Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg take front row for Monaco Grand Prix

By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2013 10:25 am EDT

I woke up extra early today to get prepped for the final Monaco Grand Prix qualifier. It is my first "official" race weekend since becoming an Formula 1 fan (thanks to BlackBerry) so needless to say I was totally pumped to show my support.

As things got up and running, Mercedes AMG Petronas teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton took charge and rocked out the qualifier. 

Being a total F1 rookie, I'll admit it did take me a little while to figure out just what was going on, but after I got myself sorted I realized that the Mercedes cars were making awesome time and setting up for great starting positions in tomorrows race. To my surprise the two did an amazing job and Nico took the pole with the top time while Lewis stuck in a close second to lock down the front row for Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix (and yes, we're on a first name basis already). 

The Mercedes team finished just ahead of Red Bull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Kimi Raikkonen took fifth.

I'm pretty pumped to see how it goes tomorrow. I've never watched an F1 race in my life so it should make for an amazing experience. I did have both F1 Live24 and the F1 2013 Timing App on hand on my BlackBerry to keep me in the loop as well, so those should be a huge help in keeping up with the race. 

Are you looking forward to the big race? Any tips for a first time fan? Let me know in the comments!

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Image Credit: Ryan Reyes

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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg take front row for Monaco Grand Prix


Hey Adam, that was a pretty good qualifying session, made it more exciting in the wet. Do yourself a favor and get to the Canadian GP this year. Once you go to a live race weekend you will be hooked for good.

Was a very good session this morning, I love Monaco and the speed they thunder down the road. Having been in Monaco years back I know how small those roads are. Having also been in Montreal it's just a live changing event.

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Very cool to see the big BlackBerry logo right in front the driver from the in car camera.

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Hey Adam there won't be any passing on this track and if there is it's usually done in the pits but highly doubtful. So were everyone qualified is usually the outcome of the race. Enjoy.

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Kevin please see my other comment posted below. Several CB members would for sure be in the same boat as myself regarding spoilers.

Looking forward to the complementary F1 2013 Timing app from BB :)

Oh, and as far as tips go, the first few laps are the most interesting, then you can nap (the sounds are perfect for that) and wake up when the leaders overtake the last ones.

I like to prepare coffee and a pastry to get ready for the race since they are early. In Toronto a couple of bars open with breakfast specials to watch the race on the big tv as well.

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Could be our first win of the season for Mercedes and BlackBerry. Let's keep our fingers crossed kids!

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Now I'm not so sure I like BlackBerry sponsoring an F1 team anymore. Lol. I tend to steer clear of F1 news until I could actually watch the pre recorded session. Not just the final results, but qualifying as well. Due to time zone difference, it's impossible for me to catch every session live. So this is my way of enjoying the racing.

Now I guess I have to try and steer clear of CB for race weekends as well if Mercedes is expected to perform well. Lol.

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Or you can demand CB to send adam to record a podcast or go live stream from all races involving Mercedes amg :D

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I'm a newbie too in this whole thing of Formula 1.. BlackBerry made a good decision choosing Mercedes AMG!

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Hey Adam and Kevin, some of us formula 1 fans aren't able to watch the qualifying or races live and have them recorded to watch later on in the day! Please don't give results away in the title of blog posts!!!!!!! Other large blogs that post info about F1 also label their title with "SPOILERS" to make sure it doesn't ruin anything! Please start doing this otherwise I won't be able to visit crackberry again until an entire race weekend is over!

I agree wholeheartedly!!!! I'm just about to sit
down and watch it in a half hour, was just killing time while waiting for my wife to finish getting ready... and now I know the results... perhaps a better headline would be something like qualifying results, or qualifying positions for BlackBerry mercedes/ros and ham
Going to watch and enjoy anyway... just some surprise gone... ps... ham and ros, don't blow this like catalunya!!!

I was in Monaco in December and it's amazing to think how they transform the streets into an F1 circuit every year.

It's great publicity for BlackBerry that the Mercedes team are consistently grabbing the pole position (today is their fourth consecutive pole). With any luck they'll hang on to the tyres better this weekend and get a good result (not too good though, I'm a lifelong Ferrari fan!)

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Best F1 circuit since it is street based with so much history. Go Team BlackBerry! If the race is run in the wet, Lewis will win from second place. He is an awesome driver, and more so in the wet.

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Mercedes have qualified well so far this season but tire problems have kept them from winning from the front, hope NR & LH have food races tomorrow.

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It'll be an interesting race indeed. Not only because we have the Mercedes 1-2, but right behind them are red Bull. Alfonso and Kimi are two people we should keep our eyes on because Alfonso is hungry to catch Vettel and Kimi just knows what he's doing haha. If we see some more of Perez's aggressiveness from Bahrain, he should be watched as well.

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Damn, I didn't expect to read spoilers on the crackberry app. I avoided Facebook and any news site to be scuppered by looking on crackberry. Can you delay f1 news in future?

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Glad I'm not the only one who DVRs sporting events to watch later (my friends think it's nuts to do so, but I enjoy the event, not just knowing the results). When that happens, I tell others that I am on "media blackout" and to please not expose me to anything that would reveal the outcome. I find it hilarious that CB is the culprit of the reveal this time - definitely not a likely suspect and I frequently check out the CB front page while on media blackout as it is a "safe site". While I'm not an F1 fan (yet - the BB partnership is making me watch this weekend), I can definitely sympathize with those who had they viewing spoiled by the reveal here.

I'm an F1 fan for a years...eem i'm from Indonesia... FYI Adam, Monaco GP maybe is the most boring race on F1 series... less overtaking, less speed, but probably more action (crash)... keep watch the race for two or three races again, and fell the pleasure of F1 race.
Note: i'm Ferrari fan...but i'm glad to see Blackberry logo in "front nose" Mercedes cars.

F1 nut here and BB nut here too but Mercedes although providing exposure to BB at qualifying so far this year had on most occasion come out lame during the full race. Seemed they are not as sharp with their full race strategy, Typical example was the last race in Spain.
Hopefully we'll do better in Monaco tomorrow as overtaking is more of a problem here

Thats awesome news!!! It would be nice to see the underdog Nico pull it out!!

But i would take a strong finish from either driver. I wouldn't doubt for a second if they would make Nico pull over to get passes by Lewis at the end of the race, because he is ahead in the standings.

If I were you I,d hit up BB for some complimentary Pit stop tickets for the next event in Montreal,further more ,why not get the whole team there on BB's dime.you certainly deserve it and why the hell not.You've got 2 weeks,make it happen!!!I'd love to see you there and maybe we can play blackjack together at the casino,GO FOR IT!!!

Let's hope that pesky little Red Bull car doesn't crash them in the first couple corners ! If not the boys have a decent shot this weekend.

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I'd love to have one of those team shirts with the Mercedes and BlackBerry logos. Checked their online store but I don't think they have it. Bummer.

I walked the course last September so it's even more of a thrill this season than Monaco usually is. I always record the races and watch a little later. If you do that - stay away from ALL forms of news communication device. They can be a real spoiler!
Always great to welcome a new fan into the fold of "real" motor racing.

Monaco is an awesome event but as for the race it can be a little dull. Turn one usually throws up a crash or two, but once the cars are through that the only way to pass on the right circuit is through the pits.

Mercedes have a quick qualifying car this year, Monaco is probably there best chance of a win. If Mercedes have tyre issues and Red Bull can undercut them during the pits stops watch for Webber. Only GP circuit where he is generally faster than Vettel.

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You're in for a good race for your first experience of F1. Monaco is always good.

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Probably not the best race to be your first - there won't be much overtaking on this track!

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Well done Rosberg and hard luck Hamilton ..you could have been 2nd and on the podium except for that slip up in pitting sequence
It will be fitting for Mercedes/Rosberg/Hamilton to come out on top next in Canada, land of the BlackBerry!
..fingers crossed