it and get it on TV!

CB10 - Z10 -


+10000 w Byline "Racing to get to the Top of your game is not for drivers who get motion sickness! BlackBerry - keep moving! " I expect Royalties on this @BlackBerry

Notice the suttle quip at IOS users getting Vertigo from their devices...http://pfcsystems.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/petronas-team-with-bbm-cross-...

Posted via CB10


Ssshhh!!! don't say that. You're not supposed to say that if you are a bb fan. It's against their ethics.



BB, where are the ads (TV, print, internet, billboards, magazines, etc.)? Apple advertises its non-revolutionary new products as being the next best thing since sliced bread, and the whole world literally buys into this non-truth. Heck, there are also Samsung ads everywhere.

People finally need to know what makes BB10 better, and they need to know that ASAP! BB "Get moving!"


Keep in mind BlackBerry is spending big dollars sponsoring this F1 team. Perhaps they should use them in their ads.

Oh wait... BlackBerry doesn't advertise it's phones.

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"its", not "it's" ;-)

Yeah I agree though. Would be nice to see some proper advertising. :-)


I remember when lewis introduced the storm 1 lol

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They used to remotely control an F1 car... Never found out if that was for real.

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Gord Cluthe

Wow ... a commercial endorsed by BlackBerry that has features explained and demonstrated; as well as real-life use cases.

Don't get me wrong - I loved the Superbowl commercial as well - but this is more the type of "commercial" that the John Henry's have been looking for.

Great work, BlackBerry!


Super bowl commercial was horrible. Waste of money. No one watching even understood what it meant lol.

Gord Cluthe

It was a very backwards methodology for advertising ... it was ONLY designed to get people talking about the brand (for better or for worse).

Just thought it was fun, out of the box thinking ... but I agree that those Millions might have been better spent.


The Super Bowl Ad got me(non-BlackBerry user) to think about BlackBerry again. It along with the constant Z10 ads on CNBC and Bloomberg early this year had me RESEARCH BB10 and wait for the release of Q10.

I had forgotten about BlackBerry.

A Super Bowl Ad is a place to get NOTICED and create interest...NOT the place to have a BB10 tutorial.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7


Are you guys talking about the one with the guy walking with the elephant legs? That commercial was HORRIBLE. And you're right. Who the hell would even know what they were talking about?? I didn't even know what they were getting on about until I happened to read an explanation online somewhere. BB is in no position to use symbolism. They need to be direct and to the point of what their devices are truly capable of. The only BB10 commercials they've had that are worth a damn are the ones displaying BBM Voice and Screen Share! Everything else is total trash. And for the love of god STOP wasting time advertising the Q10/Q5!!! Everybody that wants a physical keyboard already knows about those devices. Showing off those puny ass little screens does NOTHING to help the the company's cause or image. They should be shoving the Z10 and now Z30 down consumers throats so much that they want to puke!



I didn't like the Super Bowl ad either. Friends of mine who always check out the Super Bowl ads didn't even remember what the ad was for.

Having the Z10 launch in New York and a pricey ad here in the US at that time was crazy since there was no idea of the date when the Z10 would be released here. Was it 2 weeks? A month? More like 6 weeks. By then people had forgotten all about it- IF they heard about it at all. On release day all we heard were crickets. They should have just held the release event in Toronto or somewhere where the release was imminent.

I hope BlackBerry does a better job pushing the Z30. Use a version of the Lewis Hamilton video. That was much more effective in pointing out the highlights of the Z30.

Posted via CB10


Hello, AMERICA! Where is Z30?????


It is being released in Canada on the 15th, or is that now no longer part of America?

oh oh OHHH...you meant the USA? Ah...yeah, would be nice if it was released there too. :-)


Nice! Now they just need to get rid of Alicia Keys. She does nothing for BlackBerry period end. No tweets with pics from her phone, nothing Nathan nada.

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+1 on that. Total waste of resources and nothing more than superficial eye candy.


+2 She has an iP crammed up her crack constantly...supreme waste of whatever money they gave her.


Best BlackBerry 10 love I've seen came in a TV series. Played. Cop uses BlackBerry 10 phone to get pics of suspects. Can't beat that. More curious how many peeps caught that

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Played is a great new show! Nice to see BlackBerry get some airtime.

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I think he promotes it better then Alicia Keys


Air this on all the channels!


I love blackberry


BlackBerry can use all the help they can get. Hamilton is Badass by the way. Just like the Z30 he's holding lol

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Parthiv Shah

Finally a sensible ad! :)


These videos are nice and all, but I really wish there was the perfect ad that I could just share on my social networks to really show off the Z30 and BB10 as a whole.

Videos longer than 30-60 seconds are just too long to make a point for people who would otherwise not be interested.

Kevin Michaluk



Up to 25hrs battery life, how did I manage to squeeze 28hrs 56min out of mine on a battery test?



Better to show this in the movie theater alongside with the upcoming movies.


This is the type of videos BlackBerry needs to high light there new products, very good job on this one. Question is can they keep them coming.

Posted via CB10


Personally, if an ad longer than 60 seconds is too long for people, then there is content in the ad that shouldn't be in the ad to begin with. If the ad is loaded with content that is catching people's attention, then a video 2+ minutes long will not be too long. There are plenty of BB10 features you can pack into a video and keep people's attention the whole time, as long as you do it right and don't spend more than necessary on each feature. There's definitely value in having shorter videos for ads, but I see nothing wrong with the "long" videos. A short video for introducing a device may make some people think, "Wow. I wonder what else it can do." but it could also make people think, "Is that all you have to say about it?". I think the video for the article would make a good ad.

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Like the poster above said. This is perfect for the movies. They should play the full commercial.

Posted via CB10


And it's gone. My sources say they they and sold 203 devices sense launch. Lol

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LOL.....ya your sources....

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!


Who are you, Jonathan Geller?


They sold that many in three hours at one store.


Oh, heck yeah! Lewis Hamilton!!!! Wait...who is Lewis Hamilton?

J/K, but really had no clue where I'd seen him before until I read the article. Hahahaha...


Don't know where you're from but everyone here in the UK knows him -he is very popular.

Posted via CB10


US of A.

That's cool. I'm not trying to downplay his importance at all. I'm not into F1 (or racing in general), so it's no surprise that I wouldn't recognize him. I could see where people would think that I'm trying to tear him down given the rampant use of sarcasm on tech sites, so my bad if anybody was offended.

Posted via BBCBZ10


Lewis Hamilton is known around the world...he was under the wing of McClaren's Ron Dennis since karts.

He has won the Formula 1 Driver's World Championship...meaning he was the BEST driver on the planet that year.

He did a car swap with Tony Stewart at Watkins Glen just recently(last year...maybe two years ago). Watkins Glen is a WORLD FAMOUS racetrack in the Finger Lakes area southeast of Buffalo, New York USA.

Many, many people from all parts of the world know who he is and admire his abilities...he is a GREAT fit for BlackBerry.

Formula1 is a technology driven, fast, exciting, international sport...a GREAT fit for BlackBerry.

That being said, BlackBerry should have/should concentrate on getting spokespersons that are fan favorites from many SPORTS.

I'm glad my Q10 practically writes my responses now...need to get back to watching the Tigers.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7


Thanks for the info. I can appreciate that he's big in racing and people around the world hold him in high regard. Just not something I follow.

I agree with your point. BlackBerry should have focused on involving big names from many different realms to engage more interest (sports industry would have been huge). Of course, you always see the open man on Monday (American football reference for those that don't understand).

Posted via BBCBZ10


The best "Infomercial " I have seen about BB10 phone!! As mentioned earlier on this thread, this infomercial would be great at the movie theaters.

Posted via CB10


That is a good idea.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!


i just watched the video 14 times LOVE IT

Bradley Mckay

Great now get that on TV, with an advert like that you can't go wrong unless your a bunch of turnips

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Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

BB Super Junior

What apps are running in that screen share? Looks like some heavy stuff.

Posted via CB10


It was pretty good up until that slight "jab" against the Z10 at the end. But I'm a Lewis Hamilton fan, so I guess I'll let it slide. LOL Now, why the hell couldn't they do that for the Z10 at introduction?!?!? And why isn't this commercial on TV??? This is way better than the craptacular commercials that used to air in my area of people walking through rock concerts and sending text messages!!!


Apparently, they let Frank Boulben go, already, because he could have never come up with something like this video... Great stuff.... Linking BlackBerry with Formula 1 and Mercedes Benz - strong...

I would have taken a shot at iPhone 5S - gotta believe that battery on Z30 lasts, at least, 7 hours longer than the battery in that pig...

Also, time to start making "Metrosexual Must Have Apps" out to be the fad that they are - don't mention them...

When is Z30 coming to TMobile...- I will order it off their dumb website...


"Z30.. the Ultimate Business Machine".....


Lovely :-)

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If only all of BlackBerry's advertising was this good.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10


I couldn't get over how clear BBM Video is...unfortunately in South Africa, most people either have an old BBOS or another brand and the only people I know that have a Z10, I don't particularly want to call. haha

Good job Lewis! I enjoyed the advert. :-)

Does anybody know what song that is? I think it would be awesome to play on Audiosurf!


It's boring...

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This is awesome!! Alicia Keys should take some notes from this. Good thing BlackBerry is paying her to, well, do whatever it is that she does..?!


He's doing a better job than other athletes trying to sell vitamins or protein powders, but it clearly shows he's not a regular user of the Z. Hopefully he's kept a Q in his pocket...


I really liked the screen sharing on the big Z30 display.

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Make some ads to People! To world!

Posted via CB10


Anyone else pick up on the car pulsing the brake light just like a classic BB notification device...Great job by who ever did this vid/commercial.


Yeah that was a nice connection. Funny, while watching F1 races I'd often think that flashing brake light reminded me of my BlackBerry 's LED!

Posted via CB10


He doing more for BlackBerry than Alicia Keys hands down.

Posted via CB10


Nice video! I really liked my Z10, but switched to the Q10 when it came out. I'll definitely have to give the Z30 a chance, if/when TMO offers it (online only, of course). I hope the Z30 isn't the last phone Blackberry makes, but if it is, I want to own it and experience the goodness that is BB10 as long as I can (until I eventually have to switch to Android or WP8...no iPhone for me).


Well said, dosto.

Why did Apple sell 9 million phones in the world in 3 days after they released it to their followers?

Because the iPhone radiates an image which is more worth then the price of the phone,
e.g. Kevin M. bought a ‘golden’ iPhone to be in the top ‘Apple in group’ for $1500 (see his video on CB).

Why will BackBerry not sell, say a 1.43 million Z30 phones in three days when their new phone will be released in Canada to their followers to make $B 1 in sales?

Answer: Something is wrong with BlackBerry’s image! Why are Z10 and older BB phone owners so content and happy with their outdated phone image?

It should be the prime focus from BlackBerry to nourish its image, grow it, change it, and defend it, i.e. manage it in such a way that, say a Z30 launch will generate, say $1B in sales or what ever their current user base in Canada. (BlackBerry and Amazon are now offering unlocked phones from their websites, the first step on the road for lively future image/phone sales without tying their customers to 2 or 3 year contracts which lock in the phones too!)

Why are BB users happy in Canada with their current BB phone image? If you can answer this question then you will get closer to what might go wrong with the Z30 launch. I am a Torch user and the time has come to upgrade my image via the newest phone. BlackBerry did not massage my image but this CB website did (BTW, did you know I could not evaluate the Z30 before October 15 because the BB ‘Experience Center’ at Waterloo is not open to the public unless you know a BB employee.)

I think the full review from CB for the Z30 is lagging badly with Kevin being 14 days away chasing an iPhone launch and Samsung’s glory but not showing all the media freedom and OTG functionality of the Z30 after the East Asia and Dubai launch. I want to see a live demo of Netflix running on the Z30 via DLNA TV and an Apple TV side by side using the Z30 highlighting cross platform capability. Show us some new, exiting stuff. All newer smart phones phones do gestures and email and pictures, so what. Show us CB user the non-Z10 stuff.

Consider your 6 months outdated Z10 or older BB image and join me on October 15 and buy an unlocked phone ($700+ HST?). Why unlocked?

First, it allows me to be free from' locked into' a contract (I am 3 years,... almost) and secondly, I can troll to any better plan within a month waiting time and/or acquire the next better BB phone in 2014 by moving my SIM card to the new device and improve sales for BB and for my image. The battle for the phones is an image battle not a price battle, e.g. Kevin paid $1500 for a ‘Golden’ iPhone. I hope he got the unlocked version so he can roam the world at lower costs (see below).

Thirdly, I hope to travel to the USA with my locally bought USA based SIM card from, say Bestbuy or Staples and then use the Android sideloaded (?) SIM card app (see info at www roamer com) by maintaining my current phone number while traveling abroad.

Check out their video on their website and click on ‘Roamer Community’. Check out the community blog and select: ‘Where to buy a SIM? Store locator maps by country ‘

I will let you know how I will be making out after October 15 with a plan for, say under $50/mth with a Canadian carrier and an USA carrier using an USA SIM card when traveling in the USA. All this will be new to me and this info has to be taken in this context (no bum-steer intended).

I hope Lewis’ next video will show the BB-browser racing against the competition’s browsers and let the QNX car roar in the background and show BB browser winning the race presenting the demo result live on a DLNA enabled ‘big TV’ and maybe, on a big Apple TV side by side using a Z30’s OTG stick showing its ‘big media’ delivery strength replaying the above movie. (One has to run the app ‘imediashare hd apk’ to be able to use an Apple’s AirPlay configured TV).

Join me and buy a new Z30 soon and order yourself a ‘double double’ afterwards…see the double images…? Have fun.:)

‘my Z30 radiates an image so much better than your phone’


He's been put to use far more than Alicia Keys. Where is that old lady?


This ad should be every where !!! It touchs on big key features and improvement!!!


This is positive. Wish we all could focus on whats positive and leave the trash to the trash sites.


Formula one racer using fast device Z30. Yeah.

Posted via CB10 by Z30


I will share this video and all BlackBerry 10 videos out there to my Facebook and Twitter accounts just to show how awesome Blackberry was right now :)


Now this is what was required in jan 2013 Z10 launch but lets not hash that out , the Z30 is now the new BlackBerry and awesome it is !!


Good vid..great choice..good to see Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes reppin BBZ30

Posted via CB10


Now let's see a real campaign this time!

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10


I'd rather see that as the commercial then some of the stuff I've seen that doesn't show off any key features. The device looks leaps better then what is out there IMO.

Posted via CB10


You want BlackBerry advertising...look at this...pay attention to the logo of the phone in the picture...


Hmmm that seems a lot better than Lewis Hamilton. Most people have no clue who he is...sure a web search will give you all the info you need but then you'll find out that this dude dated Nicole Scherzinger and then..."split up with her", see " was dumped"... yeah great one to promote BlackBerry. One fumbles it's products the other one his girlfriend...

Posted via CB10


Sorry- I´ve tried it again and again... I cant help- I CANT see any logo on...what? There`s a phone in the picture? I cant detach my eyes from this beauty....


And who is that Nicole exactly? Never heard of her.

I don't care about the whole life of that Hamilton guy. But I care that he values speed, and agrees to say good things about BlackBerry phones.
The rest is superfluous.



Sorry the first link was not working...just look at that picture...and see where Waldo is...by which I mean the BlackBerry phone, logo and all...I think promotion like this is invaluable...LOL...sure as hell beats anything poor Alicia Keys did, or Lewis Hamilton is doing at the moment!

Posted via CB10


Never mind...geesh none of the links are working...so I'll do it the old fashioned way...tell you about it...basically a picture of Jwoww, (LOL...Jeni Farley) showing some BlackBerry love...just do a search and you'll see what I mean...

Posted via CB10


Okay.... Lewis Hamilton shows ME (and other BB-addicts at CB) his love to BB (or perhaps he complied just his sponsoring-contract)... Dont feed the replete ducks on the pond... What about worldwide advertising (while formula1 races) or constantly on sport-channels? THAT would make sense to me!!!


BTW where is Alicia Keys??

Posted via BlackBerry Z810


Who wants to know? I don´t give a s**t!

Shadberry Bold

Nice that's a good ad

Posted via CB10


He isn't showing love... he got paid

Posted via CB10


I have two comments !

comment #1
the way the person holds the Z30 to his ear while on call.
twice in the video (of the three times when he is on call, he puts the top corner of the phone (the one with the camera) to the ear hole.
I know many people do that, but when doing that, the speaker is out of the ear hole.
How come people do that, and how come BlackBerry let that slip ?


comment #2

I like the BBM screen sharing feature. But in this case, the person is sharing a PC screenshot?
the fact that the item shared is a screenshot makes a lot of sense, especially when there is a dashboard with tons of diagrams with meaningful info.

In this case why not simply share the picture itself? is it to be able to show this diagram (and not another one) while talking?


I guess he was shown a lot green for this ;p


Reaaaallly cool. I thought about switching from z10 to z30. Now I definitely want one.

Posted via CB10


This is a decent ad. This seems to be a private collection of ads which only people who know about it can see.

At this stage they need to put Frank out the back with a broom or something.

Posted via my CB Q10


yeah but the z30 is old before you start, how can i buy a z30 with the likes of the new htc one available? i need something now to keep me blackberry! or i am gone :(