Let's Golf 3 comes to BlackBerry 10 - and it's free!

Let's Golf 3
By James Richardson on 23 Mar 2013 12:28 pm EDT

Another super free game is now available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 users. Let's Golf 3 from Gameloft is ready and waiting for you to download and with a huge selection of features within the app this one is sure to roar to the top of the charts. If you haven't played any of the previous versions of Let's Golf I would highly recommend  giving this one a shot.

It has guaranteed great gameplay and sound effects and there literally are hours of fun to be had. It's another hefty download though so you will need to be connected to WiFi. But it will be worth it.

In true CrackBerry style we will have a video of the app up in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

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Just been playing it, top quality game!

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Cool, going to check it out. Thx

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It's pretty fun. Glad to see it on the Z10.

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Gotta hand it to Gameloft. They put a lot of quality titles on PlayBook and Z10.


That link of yours just links back to this post


I'm madly waiting for gameloft's heroes of order & chaos for my z 10

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Joshua Ward

Downloading it now about 800 mb... taking about 15 min to install.

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Great fame even better free :) they bb

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Bah! Post the app world link for us lazy people!

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I'm waiting for Batman from gameloft

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James- is the app "free" - or is it only 1 level gameplay free and rest has to be paid - in-app-purchase?

James Richardson

Mmmmm, good point. My WiFi is so slow I'm still downloading. Will update the post accordingly.

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I was playing it yesterday and it's the real deal :D.

Edit : I was wrong.. you have energy and when it runs out you either wait or use in game credits to buy more energy.


800mb? How much memory it's going to it?

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Good stuff!

Does Gameloft ever make games that aren't ridiculously huge. Their other 2 big games take up almost have my device space :/

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Gameloft rocks! This game is perfect when you have a few minutes to kill somewhere.

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Thanks BlackBerry and Gameloft! Free stuff is always good :)

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Young Z

I guess I'll be the lone dissenter ;) For me, the game runs hot and the touch sensor for moving the direction is a bit twitchy. I can understand why it's 800mb, it looks like it has a huge amount of courses.

I'm waiting for stick golf, simple and fun, perfect for a smartphone.

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Super stick man golf is already in BlackBerry world

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Young Z

I stand corrected, I guess searching for 'stick golf' is not good enough for BBW search logic.

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I have to restart my device whenever I need to exit! Is this an Android port??

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One thing I hate about these big files is the time to download on wifi. So slow.

I wish they would allow you to download over LTE. If you have the data - Why Not???


Always meant to download this one on my PB, nice to see it is now free!


I have unlimited 4G... why can't I have an option to just download it anyway?

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ramin mayar

844mb?? Fo realz??

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Great game!

Just few things:
- The game is over 800mb, wow!
- Great graphics!
- Slow to load between holes, but it's ok.
- The biggest draw back, kills the battery!

I played for about 20 minutes and holy smokes, the battery went down by 30%.

Understanding that everyone's settings will be different and the affects will differ from one to the other. But that is way to power hungry in my opinion.

Gameloft needs to try to tweak the app as much as possible.

All in all, great game!


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Sweet game. Would suggest to plug it in while playing :)


Biggest drawback of this game is the energy system. Once I run out you can't play until it regenerates or until you buy more.

I'm all for micro transactions in game that give you customization options, or unlock special features...but when you are limited to how much you can play in one sitting and they charge a fee to play more, that's where I draw the line.

With that said, the game is fun. The graphics are great, the music gets repetitive per course and the customization options are plenty (for a fee).

I don't recommend this as a solid go to golf game due to the energy limitations, but it will suit the needs of those who just want to play a few holes in some spare time.

Be warned, this will drain your battery very quickly and does make the device run hot.

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850mb...wow I expect good graphics!!

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Now I remember why I hate Golf3! Purchase in app! That's a joke what Gameloft calls! I'd rather buy a game and then have to pay anything!

Delete it now and save my money!

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Never thought I'd download so many games. This is what we've been missing and it well worth the wait. Only thing is paying in app. I'd rather pay up front.

Chris Umiastowski

I deleted this one already. Device gets really hot fast and the in app stuff is a big nag.

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Hot device and battery draining. But a beautiful game.

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Got em... Thanks. ;-)

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Wow! Fantastic game...and FREE! I am loving it!

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Wow! What a nice game! Hope to see more fantastic games on bb10!

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Cool fun fame love it


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Great game but drains battery too much. 10 min 20% battery drained. Bad.

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Let's Golf 2 on the PlayBook is so much better...it's like an entire different company created this game. My buddy was bragging that 3 was already available on his iPad...and then we played it lol...he wanted 2 instead. Nope!

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I have the same game on my android tablet, and the device got heated up. I just downloaded into my z10 and after the first hole i can feel heat coming from the back. Anyone experienced that?

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Great game!

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Aditya Bhimrajka

Needs wifi to download

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AppWorld has a setting (pull down from top bezel) to switch on/off the option to "download on wifi only"
Check your settings to ensure is set properly.


troy lee

Heh where is mig33? I do really need it

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Will this come to playbook?


As others have said this game will decimate your battery. It took me from 80% to 20% in less than 2 hours

As others have also said, the inappropriate purchase requirements are excessive. Looks like you need to spend $5 to play more than just a few holes. And you'll probably need to do this repeatedly. I would rather purchase the game outright than have to do this.

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Awesome game but killed my battery too


Decent game. Definitely worth 1 or 2 dollars ! But at FREE you cant not get it !