Leveraging Google to finally fix the BlackBerry app gap - Will it happen?

By Chris Umiastowski on 12 Nov 2013 11:17 am EST

On Friday of last week, a bunch of us at CrackBerry sat down for podcast to discuss all the changes going on inside of the company right now. For a good chunk of time we discussed the possibility of BlackBerry gaining full access to all of the apps in the Google Play store. Since that podcast we’ve seen several bits of news, so it seems like a good topic to dive into a bit deeper.

One of the biggest limitations of BlackBerry 10 is poor selection of apps. People can argue all they want about which apps matter, but there is no denying that consumers are avoiding the brand because the app store is very lightly populated compared to iOS and Android. On the podcast I also raised the point that any successful platform, in my mind, needs to have access to Google’s services, which are a mega force in the industry right now. Bring on the apps for Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Hangouts, Maps, Google Now, and anything else I may have missed.

One way to solve this would be for BlackBerry to abandon QNX, adopt Android, and build a custom user interface (or launcher) on top of Android. They could, at least in theory, bring us the BB10 experience we love (Hub, etc) while running Android. They would then easily be able to meet the Google terms and conditions in order to provide all of the Google apps people want, including full access to Google Play.

Of course, if they did this it would mean eliminating all aspects of their developer relations program. They wouldn’t need BlackBerry World, SDKs, or any of the people associated with that work. While that might help in cost cutting the corporate budget, it would mean giving up total control over your platform.

As Adam posted earlier today, CrackBerry reached out to BlackBerry to get an official statement on things. According to the statement, it’s not going to happen. BlackBerry says there is no planned support for Google Play. 

In thinking about this, I came to the same conclusion as Kevin already posted in the forums. BlackBerry would likely shoot this rumor down regardless of the truth. With this in mind, let’s shove the Google Play story over to the side for now. We’d still love to see it happen, but we’ll have to wait to see how things play out.

Is there a better way around the problem?

Maybe there is. It’s looking like BlackBerry 10.2.1 might support direct loading of Android apps outside of any official app store. Remember when there was no BlackBerry World?  How did we load apps?  We visited a website and installed JAD files directly onto our device. It’s looking like we may be able to do exactly the same thing with Android APK files in the near future. 

Remember when there was no BlackBerry World? How did we load apps? We visited a website and installed JAD files directly onto our device

This could be a very strong move forward in closing the app gap. Today, in they eyes of the average (non-techie) BlackBerry 10 user, BlackBerry World is the only place to get apps. Non-techies don’t sideload. They don’t convert APK to BAR files. They don’t download chrome extensions to sideload these BAR files, and they don’t go putting their device in developer mode. Yes, it’s easy to do. And it’s still irrelevant. Most consumers don’t do this stuff, so BlackBerry needs to make it dead easy.

If BlackBerry 10.2.1 runs an unlocked Android runtime it should mean that almost all Android apps run on BlackBerry devices. And if they enable auto-installation right over the web, then it means no special skills (or tools) are needed to sideload apps. There is already a pretty big semi-underground movement to provide those who want Android apps with the necessary APK files. 

What will this do?  It will give BlackBerry owners immediate access to key Android apps, including Google-created apps. It will show Android developers what kind of demand for their apps actually exists on BlackBerry, prompting them, perhaps, to release official BlackBerry versions. And if the numbers are eventually big enough, I expect even the mighty Google will support BlackBerry 10. It’s all about numbers.

The volume won’t be there today or even next year. But in time BlackBerry 10 numbers could justify support by bigger names. And BlackBerry just needs to make sure they survive through to that point. That’s why I believe making sideloading brain-dead easy is a smart move.

Let’s just hope it’s real.

Personally, I do not believe the brand can survive as a smartphone play without apps from Google and other big developers on Android.

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Leveraging Google to finally fix the BlackBerry app gap - Will it happen?


Don't wait....


Apparently you can load the Amazon Store and the 1Mobile Store and install apps directly to the phone with the leak.

Several in the fourm report that is works! I'm waiting to see if we get a full version on 1055 for the STL4

(I will say that this is a "leaked" OS, and the maybe BlackBerry has only been testing this option internally. We might see this in a future official release, or we might not)

This is very good news. What would make this better is if amazon and 1 Mobile Market provided a simple app to connect to their stores and add it to BB World (or allowed BB to develop this). Someone should also check the Samsung Store.

If this is the "official" route that they are going... you can bet that those will be coming. Right now we are dealing with a leak that might not be official for a while.

I must agree. This article is old news. Next article should be 'Oh shit! Did BlackBerry just Unload 500K new apps for it users?'

The 'App Gapp' has just been largely closed.

Posted via CB10

Problem with Google apps which are not 'made for BB' is that they often can not access important parts of the BB OS.

For example for a side-loaded Android app:
You find the default file directory needed by the app wants an 'Android' directory which does not exist on your BB.

So, what is the app dev to do? Design for BB or Android defaults?

I seriously don't understand what's the hipe on accessing Google Play store or installing APK files directly, it is certainly convenient but I think everyone is missing the main issue here: not all Android apps run on BB10 and they never will, and a lot of the ones that do have crippling problems... From the 20+ apps I would like to run and have tested myself only 3 run without issues and this is using a development token. Even if BlackBerry and Google get into some kind of agreement for Google Play, they would have test apps one by one to make sure everything works fine and then put some kind of filter to only show tested / certified apps, then all this work for what, another app store with only 50 apps from the thousands available on Android?

A lot of Android apps need to run native code, and that requires an "unlocked" Android runtime. The runtimes on 10.0 to 10.2 are locked, however the 10.2.1 runtime is unlocked which will allow apps like Candy Crush to run which currently won't run on 10.2.0 and earlier (unless you use a 'debug token').

However, apps that require Google Play Services will still not run on 10.2.1.

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Basically, I. Don't care. About. Android apps,i love. BlackBerry apps, if. I have to wait then I have to wait, there is not a phone In the market that can do what BlackBerry can do or as secure, BlackBerry is the best phone hands down, and Indroid does not compare to. BlackBerry ,i hate the way android apps work,and ever body I know with a android is having major problems, be. Proud to be BlackBerry,


I want BB to succeed as much as the next person, and think that the native apps offer hands-down the best experience of any mobile platform. But, you may blindly state you will wait - go for it. That strategy may apply to you, but there won't be anyone waiting in line with you.

There are tons of things Android devices can do, apps that will run, etc. that BB devices cannot do today. And while there are workarounds for just about anything, the vision behind this is that there shouldn't be. This is the brilliance of Apple's product model, and Google's software products (but not Android OS ironically) - make it simple, yet as broad as you can. You cannot expect someone to fork out $600 for a device under the guise of running everything, and then expect them to fiddle with debug tokens and apk / bar converters to get 95% compatibility. To the masses that reeks of a rubbish / half hearted / late to the game type of implementation. Let the $600 device do the conversion for you. Unlock those runtimes to give near full compatibility.

I'll wait in line with him...

Personally I am very happy with the apps I have on my BB

Posted via CB10

Bullshit. BlackBerry 10. Just cane out last march, it. Took. Android 3 years,your condemning BlackBerry after a. Couple of months, if people want android. They will go get android, I call that being a copycat ass,a bandwagoner for the moment, what you fail to realize is that everybody has fell into the MATRIX MAZE IF APPS APPS APPS,YOU DONT SEE THE TRICK THEY PULLED IN EVERYBODY, THE INITIAL PROMOTION WAS "Hey you can download apps to do what BlackBerry does,every phone on the market gets its layout ability from BlackBerry, app and android didn't think up the idea of, text, email,calender etc...that's all BlackBerry, and they still can't get it right, ok. smart ass, find me any phone other than BlackBerry the can text over 200 people at once,and don't give me that bullshit that you need to do that,i do that all day allday everyday, plain and splendid they are hoping BlackBerry will leave it will stop being their Plato they can't Reach..name one thing of USE THAT ANDROID CAN DO THAT BlackBerry HAS NOT ALREADY DONE. ALREADY,,i did use the key word. "Of use" my. Thoughts are. If you want that kiddie shyt,go ahead,just don't put it on my badass BlackBerry 10,I'm Running circles around everybody with an iPhone and Android


Identify the 20 most productive and popular apps. If they don't exist for BB, then go to the app developer, WRITE A BIG CHECK and have them create the darn app.
No committee meetings, no "crossing your fingers and hoping they'll make the app for BB", no R&D, and very little delay.
You've got the cash. Write the check. Voila! You've got an ecosystem

Yes I agree with this 100%...and blackberry has $4 billion in cash apparently so this is easy for them to do...the question is why haven't they done it already....

Posted via CB10

I suspect the devs still say no. They don't want to even support BlackBerry. Remember when you create an app you have to support it. They are not done at version 1.0

Lol so we've basically abandoned the app store paradigm and gone back to how apps were pre 2008 then?

Progress for ya ain't it

Posted via CB10

It's not perfect, true. But for a brand in flux and fighting for its life, being able to tell a consumer considering a Blackberry phonein the store that YES they can (somehow) download their must-have apps it will absolutely help.

As convenient as an app store? No. But workable as they try to get things turned around.

You'll be able to download directly from the Amazon Web Store. Which is pretty good by the way.

So no workaround. And if BlackBerry has any sense they'll preload the Amazon store app with 10.2.1.

In effect you'll get all Android apps on BB10 with no pain. The only thing missing will be Google services. And as Chris suggests those will come if demand increases.

True say my gf switched back to her iPhone because she realized that she like simplicity instead of side loading. Also, from most girls point of view they think ios is "pretty " however I care about functionality and BB10 excels at that.

Posted via CB10

Yes he can: He read the first word of the headline and then immediately posted a question. :p

Posted via CB10

Go buy Google device. I don't want Google experience, what I want just certain apps not bring Google to BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

What they are saying if, fuck android, did younger what I said,im saying it also,fuck android, I fuck with BlackBerry


So you wouldn't want the Play Store on BB10? That's like saying you don't want a Maserati because u like Benz too much.

So is Apple and Bing and I doubt u don't use either google search or bing and either Hotmail or Gmail.

Agreed. Let's all say it together now.

Posted via CB10

I agree! I switched from Android BACK to BB. I just couldn't take Google play as I felt like I was in preschool! Do I miss some of the apps yes. But I use my phone for business not to play games. Web versions seem to be working better for me anyways.

Exactly, having the apps may bring the BB10 numbers up and from there maybe the native apps will come... If you build it they will come.

Nice write up.

"It will give BlackBerry owners immediate access to key Android apps, including Google-created apps. It will show Android developers what kind of demand for their apps actually exists on BlackBerry, prompting them, perhaps, to release official BlackBerry versions."

This is exactly what I was thinking will the last few articles.

Android apps will still lag because they are Android based. A native version will always be better.

Posted via CB10

Android apps work fine on BB10 10.2. If they lag I certainly can't tell.

Yes a native version will always be better, but BlackBerry have to sell a lot more phones before the developer community will switch to native apps.

In the meantime 10.2.1 sounds like it kills the old "BlackBerry has no apps" argument stone dead.

I have 10.2 and my side load success rate actually dropped and lag did improve on some apps but Flipboard for example still lags pretty bad for me, I'd be happy if I could install apks with no computer

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

But how would they work on a Q10 which has a different size screen? I still think that there's plenty of room for native apps. The unfortunate thing is that it would mean that developers are competing with the Android apps for the Blackberry consumer dollar.

Agreed. I'd a developer can release one app for two platforms and have the optimized for the platform that generates the greatest amount of revenue then there is no reason to create another app to serve that smaller market. Usually, the smaller market is just begging for that developer to provide an app.

That's a great question that I don't have an answer to. But I will tell you that Android ported apps are okay. The basic functionality is there, but the true experience isn't great.

A native version would maximize on the BlackBerry user experience. I would also think that a native app is probably a lot easier to manage (troubleshooting, enhancing/update rollouts, and monetizing).

Just my thoughts.

What about paid apps from Google? How will that work? Will I be making and payment through BlackBerry World?

You could get the paid apps from third party android app stores like amazon for example! So it's not gonna be all pirating like people think...

Posted via CB10

Or u can download any free or payed android apps for free without Google play or amazon store or something else....just visit apkmania site and there you will find all aneroid apps in apk....select the app you want download apk file and then install it using app manager....thats all about it....i don't know why people looking for Google play or amazon store or or or.........im an old android user....and that what I used to do when I want to download apps special payed apps....i think I hadn't use Google play that match although my phone was android not blackberry.... now I have blackberry z10 ..so u think I will use Google play ?...thats strange

Posted via CB10

I do not want android apps or operating system. If I did, I would buy a Samsung note 3 or a Sony xperia, not a blackberry. Bbry just wouldn't have the same level of security with Android apps all over without prior check. My 5 cents...

Posted via CB10

Too bad for you since BB10 was built with Android support from version 10.0.

Posted via CB10

Android apps run in a sandbox that is secure.

You can safely run Android apps on your BB10 device without compromising security. Whether the app is safe or not is another question of course. But at least you know your phone won't be compromised.

No need to integrate Google Play, android apps are open source, just load them up, if you want to charge for the app, then you have to put it in BlackBerry World

Via CB10

Yep that's what I talked about....you don't need Google play....apkmania site from the phone browser visit it there u will find all aneroid apps u want in apk...apk files....select what you want and download it and then install it using app manager....im an old android user....and I used to download apps like that....i visit Google play one time or two times a month.... thats it....no need for Google play any more

Posted via CB10

Android APPS (the vast, vast majority of them) are NOT open-source. Neither is the Play Store, or the Google Services Framework.

To he'll with the Google bananadanana!!I love BlackBerry and I won't risk my data to NSA,CIA or any bullock through a suckerpunching app!Wanna do Google Store?Thats the door!Use it!Security for my data through this tool called Q10.....get that

Posted via CB10

Technically you should never have to do a battery pull for bb10 since every process running should be able to killed without affecting anything else. I don't have to pull the battery on my android phone. In the end what is isn't always the same as "what should be."

I've never had to pull the battery from my Z10. It's only ever crashed once one me, and that was on 10.0.

Posted via CB10

BB10 is just a UI and radio layer on top of QNX.

QNX has been around quite a bit longer than Android.

Forgive me if I'm wrong - I was under the impression that sideloading was NOT something officially sanctioned and encouraged, by BlackBerry, and that this is something they have actually stated.

If that is the case; well, why would they go down this route? Is not direct installation of an apk a developer enticement - something to get devs on board?

I personally have no issue with this idea - though it's still not transparent - unless BlackBerry will change the hooks in bbworld to link to a curated source.

It's a good idea - but it seems odd, to me. Alienating, perhaps.

But then I don't sideload - I've got a couple of android devices for tinkering with.

I don't buy BlackBerry to tinker - I'd imagine that is also the reason why others flock to the brand..I don't know what to think anymore. This idea gives me a feeling that BlackBerry 's confidence in them is diminishing. Though the sales would do that also...

I dunno :-/

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has always publicly condemned sideloading loading android apps while working to make them work better. They can't appear to officially support the practice because unfortunately it's not just free apps that are being copied. That being said, piracy is already an epidemic on Android

Posted via CB10

Pirating on one platform doesn't make it any less illegal or immoral on another.

Posted via CB10


Read some of the other posts. You can legitimately download from the Amazon app store or any of the other app stores.

Most of the missing apps (netflix, instagram, vine, etc.) are free. Whats stopping BB from reverse engineering an app form the free android version and putting it in BBWorld? Sorry if it is obvious or already answered.

"Personally, I do not believe the brand can survive as a smartphone play without apps from Google and other big developers on Android."
I fully agree and think that with the new runtime, Android apps run just as smooth as native ones. Sure the latter will always top Android apps in terms of UX and UI. But (1) for games, it does not matter, since games are not entitled to follow any UI/UX directives and (2) properly built Android apps feels smooth enough to make you forget those directives...and non techies wont event notice that there is a native feel and an Android feel. Plus, having this large amount of apps available will first drive consumers, then devs to make their apps native...So I fully follow Chris and Kevin comments here, Google apps or Android apps will make their way to BlackBerry devices in a very massive manner, that is the only way to shut down the app gap.

Just market the f'ing product properly. With so many security scares and privacy issues you would think BlackBerry would appeal to more ppl and advertise accordingly.

Google is great but removing qnx from BlackBerry for Google would only make me want to buy a Google branded phone. It's open source all together which defeats the security purpose. Then BlackBerry would also have to ramp up the spec sheet in order to compere with Samsung, LG etc. Even HTC is having issues because there's too much of the same thing.

I agree with easily side loading apps but BlackBerry needs to stick to the fundamentals and create something none of the other guys have instead of giving them what they already use. Then they have a good chance a regaining what they had.

Posted via CB10

If there inst a store pre installed where users can download the apks it wont work. Also if they aren't fully functioning it wont work. If you can't sign into apps, or if features are missing it wont work

You can download directly from the Amazon web store. Including most likely the Amazon web store app.

All legitimate.

" Yes Yes Yes " Like you said on the Podcast Chris...... Android Apps with BB10 phone experience Email Hub etc.... will be " Yes Yes Yes " .....awesome !!

Last statement is damn true, but giving up QNX for such a bad os Android actually is wouldn't be smart. QNX is maybe the best thing BlackBerry developed after legendary keyboard and track ball. But an easier side loading method would be nice, although apps would have to work Fully not just in part, on os 10.

Me?! I keep movin'!

Maybe it is time to rethink QNX and Android runtime relationship. I think it is time for Android to lead the bb10 platform and have QNX to take a back seat. Structurally, a QNX operating as a "runtime "on Android.

Hardly call it leverage. Call it defeat and will sooner or later be another android phone with a blackberry ui.

Regardless it still won't sell the phones so why bother.

You don't have a year. I have used all os's over the last 10 years. BlackBerry is best, but my Z10 does not come close due to the lack of relevant apps. I will return to android if BlackBerry does not act fast on this issue. I have had 5 blackberry phones,but no more.

Posted via CB10

Does this mean the apps will not be having the cool BlackBerry 10 swipe gestures instead, an exact android like navigation in an app?

Posted via CB10

Responding saying we're "not going to support Google Play" doesn't mean they are going to support an Android Store of some type. Perhaps it will be integrated seamlessly into BlackBerry World, or perhaps they partner with Amazon.

It isn't what you ask that matters it is what you don't ask that often does.

Posted via CB10

I hope BlackBerry stays with BlackBerry 10. Then building a unique surface to act over android, and a great way is to make the app gap disappear

Posted via CB10

Please never mention "BlackBerry, Abandon, QNX, Droid" ever again.

If they did that, what would make them unique?

I do like then sharpening the droid runtime though, and loading. BAR, and .APK right from the file manager? That's awesome!

I'm expecting the leak team to drop 10.2.1 with fully functional radio for Z10, say this weekend?


<quote>"What will this do? [...] It will show Android developers what kind of demand for their apps actually exists on BlackBerry, prompting them, perhaps, to release official BlackBerry versions."</quote>

So, as a developer, WHY would I do any work at all to bring my app to BBWorld when it would run just fine in the Android runtime? Very few developers will do the extra work to port their app if they are already running well-enough in the Android runtime.

This is a VERY slippery slope for Blackberry. It's good for the short term, but it will essentially kill all native development for Blackberry.

Which would you rather do?
1. Invest in the development of my app across TWO platforms (iOS and Android) and reach THREE platforms (iOS, Android and BBRY via Android Runtime).

2. Invest MORE in the development of my app across THREE platforms (iOS, Android, BBRY World) and STILL reach the same three platforms (iOS, Android and BBRY Native).

This doesn't make sense from a developer standpoint. If you are going to make it EASIER to run Android apps on a Blackberry, then you will kill any incentive for the app developers to do the extra work. The guaranteed response will be "We can't afford to make a separate BBRY app, just download the Android version."

HTML5 apps didn't kill any platform either and neither did the current ability to bring Android apps to BBWorld conversion convince enough developers offer their apps. Maybe both is caused by the same reason: Restrictions implied by not using the native BB10 SDK.

Let's see if this will bring BB10 to developers' spotlight and thus convinces them to better monetize this platform in a better way by offering native apps with a better integration / feature set / performance / stability / ...

Yet that is EXACTLY what happened to apps for the Playbook. Go read the Playbook forums. Developers of several big apps responded over Facebook and Twitter to requests to port their apps: "Can't afford to... just try to sideload it."

Believe me, the Android runtime on the Playbook was definitely a double-edged sword that lead to half-working apps converted by forum members.

BlackBerry users have money, and pay for apps. Monetizing from a smaller base is still incentive.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

I really don't give a shit about Google apps - maybe I'm just too non-techie but I like BlackBerry World!

YOU heard it here FIRST:

I am thinking that this move is BlackBerry dangling a carrot in front of Google, to get (ahem!), seamlessly acquired.

I don't want anything more to do with Android other than its runtime.

Let us have the ability to get around the missing apps by direct loading or any other simple solution.

If we're going to start running Android, this will be the last straw for me. I could have bought an Android phone years ago.

Posted via CB10

Android is junk. Whenever I use my friend's Android phone just to learn more about it, I get so disgusted by it.

Even the coding is junk.

BlackBerry has new leadership. It's time to use this fresh start to persuade and create an incentive to create a native app for us.

We don't need to join Android we need to be better than Android.

Last point I want to make is, even though BlackBerry 10 runs fine on normal spec phones, BlackBerry needs to join the specs race. People only see and talk about numbers. Build a crazy phone and have the apps ready for all phones.

Posted via CB10

Side loading is unsafe. If you have an android phone and don't sideload anything you literally have a better chance of winning the lotto than getting a virus. If your still paranoid you get Lockout. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lookout
If you have to sideload your apps for BB10 you open up your device to viruses unless the viruses designed to attack Android don't affect BB10. If that is the case you'll won't have to worry about since it's not smart to make viruses for anything lower than the top 2 platforms.

Android runs in a secure sandbox. One for each Android app.

So the worst that can happen is that an infected app remains infected. It cant impact the rest of your device. Doesn't mean it isn't a problem of course.

But you don't have to sideload if the 10.2.1 release arrives. You can download from legitimate apps stores like Amazon.

So how do they market this?

The perception and trust in Blackberry is what's really hurting the company, my friends don't really mention the application situation. They all say "BlackBerry won't be around next year so why would I buy one".

On another note, I was at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo at the Telus store and they had two BlackBerry employees there pushing their devices, and had them on display right at the front of the store when you walk in. I hope they do this at some other stores outside of Waterloo. Funny thing was, is that I knew more about the devices than the two employees did.


I'm not a big fan of the idea. I know it'll help bridge the app gap but do I want Android apps? Not really, unless it's for an app I really need and can't find. I bought a BB10 for the BB10 flow experience and I have an Android as secondary.

If people are able to directly install Android apk files... then the process of installing Android apps should not be called as 'Side loading'.... it should be called 'Front-Loading' :P :)

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

This would be great, though I don't see BBRY going Android anytime soon or in the future, BB10 is far superior and efficient versus Android. That said, if this proves that BBRY people are in high demand for Android apps, it may fuel Native App creation via BlackBerry World.

By the way, why can't I find a WHITE Z30? Trying to buy one but cannot find them anywhere, just BLACK?

It's like playing with fire, you have a good chance of getting burned.

If a developer only has to code for Android and it will automatically work on BB10 then why bother making native applications.

Sure there will be a vocal group calling for native but those will be the same people that are side loading now, the techies

Posted via CB10

This is the single biggest and best decision BB made in the last few weeks, bar the decision the company is no longer up for sale.

I'll just buy a cheap android device to access all of google play apps than buying a blackberry device. One thing I love my BLACKBERRY because it is unique from other platform.

Posted via CB10

Apparently there are are people here who hate android and and are positive they will be forced to download some sort of play store app. And their phone will morph into a android phone. Wow get a grip without the big name apps and the second and third tier ones BlackBerry will begone. You don't like android apps the don't use them . I have a HP laptop with windows 7 running on it and ios snow Leppard and no civil war has erupted in it. Let's just keep BlackBerry alive and growing. It's possible that soon what os you run will not matter a developer will simply create an app and it will automatically be converted to run on whatever phone you have. Till then run android apps .

Posted via Z10

Is anyone else concerned about privacy and security if BlackBerry were to adopt Google products along with their Terms and Conditions?

The very idea of having to take advantage of apps developed for someone else (in this case, essentially a competitor) by any means concerns me, not necessarily about the legality, but it just does not sound right at all. Also, it will never nurture the healthy growth of developing native apps for the BB10. I am just wondering if this is a BBRY's long term strategy. Even if it's just intended as a stopgap measure, it will eventually become so, and decent developers will abandon the platform. The idea is currently popular and actually used, but simply because desperate BB10 users have no other way. This subject has been beaten to death, but still a very sad situation, if you come to think of it.....

Merging with Android is a stupid idea...people supporting that shouldn't be using BlackBerry...that idea disgusts me

Posted via CB10

I don't think ditching the QNX system is the answer to this problem I believe that they must be able to come up with something that can work, because not all those Google apps are great by any means but it would definitely open up the possibility of being able to download any app so someone that is really smart get this figured out.

Posted via CB10

I totally agree with you. Unless the people in Google are smart then they will work with Blackberry to make this happen and share the revenue. Through my work over the past 10 years I learned that sometimes taking a little less may mean getting a lot more back in return.

Let's just see how it all plays out whether is it going to be big brother or smart brother paying :-)

They have a future alright. And I don't think they should dump QNX at all! The OS is many times better than android, the apps are coming. igrann for example is better than instagram. There are features that don't even exist on insta that they brought us. Dumping QNX would be a mistake. And like you said it's all about numbers, once they see BlackBerry ain't going no where, they'll add the play store. Once they see that they can make some money as well, they'll hop on the BlackBerry train. Until then BlackBerry is doing all the work, so appreciate it. I know I do!

Posted via CB10

Abandoning QNX would be a colossal mistake. BlackBerry World is in a far better place than it was January 2013, and what the the board should be doing is aggressively pursuing the apps which are available for both iOS and Android. The momentum is here, keep moving.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

What would be cool is if you could switch between BB10 and android to get the apps you want. It would function similar to the Personal vs Work separations.

Posted via CB10

And why not a third option? Maintain BB10, and just have Google Play as an app. I'm not sure this has to be an all - or - nothing situation, as long as Google is OK with it.

Will apps run better with this runtime or is it just a giant downloader converter?

atm most placement apps like metro and taxi doesn't work for me, only difference with Debug token is Songpop.

If there's not better compability there'll still be a app gap I guess

Totally concur. Back when Kevin pushed out the questionnair about what does BB10 need that it didn't? ONe of my and I am certain others was to make loading Android apps as simple as slect and download. If we as users could show immediately to others/doubters how easy it was to have about any Android application I feel we would make more headway in convincing others to move over to the BB10 platform. I am somewhat of a techy and have not side-loaded any Android apps as I don't want to take the time and learn how. Also, what good is that if I am out with friends and they each are downloading the coolest app out there and I just respond that "I will do it later when I get home". Not a deal breaker for me as I get BB and it really fits me. But others won't.

man. That's the dddummmmmmmbbbiieesssttt. SHYT I ever herd of,that Would kill the Security, kill THOSE THOUGHTS right now, fuck those who don't see the beast that is blackberry,i. Hate android and their apps. Also,that would be like playing checkers, BlackBerry stay on QNX,BEST THING GOING, YOUR NOT GONNNA PLEASE EVERYBODY, BB10. WILL GROW,,GIVE IT TIME, THEY ARE. TRYING TO GET IOS AND ANDROID TO BW AS GOOD AS BB10, I LOVE THE WAY KY BlackBerry APP WORK,TAKE. I grann,i love the way it is different. From the android app, say. Man if you love blackberry love blackberry, ¤stop trying to make BlackBerry some damn android skinn, some of you dumb ass don't realize how fucked up android is,,,stop bugging BlackBerry with that bullshit


Every time I try reading one of your comments I get heartburn. Learn how to incorporate some proper grammar and spelling into your ridiculous rants, stupid fanboy.

I believe it too, don't get me wrong I love my bb10, but it think with Google apps everything will just be great.

Posted via CB10

Why won't the brand survive.. just scale down, their government and military presence should keep them in business. Stay with the security, and reliability. I for one am not missing any apps I got enough, they are a waste of time as it is. Just want a good secure phone, I like to do my banking on it. Professionals done need apps... please don't go to android.

Posted via CB10

There's no doubt that having as many available apps for BB is a good thing... a very good thing. It sounds, to me, like BB is being cautious about this whole google play situation and rightly so in my opinion. If they were to abandon BB10 & run android it will certainly make many app hungry people very happy but you also lose all the BB faithful who long for a unique OS that is run on QNX, which apparently is a much more secure, stable platform or at least has the potential to be.
What BB seems to be pursuing is a solution to keep the BB10 OS as is, keeping all the people that have already developed for it, in whatever capacity, happy, and rightly so. If there was a way to port (access) android apps in an easy, idiot proof way that allowed them run smoothly without concern for battery drain, crashes etc... than that is the solution I think should be top priority, which it seems to be.
Sideloading apps is a great option for those who are inclined to do so but my Z10 is the only phone I have & rely on, for business & personal occasions. Although I'm intrigued with sideloading and exploring more potential in my phone I cannot risk it as it could be disastrous if something failed. Thus the warning at the end of all leaked OS's made available ' DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK'!
Anyhow, they seem to be tackling the issues at a rapid pace & if nothing else, it will be exciting for us BB10 owners in the months to come!

And CrackBerry. Stop. Posting this bullshit ass option,i fuck with BlackBerry, not android,you scary muthafuckas are just thinking about today,what about tomorrow, next year ignorant, fuck android, and apple


Chris, moving to Android would also be giving up on BlackBerry's government and big business trusted enterprise security platform. Moving to an Android platform would put BlackBerry at the mercy of Google, and it would abandon the fantastic BB10 platform, which IMSO is the best mobile platform out there.
In 10.2 and 10.2.1, BlackBerry is only now beginning to have fun and play with the user interface. We can expect great things in the months and years ahead.
The app gap is a bit of a myth as most users don't really care as much. I'm going to take some heat in saying this, but folks reading this on Crackberry don't really represent the average BlackBerry user. You guys would be considered tech experts compared to the average user. Most of us will download 200 apps and try them out, tinker with this and that, side load apps, install leaks, etc. The average user won't do any of those things, and they won't read up on new features either. This is why BlackBerry is suffering. They do great stuff but no one knows about it. They expect the Crackberry folks and hardcore fans to stumble upon new features and post a message or two about it - not good enough! We need TV ads and more how-to vids on YouTube!

Exactly!! More advertising!! Make more how-to videos & make people aware they exist!! I'm not talking about how to answer your phone either. If you don't know that than you should probably own a flip phone. People need to be made aware of the features on this OS that can be useful in everyone's daily life.

That's why I love when CB staff post little videos such as the one for 'Call Notes'. Make more of these videos!! CB is doing a better job than BB currently at advertising features of the phone!!

I definitely agree that marketing is THE biggest reason for the weak sales & opinion of BB. Maybe they should start with simple SMART commercials to make everyone aware that BB10 EXISTS!! Than, as more features roll out, advertise them!! Once you've done that..... ADVERTISE MORE!!

The average bb user is already using bb and is mostly happy with it. A lot of CB readers have probably tried sideloading. This direct apk installation seems to be aimed at new users, as a way to attract them from other platforms, or at new users who didn't have a smartphone before. BB is refusing to do the one thing that would quickly invrease their userbase, that is provide incentives for bold and curve users, maybe reducing the price of bb10 devices by 100 usd or more for those who return their legacy device. Q5 was supposed to be this affordable device, but is not really that cheap.

And this really solves nothing. If 10 million people download some apk directly from 1mobile or amazon, or even use their store apps to install apks, how will that influence the developers in any way? How will they know it was a blackberry device, and if they knew, why would the say "oh, i better make a bb10 native version" instead of "well, guess there is no need to make native, people seem to be getting it anyway"???

for those who say monetization will be key, gues what, developers could EASILY port their apps, all they need are signing keys, and they can have their apps on the official bb world, just like what SKYPE did. They can also have their paid apps there, i believe there are paid android ports on the bb app world already. If this is not enough to get sales of bb10 devices, what makes anyone think that the ability to install apks without sideloading will change anything?

I don't believe having the ability to install Android apps will make any difference to the enterprise crowd. Native business apps are welcome and encouraged. Biz apps will still make their way to BB10. But to increase sales of BB10 phones, the only way is to increase the number of apps and easy Android app installation makes this happen instantly. As long as security is not compromised there is no problem with this.

With sales of BB10 phones tanking around the world, a solution is necessary - now. We know that having BB10 apps only is not working. If a consumer (or prosumer) has the choice of straight Android phone or a Blackberry Phone with Android program availability the choice is clear... many will purchase a Blackberry.

My family owns 2 x Z10's and we love them.

People have rightly pointed out the issue regarding whether devs would actually bother with native, if this is the way BlackBerry goes.

Why spend on ios and android development I and then nn10 development.

I just wanted to mention windows phone 8.

They're spending there as well.

Slippery slope indeed..

Posted via CB10

Seriously STFU with your perpetuation of BlackBerry adopting android, it's like beating a dead horse and I expect better from crackberry. This is almost enough to delete this cb10 app, and completely stop reading anything you guys "publish" because it's turning into a lot of BS. Abandon QNX? For f#ck sake give it up already. Talk about fodder.

Posted via CB10

Completely agree. Android BB is completely idiotic. Its not worth arguing over because its painfully obvious that its a stupid idea.

" On the podcast I also raised the point that any successful platform, in my mind, needs to have access to Google’s services, which are a mega force in the industry right now. Bring on the apps for Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Hangouts, Maps, Google Now, and anything else I may have missed.

How much is google paying you to say that? What a load of garbage.
Gmail, youtube, maps are all available in some form.
+, hangouts and now are all made redundant by other similar apps.
Whats with the love for apple and google. I honestly hope they both take a huge hit, who in their right mind supports monopoly/duopolies? Those invested in their stock I guess.

People. GOOGLE services are a joke. Don't give your info away for free to a mindless corporation.

BB doesn't need then so don't listen to these stories perpetuating they do.

This isn't about 'Google services' so Don't listen to stories like this one. Its garbage and an abuse of position.

Who the F cares about "google services" and actually wanting you information stolen by a corporation with no concern for the users.

You got your head in where the sun don't shine here Chris. Wake up!

BBRY have said they have no plans to support Google Play, so thats that. Why not just say "no comment" if talks are under way?
Personally, I think they have been so obsessed with the company sale that strategic moves have been put on the back burner.
Chen need to get of grip of these issues from day 1, else they'll burn the $1Bn very quickly.

While I welcome the POSSIBILITY to download android apps, I second that all this recurring talk about Blackberrys need to adopt androids os is bs. No one is loyal to a brand because of its name. If you are loyal to brand than because of what it stands for and what it differentiates from other brands. Android can surely imitate the hub, peek and flow without losing its identity and blackberry can surely offer androids apps without losing its identity, but for a blackberry branded android phone I wouldn't spend one cent.

Posted via CB10

Are you kidding me? Drop QNX for android? Well then, let's just close up Blackberry and call them samsung because that is all you have basically done in that idiotic move and statement. Smarten up. This is a pro Blackberry forum and site. NOT Google or Android. Let's give the developers some more backing and incentives to write native apps rather then defect to the enemy. Wow, I am really astonished at the goings on behind the scenes here.

Posted via CB10

Abandoned QNX and adopt Android...? u Crazy??? Why not just have 2 App stores.. BlackBerry Premium and Android Sideload. Abandoned QNX Is the stupidest thing I have heard

Sent from the Amazing Z10

To suggest getting Google services by going android is the worse idea ever.

Let's not speak of that suggestion/ idea ever again!!!

Wait... what? WTF?

I may have read that wrong, but Chris (and others at CB) think BB should ditch QNX and BB10 for Goggle services, Android OS and Android apps? Why? So Blackberry (the device) can live on and run Android?

How is that a good idea? From a hardware perspective, BB devices aren't exactly top of the line. Without the uniqueness of its OS, why would someone want a Blackberry instead of, say, a Xperia, Galaxy, Nexus, G2, etc.

To be fair, you do go on to discuss alternatives to bridging the app gap, but I, for one, would not "love" to see BB ditch its identity for Android OS.

+10. "Say no to Android"
If any what an Android, buy it. The are several devices better in specs than the Z10 and with your lovely Android.

I know about the apps gap. I'm living with it. I want to go back and deposit checks from my mobile. But I rather have a OS that isn't stilling my personal information, my chats, my pictures, saving all my GPS locations, ect(don't know what for) than deposit check from anywhere.

Posted via CB10

I have seen Asus Tablet computer run Android and Windows 8, so why can't BlackBerry license Android and make it run under BB10? Run the Android Player as a task in BB10 so you can have the best of both worlds.
The other option is to make a completely Android phone to sell along side their BB10 line.
Also, why bother even making an Android player if you are going to nerf it? Pulling out the stops on the existing Player makes complete sense.
Lastly, BlackBerry could assign a power team to create apps to rival the competition, and then release them across all platforms. They are already doing this by going head to head with BBM. Boost the software productivity to help the BB10 platform and make more money by cross platforming the apps.

Posted via CB10

Good article. BlackBerry really has no choice. It must engage android/Google Play/ Amazon. The big question becomes what is its strategy for doing so and what does it mean for BlackBerry, QNX, BlackBerry World etc. This strategy must be job One for Chen. Keeping BlackBerry system, bb10 would be nice. The question is can they? Can they do security with android? I am sceptical. They need full control of their environment if they are to be unique.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has $4billion in cash so pay the developers of the top 100 apps (not games) for Android and iPhone to develop them for BlackBerry (no small incentive but the actual cost to develop it). Side loading is not an option it's a poor choice...if blackberry do this and have all the big name apps that a lot of people want then more people will use BlackBerry. The more people that use BlackBerry the more support it will get and the better the OS and blackberry will be for all of us...waiting for these apps to be developed will take too long, so pay the developers so we catch up to android and iPhone faster...this solution is so simple and converting android apps is just a band aid solution to a serious problem...let's get serious about getting native apps to blackberry

Posted via CB10

Chris was only theorizing when he mentioned dropping QNX for Android. He went on to say there was a better way. Direct loading of Android apps so that non- techies such as myself can install Android apps if we so wish. This would make BlackBerry a good choice for all. Those using the phone for enterprise can download Android apps or choose not to. This makes both camps happy and ensures that BlackBerry sales turnaround.

Hi Chris,

These are welcome improvements but I think there is more work needed here as well.

I think BlackBerry needs to form a team form Marty Mallicks team to collate the top 50 apps from every country/region and have the apk's available in BlackBerry World. They need to manage the apk's versions, have methods to deal with in-app purchases. ie: latest Viber update has the ability to purchase stickers in-app.

Last point is the security of such a system. Having the apps handled thru BlackBerry World will provide security and assurance to consumers that the apps are genuine. ie. Look at what happened with the phony BBM apps that turned up on Google Play.

That's what I think from a responsible point of view. I personally know that I win t have a problem finding the proper apk's etc. But I also see how ignorant normal people are to these things. I'm constantly fixing my family members computers etc because of viruses or malware that they have loaded by visiting websites and sharing USB drives. If these sort problems start occurring with BlackBerry Smartphones then there will be a real detriment to the BlackBerry brand for trust and security and Apple will be the one who will come out grinning in the end.

Hope BlackBerry will read this and take on board.



Auckland, New Zealand

Looks like this is seen as a way around lack of native apps. It is impossible to just dab in the google swamp. Once your in it's up to your ears with freaky Google control issues. Their corporate moto is "screw you, do it our way or don't use it". App permissions, good luck, not steal all your contact info and farm it out ? good luck with that too. Force you into Google+ so any vestige of privacy is shattered? No way Jose. You can have Google and all it implies. I would rather have less apps and live without Google, the eye in the sky. Oh, and before someone says "but NASA has all your data anyway" - true, but Google is not quite yet NASA, although they are working on it. None of these concerns seem remedied by farming Android apps through the Blackberry World, but maybe someone else can correct that impression.

So we get the Amazon app store to get Android APKs from, or some other process to load native APK's without conversion to run Android apps on BB10. Ok, so IF the numbers come, what is the incentive to write native BB apps if the android version of the apps is working and everyone is using them???

I guess I'm still reminded of IBM's OS/2 Warp... with its Windows runtime allowing users to install and run Windows apps inside OS/2. It neither attracted users, nor caused software makers to start making native OS/2 apps. Eventually OS/2 died. And it was technically superior to Windows too.

Crackberry seems to value more the BlackBerry hardware than BlackBerry software.
Going into The unsecured and full of virus Android just for sell more devices??

Hardware you can find it in any brand. But this secure software is what BlackBerry is all about. No matter in what hardware it's installed, BlackBerry experience is what we have to safe. (I would love a Sony Expedia Z with BB10).

Giving up and going to android software won't help the company. It won't be blackberry. It will be another android phone more. And then it won't exist any reason why to buy a BlackBerry phone.

We will have the "features' WAR" with LG, HTC, Samsung, etc. And it won't be easy.

Right now they don't need to fight in that war because blackberry is in a different level.

I believe that the majority of BlackBerry users are with the company because is BlackBerry not android. And that has a value that it is hard to express.

Sorry for my Grammar. I'm not and native English speaker.

Posted via CB10

In keeping with the Hub experience, I don't want an app for Gmail - I'd rather have the Hub handle my email just as good or better. But, having Google Now in its implementation on Android 4.4 on BB10 would be a DREAM. I'm considering a Nexus 5 but it feels like cheating on BlackBerry after I said once BB10 is out I'm done dabbling with other platforms lol. Fully agreed that BB10 needs to gain support for Google services.

Hey Chris U.
Thanks for calling out all you followers on twitter.

Telling them to "learn to read".

I am quite sure that if this is what several people thought that the editor should learn "learn how to write".

With us you are nothing.


I couldn't care less about Google apps. I am a Gmail user and the interface on bb10 is great. My calendars work great, and I can get my contacts too. I don't use google+, and YouTube works great either with the browser or FastTube. Maps are the same story. What more do I need from Google that can't be provided from existing apps? Nothing.

I have an android...thanks, but no thanks

All i need personally is my BB10 on qnx.
I have no need for a hybrid.

Posted via Virgin Mobile Z10

Looks like there are people here that really don't have a clue what QNX is about. I've been developing software for several years and the first time I saw QNX I was exploring a platform to deliver content to (for a pc based set-top box); i was so amazed and delighted that I kept asking myself for years without being able to answer: why is this not adopted as a reference Os by serious industrial professionals (beside aerospace and all sort of mission critical projects where RT is a must).
Check out QNX RTP 6, Neutrino and Photon UI back in 1999 (btw. when you press a key on your on screen keyboard notice the blue shade. I just love it because it reminds me of Photon UI at that time).
Well since then I've been dreaming and waiting for a device running this OS. The awesome message passing kernel, its outstanding architecture, the security model make it THE MASTERPIECE OS.

I personally knew nothing about BlackBerry and I couldn't carry less about it until they announced that they would develop a phone running the mighty, mind blowing QNX.
If there's anything that Blackberry made right was buying QNX. The disruptive power is all in there!

So: here's my 2cents vision for Mr. Chen.
Get Qualcomm develop hw for qnx and Cisco adopt QNX in order to make the internet what it should have been instead of what it's become thanks to paranoid governments and spies.
Then blackberry becomes the service bus implementor for all carriers... the other guys (as big as they can appear) are just service implementors...nowadays mere script kiddies whereas the great minds are dataminers.
This will preserve privacy and security for all in the name of freedom.

Who wants that? You and me for sure (that's why I bought a blackberry)... not so
paranoid governments...
They need control!
Et voilà!
Bb10 has been shot since its appearance on the market. No big surprise to me.
Let alone economists that were never supposed to understand technology... just talk about it according to their beloved, statistically proven BIG numbers...

Beside govs and armies and few other top secret agencies...nobody should use BlackBerry because is too secure!?
Simple isn't it... we should all be using the creapy android and if not... as fallback we can still install apps (on windows or apples) that take advantage of all sort of Google api derivative or services (they are so nice and easily embeddable in apps)..
C' mon!? Google even started to ask c developers to write kernel modules for routers in order to give them to cisco...

... can you see what I'm talking about?!

I hope I'll never have to read again about google and androids on this site...

Go guys (even you cb guys)buy
android and install tjeir wonderful apps, drop your BlackBerry but please don't ask mr Chen to switch to android... the BlackBerry mission is well beyond that... if they'll be given the time to make it.

Posted via CB10

Switching to android will reduce the battery life by 25% or more and shrink security to nearly null. BlackBerry must do something about the app Situation. not now... 6 years ago. Thats the time they lost. so its to late to build own stuff. This is BlackBerry and not Microsoft or nokia or Google or samsung. They have to bring real multimeda devices with that awesome wow effect like boom sound etc. If they want or not. And they have to "reinvent the phone" in marketing purposes with those "all new blablabla" stuff like ads. They have to build much much cheaper phones like z10 for 250 and a z5 thing for 100$. Otherwise they wont get out of beeing a niche product. It important to get the whole appstore available to bb10 with just a swipe. Look at apple and learn how to build such stuff.

Posted via CB10


I was crazy happy about the potential for Android apps in BB10. (Everyone in my BBM Groups knew that right away.)

I'm not a wanton apps user. I guess I just don't know what I'm missing. But, I'm not the target market for app developers either.

The need for more apps - more popular apps - to draw in new users is seen as obvious.

BlackBerry does not need to market to the people using CrackBerry. Nor are "prosumers" or enterprise drones (I mean that in the nicest possible way) the massive growth market that will push BB10 into, and keep it in, the top three smartphone OS ranks.

The "consumers" that matter for viral growth are the, uh, naïf consumers. The people who want what other people are using.

The naïf consumer cares not about security or the OS. They can't spell QNX and wouldn't read a user agreement if paid to do so. Any argument about any aspect of inherent BlackBerry superiority is wasted to them.

The only thing that matters is the "new" thing - the latest gossip, the newest photo, the "funnest" game. They live the Fear Of Missing Out.

Currently, they are iOS and Android users. They are there because their friends are there. They play in that ever changing app space. The only way for BlackBerry to reach them is to get into that space. The quickest way in is via Android apps.

Once they have a BB10 device in their hands there is a potential to create a BlackBerry fan -based on their experience with the phone and OS

Earlier, I said that there was no obvious killer app for BlackBerry to exploit. I was wrong. You are right. A simple method of loading Android apps would be the "Killer App" that saves BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Way back when, I used to run OS/2 on my PC. It also suffered from a lack of apps, but eventually gained the ability to run Windows apps. Native was always better, but eventually nobody bothered and it died a slow death.

I'm not sure if it would have been better for IBM to pay developers to get more native apps, or if it would have made a difference either way. I do know however that running mostly Windows apps made sticking with the platform kind of pointless.

My view is get to the point where most of what I need is there, and I'll be happy with the odd inconvenience in exchange for a quality device and more secure platform.

Posted via CB10

If running android apps means opening a Google account, I would never do it. I don't want Google tracking my every move and telling me what to think and how to think.
If I wanted Google apps I would not be using a BlackBerry phone.
Yes, I stopped using Google search. IBM advised their people to do that a year ago...

Posted via CB10

+ 100000! BlackBerry is about keeping their customers secure who in their right mind would want to use Google!!?? Let alone let their analytics study us and resell that info.... I'm not willing to sacrifice my privacy for the sake of giving in to Google Sheep.

Posted via CB10

No thanks, I'm happier with my QNX. That Google app store is such a mess and poorly moderated that any monkey can upload garbage....

Posted via CB10

The whole idea makes me sick to my stomach. In your quest to get more apps, Google will slowly absorb Blackberry. The idea of a blackberry handset running android OS is out if the question. If you want android, there are plenty of Android smartphones to choose from. Don't buy a blackberry and keep looking over the fence and trying to find a compromise. Nothing hexes me more than downloading an app on Blackberry World only to find that it's an android port. I'd much rather it wasn't there to begin with. The inky way to make Blackberry AppWorld strong is for more 'Built For BlackBerry' apps to become available. Blackberry is making strides where it took is and Android years to get to. There is no shortcut to success. All these Android ports and hopes for a play store will only serve to weaken Blackberry.

2013 was a bad year for BlackBerry but it's still standing. It's weathered one of it's worst tines yet and there's new hope in the year to come to turn things around.

Chris Umiastowski, I understand that everyone's entitled to an opinion but you can't go filling people's heads with this, "Personally, I do not believe the brand can survive as a smartphone play without apps from Google and other big developers on Android." The reason these developers aren't contributing to the Blackberry App ecosystem is because they think it is weak and you saying things like that aloud doesn't help the situation.

Blackberry needs to build its confidence and reputation enough to garner the attention and interest if app developers. We turn the other cheek and we lose.


Posted via CB10

They have to link BBW and the play store. It's the only way to surge ahead of Microsoft. Also get a hardware partner that can churn out devices like Samsung

Posted via CB10

It really annoys me when people say the reason Blackberries do not sell well is because of the poor app selection in the app store. When its blatantly obvious why they didn't sell well: They released mediocre products for high-end prices! Full stop! I paid full price for my Z10 and sold it because it wasn't up to par in design, specs and performance when compared to the likes of the iphone, S4 and HTC One, sold it because I felt the same way I felt when I paid full price for the playbook - I felt conned. Its not the apps! Changing from BB10 to android will be a foolish thing to do - If people want an android phone they already have more than enough choices. Blackberry need to give people a reason to buy their products again and be happy with their purchase - the apps will follow. See what Nokia is doing with Windows phone?

My view of the perfect implementation for BlackBerry is this, get something along the lines as Google Play services or Amazon Market services built into BBWorld. Allow those users who do not wish to ever install an Android App the ability to hide all Google Play or Amazon Market service applications from view. Due to the runtime being ran in an enclosed virtual machine, a lot of the security issues that Android has should be kept to that runtime. Although I know they need to unlock the runtime to give it more access there will need to be a happy medium with this. In any case this is nothing but a positive thing, specially if BlackBerry is able to monetize the Google Play world. They could also distinguish between "Built for BlackBerry", native or ported apps, and "Built for Android" or GooglePlay what ever you would want to put in that.

Why is this good? For those of us who do not want anything to do with Android it doesn't negatively affect us. We can still choose note to download those Android Apps. Next, we no longer need to wait for a user to "PORT" their App to work on BB10 it will be included once it is included in the Market Place if BlackBerry goes this route. Weither they go with Amazon Marketplace or they go with Google Play. Third, BlackBerry would be able to declare that they have the largest App EcoSystem available to a mobile phone system. How you ask? With access to the entire Android collection of Apps which I believe is currently the largest, they also have their own collection of Apps.

Finally, Native Development is also better on BB10 it is known, the developers know it. What the developers don't want is to waste time building apps for a device that isn't selling. Being able to have that claim of fame of having the largest EcoSystem available with the same Apps that all those Android fans love and the Apps that the BlackBerry users need and love, those productivity apps that no other platform has. Will sell more devices.

The only thing that they would need to learn to do is, once an APP is built natively for BlackBerry you probably wouldn't want to search results to show both the Android store as well as the BlackBerry stores App. As you want your users downloading only BlackBerry world apps.

Finally the ultimate goal down the road, is to offer an transfer plan to Android users. No longer like your android? Want to try something new? Go no further! WIth BlackBerry Link and BB10 we can transfer your backup to your new BB10 phone. Contacts, Pictures, Calandars and Apps will be supported. You will fall in love with the "Built for BlackBerry" applications we know but just one more step to help you "Keep Moving" with BlackBerry.

BlackBerry really needs to entice the hold out app developers.

They need to market their phones.

They need to join the silly specs race.

They don't need to join Google.

I try to sell BlackBerry 10 to everyone I meet. They all ask about apps. Most of my friends and people I meet have good careers but don't have any idea how to use a phone for more than the basics. 90% of them have iPhones :/

Once we have the big guys and people begin to finally hear about it, we'll be golden.

Posted via CB10

There are a lot of real, valid concerns to allowing people to install any old app they find anywhere onto the device, here are just 3:

1) Malware
2) Security updates
3) Resource usage / battery consumption

#1 should be obvious - download any old thing from anywhere and now you may compromise your device. So much for Blackberry's famous security and safety.

#2 - without an auto-updating mechanism or auto-update-notification mechanism, over time the likelihood of your device running a bunch of unsafe software increases precipitously. This has always been the issue of side-loading - you are now responsible for keeping flawed software up to date and in most cases it probably doesn't happen in a timely manner because it's not easy to track updates and install them.

#3 - Android apps, unlike BB10 apps so far, can run in the background. But because there is very little in the way of resource protection, they can also kill your battery life, device performance and open your device up to malicious things like snooping. Without any sort of curated app store to keep a lid on this, this can become a real can of worms.

While I fully support the idea of total access to Google Store, it'll mean that all BlackBerry apps developers will close shop. It'll be rather sad to put soo many people out of job

3 BBs in 3 years. 9000 > 9900 > Q10. send from Q10

It would be nice to access Google store on OS 10. I think we need to be open. It would make blackberry more marketable .

Posted via CB10

I agree with spending money on getting 20 of the best apps out there. Stay the course and show the world BB10 is worth every minute BlackBerry employees spent on developing it. Mr. Chen said this is going to take time and discipline. Too me, bringing on Google Play Store is a lazy cop out that displays weekness in your own brand. BB10 is outstanding and should continue to evolve like all the others that had to prove their worth.

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If this Happens Blackberry lovers will be increased again , and BlackBerry will win its popularity once again . BB4LIFE.

How about concentrating on the apps that worked on the earlier BlackBerry phones that are not being updated for the z10 by the developers like drivecarefully, vlingo for whatever reasons they have. There is a real gap between what BlackBerry provided app wise before and now. An app that has the ability to read all available emails, texts, and BBMs and let a driver reply is missing presently (drive safe and translator are incomplete) and no one has made a bar app of an app from Google or apple either to fill the gap. Thank you for your work CrackBerry.

Not directly. What it hopefully does is improve the appeal of the platform as a whole, or at least take away some excuses for NOT choosing it.

BB needs to build BB10 sales right now. This is kind of a cheap way to do it, but there's a good chance it will work. I've seen comments from a great many people who say "I really like BB10, but it's a problem that it won't run my Bank of America app (or one of 1000 other mid-tier apps)". This move removes that objection for many users.

Assuming "users" means the general public and not current BB owners. Running Android's apps is not the answer. I feel y'all pain being a WP user, but this will not make a difference. It took 3 months of harassment from me, and for my wife to break her phone to get her to switch to WP. All because WP didn't have an official instagram app. So imaging having to explain side loading and bar. file to someone like my wife.

I actually created a sizable collection of BAR files that I have tested with Blackberry OS10.2 on my Q10. I was unable to upload this archive to one of the major torrent sites (if someone else know how to do it feel free), which means that the torrent will only stay alive if others seed it. If you download this torrent I hope you'll keep it seeded for as long as you can so others can get the most from their Blackberries. Here is the link (if you paste into your browser it should launch uTorrent and start the download): http://tinyurl.com/BB10Bars

This is a list of the fils I found to work, included in the torrent:
_BB10 LIST OF Sideload Apps_WORKING
_Key apps - Navigation
BingMaps [perfect].bar
Google_Maps_6.14.1_BB10_Maps-Core [special BB mod, stable, recommended].bar
Mapquest_v1.8.1 [great].bar
maverick.lite_v2.2_codesector [offline GPS maps with tracking].bar
Nokia HERE (excellent nav, browser link)
x_Google_Maps_1.936 bld 19_BB10_Maps [good but unstable, settings crashes].bar
x_net.osm+ Free_v1.4.1.20beta [Unstable; Open Streets Maps_Offline].bar

_Key apps - Other
bloomberg-android [perfect; NOTE Native version now available].bar
craigslist_Ver_3.24 [perfect].bar
ebay.mobile_v1.0.29.0 [perfect].bar
Evernote_5.1 [perfect].bar
flyersoft.moonreader_v1.9.9 [perfect].bar
Grace - learn what you love 0Excellent Online coursese]
Hopstop_v1.01 [perfect].bar
IMDB [perfect].bar
instagram [perfect but top row of buttons obscured on Q10].bar
meetup_v1.0.95.0 [great].bar
netflix-mediaclient 1.8 build 561 [perfect].bar
ogqcorp.tpa_Ted Talks_TedAir_v1.0.121206 [video, perfect, great controls].bar
PayPal_2.2 [perfect].bar
PicasaTool_5.2.0.2 [PERFECT].bar
Plume for Twitter [perfect]_v5.21.bar
RecipeSearch_v3.23 [perfect].bar
tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v3.0.1 [may crash in initial install].bar
trixiesoft.clapp Craigslist_v1.0.31.0.bar
Tumblr_3.3.2 [perfect].bar
urbanspoon [perfect].bar
v2_je.yelp.free_1_102 [yelp mobile v1.02 web app all functions work].bar
Words with Friends [good].bar
Yelp [v. 4.4.1 Sept 9, 2013, great but no bookmarks or monocle; monocle works w debug token].bar

_Key apps - PodCast & Audiobook
astroplayerbeta_v1.135.145 [PERFECT].bar
BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.39 [great but won't accept pro license key].bar
MortPlayer_Audio_Book_0.8.6 [perfect].bar
Podtrapper_v1.0.7.0 [perfect].bar
x_ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer_v1.4.18.62 [v good but no SD support].bar
x_BeyondPod Podcast Manager_v3.1.36 [great, license key prob for pro].bar

Debug Token - Working
BrotheriPrintScan_v1.11.02 [works with debug token method].apk
Clone Camera v1.5.4 apkmania.com [paid].apk
Clone Camera v1.5.4 apkmania.com [paid].bar
Color Booth Pro v1.2.9 apkmania.com.apk
Color Booth Pro v1.2.9 apkmania.com.bar
HD Panorama+ v2.00 apkmania.com.apk
HD Panorama+ v2.00 apkmania.com.bar
Pandora® internet radio.bar
Yelp 4.4.1 Sep 9, 2013.bar

Other apps
3D camera.pro_v1.0.386.0.bar
American Airlines_v2.4.2040000 [perfect].bar
angeloid.Ted Talks_v1.12 [video, v good but Ted Air is better].bar
AVR_Remote_v1.0.104.0 [Marantz Denon_great].bar
BGR_v1.0.1.2 [Boy Genius Report].bar
bojandevic.ubergenius_v1.3 [brain games].bar
booking.com hotel search_v3.9.7.43.bar
chess for Android_v4.2.bar
CNN Money [perfect, text & video].bar
ConvertPad - Unit Converter_2.6.bar
Dropbox_v2.3.1.230100 [newer versions don't work].bar
duolingo-18-v1.01 [language learning].bar
exavore.Rfi remote for Roku_rokumote_v2.10 [simple, works perfect].bar
flipboard.app_v2.0.5 [beautiful].bar
French Dictionary - Offline_v1.9.3.bar
Google Sky Map [perfect].bar
Google Translate_v2.7 [excellent, written and spoken translation].bar
iremote.android.itunes_v3.1 [server for PC only].bar
kep.iRemote.free_v1.1.0 [would not connect to iTunes].bar
Kingsoft-Office_5.1 [good but only docs in misc/android folder].bar
knickerbockerapps.schednyc_v1.0.46.0 [MTA train status, very good].bar
Learn French Phrasebook_v2.1.bar
Listen Audiobook Player [works but unstable].bar
lulo.scrabble.classicwords_v1.5.5 [perfect].bar
News Republic_v3.1.6.bar
OpenSignal_3G 4G WiFi maps [v good, adv funcs not available].bar
org.dayup.stocks_v2.2.2 [good but sync w Google Fin not working].bar
pinterest_v1.6.2 [perfect].bar
Pocket.Readitlater.pro_v4.6.3 [great].bar
Pulse News_v3.1.8 [News Aggregator, crash on 1st launch then OK].bar
Relmtech.Remote_ Unified Remote_v2.9.1 [Server for PC only].bar
Seeking Alpha Dividend_v1.1.0.bar
Seeking Alpha Portfolio_v3.5.5 [excellent].bar
Seeking Alpha Tech_v1.1.0.bar
shazam-android [excellent].bar
SignNow_1.52 [add signature to PDFs, great].bar
sixones.remote_ Remote+ for Plex, XBMC, Boxee_v0.6 [could not connect].bar
springpad [perfect].bar
talkray-client-text call [good].bar
tinder_v2.0.1 [seems perfect].bar
tm.app.worldClock_v1.0.148.0 [great].bar
TradeKing_v1.0.3.0 [web app].bar
treemolabs.apps.Rick Steves Audio Europe_v1.0.7.0.bar
tripadvisor.android.apps.cityguide.newyorkcity_v1.0.30.0 [great].bar
v2_com.tradeking.mobile_1_9 [v.2.1.0 perfect].bar
visualit.zuti.nycLite_v2.1.7 [NY Subway router].bar
waring.NYC Transit Status.MTAStatus_v1.0.2.0.bar
Yahoo Finance_v1.1.9.1187014080 [unstable].bar

Paris Metro & Guides
Metro 01 Paris_v2.3.2 [Metro, RER, tram, transilien].bar
ParisBusMetroTrain_v1.0 [map only].bar
Tripadvisor Cityguide Paris_v4.0.1 [excellent].bar
Visit Paris by Metro - RATP v1.0.1 [v useful but navigation reqs Google Play Servs].bar
Zuti ParisLite_v2.1.4 [Paris Metro router].bar

x_Older versions working
x_[old version] com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor_v2.6 [perfect].bar
x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation v1.64.bar
x_[older vers]_Google Maps with Navigation v1.936 bld 16.bar
x_com.chriskonieczny.RoMote_rokuremote.ui_v1.0.1.0 [could not connect].bar
x_com.jetshred.plexremote_v1.0.1 [works but bottom buttons cut off on Q10; didn't test server].bar
x_com.tallsnail.newyorker_v1.0.3.0 [installs but doens't download material].bar
x_Google Maps Plus_gps.voice_.navigation.gmapsplus_1 [works but no voice recg, no key bd input].bar
x_Pinterest_1.5.4 [percfect].bar
x_Roku_v2.1.2065609 [works but would not connect].bar
x_super mario [poor gameplay].bar
x_yelp_v4.2.0.808703 [good but bookmarks req google play services].bar

why BlackBerry is not interested to made these apps available in BlackBerry world, getting frustrated about upcoming OS and unlocked android run time.....
no need all of the android apps, but top on the chart should be available in BlackBerry world. if they do I don't think so we might need another runtime .....
I think BlackBerry weak in popular app launching segment.

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recently I switched from android to bb... but the only problem I have faced is lack of quality apps... main drawback of BlackBerry

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