Download your own Let's Rock and Roll This wallpaper!!

Let's Rock and Roll This
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jan 2012 12:00 pm EST

Want to get in on the fun and show your support for RIM and new CEO Thorsten Heins? Well now you can sport your own "Let's Rock and Roll This!" wallpaper on all your devices! In case you missed it, during his Part 1 of his Interview with Kevin this week, the BlackBerry Chief chimed in with the new unofficial RIM motto, "Let's Rock and Roll This!". A pretty good line if I do say so myself, and it's one that is sure to catch on. It's retro cool, funtastic and motivating all that at the same time. CrackBerry Fanboy Alexander came up with this sweet CB-themed Let's Rock and Roll This wallpaper to share, so check out the links below and grab it for one or all of your BlackBerry devices! Let's Rock and Roll This!! Thanks Alexander (be sure to check out Alex's new site!)

Download the "Let's Rock and Roll This" Wallpaper for your device:

1024x1024 (Tablet) | 640x480 (Bold 99xx) | 480x800 (Torch 9850/60) | 480x640 (Torch 9800/10)

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Reader comments

Download your own Let's Rock and Roll This wallpaper!!


You should make this into a theme for OS7/7.1 devices. That would be awesome! What? No theme studio? Oh, never mind.

What about us poor sods rocking a 9780 with 480x360 screen. Some of us still have to see out out Blackberry 6 contracts before we can get the the Blackberry 7 / 10 love... :-)

Wheres the love for the good old trusty 9650 bold LOL!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I downloaded the one intended for the hot & sexy 99xx

"Lets Rock and Roll This"

I giggled when I first heard this from the CEO. It reminds of some pop culture german wannabe who is trying to sound hip but confuses all the grammar.

Frecking Awesome! I shall be rocking this on my PlayBook at DevCon next month! - Just heard via the CB Interview our new CEO will be in Amsterdam too! AWESOME!

Just downloaded for my 9900!! Looks pretty legit.. I set as walpaper once and it was zoomed and cut off half the txt so I went abd reset it once more and it worked like a charm. Thanks Crackberry!

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