BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 30 Jan 2013 01:04 am EST

Here we are, just a few short hours away from the full unveiling of BlackBerry 10 and there is plenty of excitement in the air. If you're looking to keep up-to-date on all the latest BlackBerry 10 news, then you'll want to stay tuned to the CrackBerry homepage. In addition to that, you'll also want to make sure you're around starting at approximately 10AM ET as well as that is when our live blog of the event will be kicking off.

The official launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform plus the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones, all in an event that will be happening simultaneously across New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Jakarta and Delhi. Keep it locked to CrackBerry; you want to be here for this!

Kill the hours until the launch event on our waiting room thread

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Can't sleep...I feel like a kid again on xmas eve...this has been a looooong time coming...and its finally ecstatic! No more black sheep of the mobile world bitches!

Pretty sure I was far less excited than this on Christmas... the last time I was this excited was probably the CrackBerry PlayBook Update all nighter

Unreal that it's Jan 30th already! I'm excited...been waiting for this for a while now. All the best to the good folks at RIM, today will be a great new beginning for our Canadian company!

Anyone knows if they'll be showing the keyboard model ?
I'm still not into full touch, I just, I just can't ...
Oh boy I hope they bring out such u fancy looking *WOW* full keyboard device that makes me wanna throw all my money to RIM! LOL , mlia
Also, I'm hoping for something more for this conference than just stating the obvious and showing off some devices we all know already from the leaked images.

I have friends who both work for competing phone operators and both recommend I switch to either a DROID or iphone. I have been a blackberry user for 4 years, my first being the BlackBerry Storm followed by the Torch 9800. Admittedly android and iphone have had appealing aspects given the scope of available apps but in the end I have been in love with the simplicity and scope of the blackberry ecosystem. BB10 is I believe a game changer and I am looking forward to watching my friends eat their words. Launch is 3pm GMT here in the UK and I have been up since 5.30am, not able to sleep like many others on this blog. My contract has been up for upgrade since January 15th so I have been eagerly waiting since, still a little way to go but damn sure it will be worth it.

please let there be a red one
please let there be a red one'
please let there be a red one
please let there be a red one
please let there be a red one

Guys apart from reading updates, is there a way to watch it live on my 9900? I mean I know there is a link at BB official website but will that work on 9900 once it will go live? I don't want to miss any second of it :D

* actually never mind I found out that there is an option to watch it live on mobile, I love RIM & ready to buy Z10 today!

Bla1ze et al. I hope your web host servers won't crash today (as well as RIM's). There will be a boatload of traffic aimed at both your sites, as you're aware. Even logging in just now too a bit of effort.
Good luck. Five hours until D-Day! This is how RIM got its groove back.

3.5 hours left til Launch! Hopefully the February 5th rumored Canadian launch date is going to be a reality, if not today! Like everyone else here, its like Christmas, finally! LOL!

so weird. I had a dream about this day and Thorsten freaked out and didn't show up for the announcement lol.

Not to pi** on anyones bonfire but my local vodafone (UK) store has just told me that I the local blackberry rep has said Mid MARCH....... NOOOOOOOOOOO. This had better be a f**king joke. I need my BB10 fix.

That sounds insane given the recent leaks...

Maybe mid-march for the white Z10, or the qwerty BB10?

I couldn't imagine it taking that long!

MAYBE CDMA carriers will have to wait, but I might just be cynical given my past :)

Our local UK vodafone store said available from this Friday 1st February and they are getting loads of enquiries.

Almost 6 AM here out West. Had dreams about BB10 last night - woke up @ 3 am and have been hammering my App World refresh button on my 9810 (I am still calling it that for another 2 hours) to get the Bridge update - still nothing! What the heck am I going to do for another 2 hours in waiting?

Kev do you have your hair appointment booked or does Bla1ze get the honors clippers style later today?

I honestly can say that I've haven't been this excited about something like this in a very long time! It's like being 6 years Christmas eve night...again!

My wife asked me last night what I wanted for my birthday this Friday....I said I want something new, exciting, sexy, can do it all, and is a 10. Anyhow, currently looking for a new place to live!

I've been calling and checking ALL carriers (big 4) in my area and NOBODY has information in their system concerning the BB10.......if the phone is supposed to be released soon why no info anywhere ....WTF

Today is the day we've all been patiently waiting for! "Today is Your Birthday"!.....

That said, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have no reservations about BB10,...I'm getting a BB10 device as soon as I can.

Cheers to all...


live web cast:

http : // tremolo . edgesuite . net / blackberry_experience_launch / desktop_dvr / index . html

minus the spaces

I am looking forward to any NEW information, but I'm wondering if there actually will be any surprises at all.
It's cool that the phones are actually here, though.
Not getting the big thrill unless you folks know something hiding in the wings.

I called T-Mobile yesterday. Wanted to find out when z10 will be available. First I had to explain to the representative what Z10 is. The whole time he was like what model sir bold or curve. Then after searching his system for letter Z and number 10 and he said ooh touch screen blackberry. And obviously he had no idea when they would offer it.

I will be literally sick to my stomach if Verizon is as slow as they have been in the past. I know there are no exclusives which has always be one cause of them in the past. I feel RIM has done their part now the carriers need to do theirs.

Quoted and love it. This makes sense.

BlackBerry 10 - Recepie on How to Attract Android and iOS Users
By: ATInsider - January 30, 2013
After reading and studying all the negative press all accross the world in relation to RIM's proposed demise, I've come to the conclusion that RIM is not going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, RIM may very well see it's best year ever in its history.
In my personal opinion, it seems as though many would really like to see RIM once and for all be removed from competition so others may floorish. This is what I've been desifering from many negative news releases. There's a lot of anger in this smart phone industry.
So why all the negativity toward RIM? Wasn't it RIM that invented the "Smart Phone" called the BlackBerry? Yes, they took innovation to the extreme and launched this new unique mobile platform experience. RIM was responsible for pushing this particular industry into what we know and have today.
Then came the competition. Personally competition is great news, RIM was caught sleeping at the helm, and yes this happends. They let Google's Android and Appled iOS dominate, flurish, and strip away market share from RIM. This is well deserved for both competators because they too pushed innovation, took what RIM created and made it much better.
If RIM did not pioneer the Smart Phone, then were would we be today? I think everybody should be rootring for BlackBerry 10's success, especially people that currently use Android and iOS based devices. Why you may ask, well haven't you all enjoyed the innovations brought to us by Android and iOS at the time BlackBerry was the dominating player.
The same can now be said for RIM's BlackBerry 10 platform. This process is repeating itself, but this time it's the creator, the inventor, the pioneer of the Smart Phone and the last thing we need in this industry is to block innovation at its finest, because if we had done so in the past, we wouldn't have gone this far in mobile technology.
Lets take a page out of Aristotle, the Ancient Greek (384 BC-322 BC) that lived in Athens Greece. He came out with many interesting theory's many that we use today, many that were correct and many that were eventually proven wrong. It's the last that interests me, because if it wasn't for Aristotle and his theory's this world would be more than 2,000 years behind in technology alone. You see becuase of Aristotle, he made people think, he made people try to prove him wrong. This is how we evolved and advanced, by making people think outside the box. The same can be applied to the mobile industry.
We should all be excited about BlackBerry 10 and what it offers and how it may once again potencially streer the industry in the right direction, into the future. BlackBerry 10, being the best mobile platform ever created to date will now further motivate Google, Apple and Windows to further push innovation for a healthy competative market.
I am very exited about BlackBerry 10 and where it's going to lead us.

Can anyone watch the live webcast from their BB OS 7.1 device? (ie. Torch 9810?)

The website comes up, but I press Play and nothing happens :(

Great launch, having a chat with the group of friends on WhatsApp. BB 10 has a 'shot' at being cool... which will work in enterprise and consumer market.

The success of Apple is also its problem now: It's a commonplace appliance. It is a great device, but like the Volvo in the driveway it no longer get's you 'hard'

BB10 can be an 'insiders' device, pound it to the youth market, wrap up celebrities all the while working with enterprise accounts to ensure they remain BB shops.

Nokia was mighty, then they fell, before that Motorola. I worked in carrier business for years and BB has a punchers chance to do what they (Nokia and Motorola) couldn't do: RESURRECTION.