Need to hang a picture? Check out Level Camera for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 16 May 2013 08:38 am EDT

When it comes to apps there is one thing that really floats my boat and that's a simple application that does what it says on the tin. Level Camera is just that. It is solely designed for making sure that when hanging pictures on a wall you get the picture/frame straight.

Now, you're probably thinking that doesn't sound too much fun however if you are going to be moving house or into interior design then it may well be a handy one to have stored on your BlackBerry.

Level Camera uses the gyroscope in the BlackBerry 10 device to maintain a leveling grid on-screen to ensure your picture is hung perfectly.

I suppose that normally this isn't the kind of application that would attract my interest but as the Crack Team are here at BlackBerry Live the developer approached me and as he is new to writing BlackBerry 10 apps I thought this one was good enough to feature.

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Need to hang a picture? Check out Level Camera for BlackBerry 10


Similar statement was made five years ago...
"Wow what a breakthrough innovation by Android... such apps have been in iOS for ages.. Android is a loser and fanboys here are fools trying to behave as if they have made a smart decision by buying this piece of s#;t"

Right. And you expected every app ever created on any mobile platform to be available for a new OS that literally came out a few months ago. Smart.

You clearly have the IQ of a pile of dirt.

Time for you to leave your mom's basement and go back to work... someone needs fries with their Big Mac.

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This guy is a freaking retard. Oh, and I don't mean because he's on a BlackBerry site, using the app for the premier BlackBerry Blog/fan site to post troll comments disparaging BlackBerry. I came to this conclusion because he's a Steelers fan.

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I tried this app out on the Z10, great job by Kevin. It is not overly engineered for handling a simple task.

To the iDroid posters, negative comments cause cracks within the foundation of our society. Encouraging innovative ideas for any platform, benefits all. In this case, the app IS a new idea for BB10. Your negative comments are not needed.

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Idroid fan boys are hurt.... lol

Let me tell you this, blackberry is just starting. Haha
Better make new lines for the future launch of os 10.2...

Bleeeeeeeeeeeh, suckers!

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Trolls feeling threatened perhaps ? How long did it take for these and similar apps to show up in the Droid Playpen again ?

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Great idea for an app - except that the execution leaves a huge hole; i.e. there's (apparently) no way to calibrate the phone so the grid is truly plumb. In my tests the grid was visibly off vertical/horizontal without even checking it against a physical bubble level.

This app certainly wont replace my Bosch GLL3-80 laser level ($499 retail, hence the accuracy). But, it is a great start. I am sure future updates would make it a viable alternative for basic tasks.

Thank you to those who gave this app a try. And the feedback is much appreciated.

If you notice the grid being noticeably off, there might be a problem with the gyroscope. It wouldn't be a bad idea to contact BlackBerry support since a malfunctioning gyroscope could affect other apps (e.g. games) that depend on it.

Having said that, calibration will be added to the next update.

I hope he gets some friends soon so he won't be spending all of his spare time trolling internet forums...

you know what would be really cool
if you could take a picture of the photo frame u wanted to hang,
crop it
and then use the camera with the cropped photo in it
just to see where the photo frame would look best