Hands-On Video: Lewis Hamilton has a BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Oct 2008 09:18 am EDT

Lewis Hamilton, you lucky SOB!! Long time readers of CrackBerry.com (and listeners of our podcast) will know I'm a HUGE Formula 1 fan, so it hurts just that much more to see Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes driver (and this season's F1 Championship points leader) Lewis Hamilton rocking a BlackBerry Storm. The last we spotted Lewis on the blogs with a BlackBerry he was rock'n a Curve, so I'm SURE he's loving the Storm.

Watch the video..this is some of the best hands-on action we have seen of the Storm yet. Lewis watches a video, takes a stroll through the Vodafone music store, briefly uses the web browser and scrolls through some pictures. This is torture!!

[ HUGE THANKS to Storm-Reviews.co.uk ]

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Hands-On Video: Lewis Hamilton has a BlackBerry Storm!


*>LAUGH<* No kidding, surely there is SOMETHING that Verizon Wireless would like to sponsor me for so that I could get the new Storm!

You Know, a couple weeks back when I first got my Curve, I was watching tv and I saw my first ad for the BlackBerry - I mean like EVER. The spot was a quickie 15 second commercial showcasing the Curve, Pearl and one other - certainly not a Storm. But it was interesting that BlackBerry had an Ad out in my area.
Forward a couple weeks: Storm Fever - the internet has been EXPLODING with information on RIMs upcoming mobile device.
Verizon & RIM recently gave a pre-production "hands-on" with the gadget - now, reports & videos like this are showing the Storm evidently out and about in public with a select few.

Could this mean the release date is closer than what has been speculated on?
Not sure myself - but it's got me jonesing to get my own hands on one sooo badly!
Haha- "Crack" indeed.

This video has me really excited for this phone now. The transitions between menus and screens look much more slick than I expected. Can't wait!

zoom seemed to be done with a menu? we'll see

did anyone else think the videos looked simulated? like added after the fact?

Always there are critics. Please show me your newly developed device that has been undercover for the last 3 years. I'll compare and let you know which sucks worse LOL.

critics are good. It's a part of the process to improve things.

Yeah, the video was simulated. Yeah, the phone hiccuped a bit when he was showing going from portrait to landscape.

Doesn't take away from the good news of watching the video, and seeing the phone at work.

It just keeps getting better by the day, So excited about this BB...Really hope I can get an unlcoked Storm as Vodaphone coverage isn't great where I am.

Even thought its not that long of a video it is one of the best reviews i think we have seen of this phone LOL! And coming from a F1 driver at that. Nice post!! :) blah!!! I want one so bad!!!!!!

I still wanna try typing on it before I think it's good or not. Everyone says it's different from typing on an iPhone, but I need to be the judge for myself.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get Verizon to give me an early upgrade?

I wont be able to upgrade until mid January, and I am definitely not waiting till then to get my hands on the storm. I'm planning on getting it the day it comes out.

If January marks your 2-year contract date, then you can upgrade now for another two years. Verizon lets you upgrade at your one-year mark now (that's what I'm doing).

I'm not sure if you get a greater "trade-in" or "renewal" discount at the 2-year mark than you do at the 1-year mark though.

You're only 3-months away from your 2-year anniversary, so that's your call (although I'd probably go crazy if I had to wait another 3 months to get my hands on the Storm!)

Good luck.

I thought the same thing. That I would be able to go in there and upgrade after 12 months.

However at the store they said I have to wait for the 20 month mark which is in January. I did a little research with a store manager that I am friendly with. An acquaintance not a friend, so she cant hook it up. But she said that there is a one year price that usually adds $70 to the two year subsidized price. Thanks again for the help.

I can't wait till the end of the month nevermind the end of the year. I'm pulling my hair out for this thing.

Well, these promos don't provide much substance . . . unless Lindsay were to do one -- that would hold my attention.

This message is to Kevin if he checks them....do you know if the email on the storm will show you folders like other imap and exchange phones do? i hate how i cant see old emails on my curve and this was what i liked most about my iphone that i used to have. remote search isnt nearly as good as folders right on the phone.

Does anyone know the definative release date, and how much it will cost on the vzw network. my contract ended last month, and i'm jones'en for this crackberry.

Could anyone help me with the emulator? I open the zip and launch the program, but all the virtual Storm does is sit there with an hourglass spinning. Its more annoying than when my pearl does it.

I am glad to see the world is following Apple!!!

While Apple leads others either copy or follow!!!

I use Apple stuff exclusively and don't have to wait with others for productivity features. I have nearly two years of competitive advantage over BlackBerry users!!!

your so uneducated on the matter that your embarrassing yourself and secondly the keyboard/touch screen technology on this device is revolutionary and is the new standard

looks like you are waiting for features/technology

What world are you in? Oh fanboy world.

Hey fanboy, it's kinda hard to follow Apple...when one is ahead of Apple.

Funny, I dont use any Apple stuff, and all my Apple using friends cant do what I can. Weird huh.

The reason you use Apple stuff is because Apple is the only company that can make a tech-idiot feel proficient with computers. Oops...

Hey Peeps,

A friend of mine who likes the iphone sent this to me and he actually likes what Rim is doing with the Storm he used to have a blackberry and he is the one that told me about this site, I have had a blackberry since the 7520 and that was with Nextel and now I can not wait until the storm comes out but why don't you guys check this out I have not seen it here but they are comparing the storm to iphone its pretty cool. http://www.networkworld.com/slideshows/2008/100908-smartphone-smackdown....

Well there it is. We get overloaded on Wendsday, and now here we are. In a frigin dead zone. WHat else is there now? We know almost everything we need to know. Now VZW is just cooling everything off. All the hype is dying down. The only info left is the most important ie the price and release date. Man this sucks.

At the 1m46s mark you can hear the click through technology. You have to listen closely but it is really the first hands on video that you can really see how the UI will work.