Let's Be Friends [Hit Me Up On The BBM] tears up the BBM song charts

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2010 10:01 am EDT

It seems like a weekly thing now (which isn't so bad) and here we have another BBM song for your listening pleasure. This one is by Breeze and SP and called Let's Be Friends [Hit Me Up On The BBM]. I watched the entire video for this one and I have to say it is definitely one of my favorites to date. Check it out for yourself (the actual song starts about at about 1:07) and drop a comment with your thoughts. How does this compare to other BBM hits like BBM Me Up and Ping!!! Me Baby? Thanks Brandon!

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Let's Be Friends [Hit Me Up On The BBM] tears up the BBM song charts


This song was too cute...u officially made it as my new BBM alert song. I had another from Starrbie doll - BBM GREAT work...I added them too teehhee :)

indeed this is too cheesy and I was just thinkin'... we need a hardcore BBM songs for those who aren't so smiley and joyeous everywhere they go... lol

if you want more hardcore songs why dont you just make 1 instead of sitting behind your pc and moaning?

It does sound similar to Blame It, but it's not.

Slow tempo (70-80 BPM) songs with synthesized-beats, annoying autotuned voices have been the trend for quite some time.

It doesn't take much to make such a song. I could make a similar song in one or two nights on my computer, actually any idiot could, it's easy. No talent required!

PING!!! ME BABY is WAYYYYY BETTER than this and the other one you guys posted a few days ago. Because RIZ comes out with a great BBM song and gets so much views, every Tom, Dick & Harry wants to copy him. I guess that's one thing the internet is good for...clones & cheap imitations. Close but no cigar on this one.

But still you get an A for effort guys.

The BBM shirts are hard!! but the song is too kiddie for me. I'm 24 and from Brooklyn, there's no way I will be playing this out my phone, headphones, or speakers.

PING!!! Me Baby was AMAZEBALLS right down to the way the title was written (and his use of words associated with the blackberry @millyblick). In fact it was so good that we are now seeing the inevitable results which it the copycats. Brace yourselves people, you ain't see the last of the BBM songs. This is just the beginning. But as an avid BBM user, all press is good press for our cause...PING!!!

Uh... Berry review said this song came out in the beginning of the year, the only thing that's new is the video.

I don't listen to this kind of music, but this is probably my NEW fav BBM song. Better than the rest.

All of these BBM songs are terrible. Absolutely terrible. The fact that you post these makes me wonder why I come to crackberry.

Ugh. Such crap. I'm embarrassed for all of you.

It's even scarier that only like 3 people in here don't think this is good. Why does the music genre of blackberry have be trashy cheesy hip hop? It really is god awful.

Jreyez and Riz are are the top of my list of BBM songs for the clever lyrics and originality.

Riley is pretty good, but its not something you havent heard before.

This new one, too much autotunes, and it looks like they tried too hard.

This sorry _!@ noise is called music?! How pathetic. It furthermore has a cheap plastic sound to it and must be aimed at the 11 to 14 year old demograghic.

Now all of those great looking women did make the video watchable. Lots of hotties = great scenery.

Turn off the noise and just watch.

I dont understand why so many people hating...If you wanna hear better songs why dont you just make 1.Personally i like this song,its catchy,its commercial,its lite.I think some of you guys are placing your own expectations of music on it,its about BBM for goodness sake,either get with it or make your own BBM song,simple as

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