Let the Fun Begin... Vodafone Storm Available Today!

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Unboxed!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Nov 2008 09:19 am EST

November 14th is here and that means for our BlackBerry-using friends over the pond the wait is over... the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm is here! I found some unboxing pics in our forums already, and have received a few emails from CrackBerry readers saying their "Storm has been delivered and waiting for them when they get home." I'll keep this post updated throughout the day with some of the good Vodafone Storm content that is bound to pop up on the net.

Be sure to email in your pictures (editorial @ crackberry.com), and post your first impressions in the comments and our BlackBerry Storm forum!

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Let the Fun Begin... Vodafone Storm Available Today!


I want to know who skipped work and stayed home just to be there when it arrived.

Post if you called out sick or requested the day off!

Cant' wait to hear is regular paying customers think it's a good phone. PS. Anyone know how I can get out of my ATT contract without paying the $175?

easy. review your att contract terms- there is language that states approx. if there is a material change in your service or terms than both parties can terminate the agreement. Or just get the iphone! :)

If you find a person willing to assume your phone number and continue the service, at&t will let you out of the contract with no ETF.

i got out of my plan with sprint by saying i moved to an area where they didnt offer service...like montana or rural area

I went first thing in the morning over to one of the flagship stores in Dublin/Ireland but they haven't got any, was told that they have received an email that they should get them next week/on Wednesday. I'm really disappointed as I took a day off just to be among the first to have this... And I'm not surprised at all that you get with the handset only the ordinary headset and not the premium as they have the Premium headset listed between the accessories for the Storm...

Yeah, I assumed it would come with a cradle since it has the landscape alarm clock feature. The feature is essentially useless without the cradle?

Ewww! I thought the Storm was suppose to come with "Premium" headphones like the Bold. I really really hope the 9530 doesn't come with those cheap headphones...

It's all about A2DP these days. Get yourself some Motorola S9's and say goodbye to wires. I've been doing that for 4 years on Treo's, and plan to continue the trend on the Storm.

I agree and have both the S9's which the wife uses as well as well as the Plantronics Voyager 855. If you haven't checked out the Plantronics I would recommend doing so.

: O!

I hope the cradle is available when I go to grab mine from Best Buy!

If not... I will have to say I will cry.

Very long and hard.


Maybe not that extreme, but I WILL be upset!

hey all,

now that the Storm has been released in the UK with US following soon, I am anxious to know when it'll be available in Belgium.

The reseller who sells us our blackberry stuff works with operator/carrier "Proximus" (part of the Vodafone network/alliance) but he has no idea when Proximus will be releasing it.
Anyone any ideas?

My current Curve actually has a Vodafone branding, so I suspect the Storm too will be hooked up by Vodafone through Proximus.

If it isn't soon, I'll be forced to go Bold. And it would just be a shame to have a bold and then have the storm come out a couple of weeks later!

Cheers, love the blog!

I can't even tell you how impatient I am becoming. At least we have a release date that is only a week away! Weeks go by incredibly fast anymore, so before I know it, I'll be locked up in my apartment playing with the thing. Good thing my social night is Saturday, otherwise I'd totally be a loser and not go out.

How busy do you think a verizon store might be on 21NOV08 at 9:oo am>?

I think it can go either way. There may be no traffic for the first couple of hours or there could be a line, what do you think?

Most people have thier touch screens already so I do not think it will be that bad the first morning.. I guess I will still get their at 8am??

So I was on my friends IPhone and was checking out youtube which is all good. So I thought why not try Hulu. The Iphone doesnt have or support flash player 9 to play those vids... can you d/l it to the Iphone?? Will the storm support this?? It is a must.. If it doesnt than what the hell..give me something that is up to date.

I'm psyched for Monday to see what this whole Verizon VIP private sale is all about. I'm hoping to:

a.) Buy a Storm and take it home that day (probably won't happen)
b.) Buy a Storm and be guaranteed one on Friday so I don't have to take a half day off work (might happen)
c.) Play with it (I'm thinking this will definitely happen)

No matter what happens, I haven't been this excited to get something since the time I knew I was getting a Sega Genesis for Christmas

Who's going to wait for the Storm in NYC on friday? I know I'm gonna get there at least 3-4 hours early. Anyone wanna join me so I'm not sitting all by myself? Hahaha

according to Vodafone's site, the device is FREE with a plan over 35 pounds!!!

but where is the price for just the device and no service plan?
i want to buy one and have it shipped to me in NY so i can unlock it and use it on ATT!!!!

your best bet is to buy it off eBay or something and have it shipped to the US to be unlocked and used on AT&T's service.

I highly doubt you will be able to buy one from Vodafone directly or buy calling one of their retail locations with your credit card info.

With the conversation starting off like --> "Hi, I'm some Yankee from across the pond...can I give you my credit card number to ship me something to the States??"

If I was the rep, I would have all sorts of red flags going off like one of them Nigeria email scandals!! LOL

Someone asked on Vodafone's forum what the price would be for the handset without a contract. The reply from Vodafone was that they hand no plans to sell the handset without a contract.


That's exactly what they said initially about the Bold and yet I managed to buy one recently without the contract for 589 Euro, unlocked to any network...

Got mine this morning about 8.30 (GMT) as I took the morning off work so I could be in to receive it. The storm is beautifully packed in a slick black cardboard box with silver writing as you can see in the photos above. I ripped open the box in about 3 seconds, it's like xmas come early in my house at the moment! I connected everything together and switched on, the first thing I noticed was the extremely long load up time it took for the Storm to get to the OS. Took a good minute or two just to load, thankfully you don't have to do this often. My initial impressions are as follows;

Screen is gorgeous, vibrant, rich and with an extremely wide viewing angle, video playback is a joy and the included Babylon AD trailer looks stunning. However there is a worrying physical gap between the bottom of the screen and the casing which is sure to atract dust.

The click screen function works beautifully which is great because I thought it was gonna be awkward to use at first, but even with my bulky fingers I can still tap out *nearly* flawless emails at reasonable speed. The click feels a bit weak at the corners, giving the most positive feedback dead centre of the screen.

Build quality is good, the device is a good size and carrys good weight, the rubberised sides are a nice touch and the brushed steel back is gorgeous.

Web browsing is slick, despite the lack of WiFi pages load quickly over Vodas 3G network and display well, a quick tap on the screen zooms in and panning is effortless with a drag of the finger.

The OS. I've never used a BB before but find the operating system to be fairly straightforward and intuitive. The blackberry button provids an almost endless array of secondary options for almost every screen.

There are some niggles I have with the interface tho. Firstly it *can* be sluggish, despite being exponentially better than some early builds seen on YouTube sometimes it will completely lock out, or the accelerometer will go beserk, causing the screen to jump all over the place. I can't help but feel RIM have rushed this out a bit too quickly in time for the holiday season, however I'm sure this will be addressed in an upcoming update.

Overall I'm pleased with the Storm, the software niggles are there but the build quality and feature set help balance this out. Hopefully RIM will be on the ball and be along shortly with an update.

If anyone has any specific questions, fire em over!

Ahh almost forgot it made calls aswell! Call quality is very clear and crisp, a big improvement over my Sony Ericsson K810. The speakerfone is also of excellent quality and at maximum is very loud!


I should probably post a little update to what I've written previously.

I've had a bit more of a play with the Storm, trying to iron out where some of the bugs and slowdowns were coming from. Here in the UK the storm comes preloaded with Vodafone Live! a piece of proprietry browsing software that auto downloads news and such like, the problem with this however is that it seemingly runs in the background and from what I can tell is very resource hungry!!

After uninstalling it through the options panel the storm runs ALOT smoother. The egg timer, that I encountered EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I tried to get into the media menu has now gone and the screen no longer wants to lock up at random.

It's a shame Vodafone has felt the need to bolt on such a flaky piece of software that can hamstring (at least it did on mine) a decent piece of hardware!!

Options>Advanced Options>Applications select Vodaphone Live! and hit the BB button, should bring up a contect menu with the option to uninstall. Your Storm will then need to reset for uninstal to complete. Hth


of all the videos I've seen, not one of them mentioned HTML emailing. Do you have to have a bes account to get HTML email features?

Will there be a 1Yr contract Option for new customers??? If so what will be the price of the device then???

P.S ( I Don't want to enroll in a 2yr Plan with Verizon)

2 year: $249.99 - $50 mail in rebate = $199.99
1 year: $319.99 - $50 mail in rebate = $269.99 (but I thought you don't get the MIR on 1 year contracts.

I feel the same way about signing a 2 year contract, as I like to upgrade every 10 months and don't mind paying the extra $70 on the phone and/or extra on the activation fee.....but on the flip-side of the coin, your ETF goes -$5.00 a month so in 1 year = -$60.00 off $175.00, nets $115.

I was a former Verizon Wireless (retail sales) employee (2000-2006) and got used to always having the newest toys every 10 months.

Peace all!

hey whoever is going to the verizon store in the mall in nh on Friday let me know or would i be better to go to circuit city since it opens earlier? 9 am circuit city 10 am mall? Wat should i do im willing to skip school for this

me 2 man nd im only 14 and im lovin dis ill probably go to the mall since circuit city gets stuff late most times but im actually gonna get it at a official verizon store nd u.

No worries, currently running. (Platform according to the about page on the Storm. Hth.

can i get some help do u people think its okay dat im wanning to get da storm since im only 14

i say go for it. nothing techno-wise should be adults only. if you know how to manage the device and want it, buy it.

Oh will do while I'm there you want me to check if it also supports homosexual caligraphy

OK malo... your english is horrible, now you claim to pole smoke.... hmmmm how about keeping the posts on the phone not your inability to write out words...

Options>Advanced Options>Applications select Vodaphone Live! and hit the BB button, should bring up a contect menu with the option to uninstall. Your Storm will then need to reset for uninstal to complete. Hth


Where is the Email Client?
I can't see anything else on the Email Setup apart from Blackberry Email???

Also: technically this isn't a touch screen phone as the whole screen is a button...

Voda should have a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) server you can log into - this will allow you to connect up to 10 email accounts via POP3 or IMAP that will all be pushed to your device. Alternately you can download and install Unite! to your home computer, but that only pushes mail while your computer is on.

I haven't seen it stated anywhere that somebody has used the Blackberry device switch wizard with the release of the Storm. Has anyone used that to transfer their current BB info to the Storm? Will it keep all the settings that you have created, such as Sound Profiles, and set up your phone somewhat automatically? I have a BB 8830 to swap over and am curious.