Leo Laporte shows off a BlackBerry PlayBook on Live! with Regis and Kelly

By Michelle Haag on 18 Jan 2011 06:42 pm EST

Live! with Regis and Kelly had a segment today on some of the best gadgets shown at CES 2011. Leo Laporte brought several devices to talk about, and one was the BlackBerry PlayBook! Although we're still wondering who he had to wrestle at RIM to get one.

Check out the video above to see the segment. The PlayBook is the first device he talks about and is covered in the first minute of the video. Some of the other gadgets he talks about are pretty cool too so you may want to stick around for the full 7 minutes to see the rest.

Source: Live! With Regis and Kelly

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Leo Laporte shows off a BlackBerry PlayBook on Live! with Regis and Kelly


see, real multitasking at work there, and good coverage i bet for it as no other tablets shown

also is it just me that sees the irony that vzw spent all that money advertising `droid` and at+t`s phone gets called it!

See this is why we should all just be quiet and let Apple and Samsung and all those other Tablet guys talk their crap, because when the Playbook is released, it will silence all of them! Its gonna be like this:

"BAM"! playbook bitches! waddup now!

Ya I think you may have a point there. I'm not sure if it will sell "as many as fast" as Apple did, but perhaps in the long run RIM will out sell Apple... I don't think people will wanna keep shelling out 6, 7 hundred bucks every year for the latest iPad...

Is it just me or does that droid puts all the smartphone to rest... Man, that look just like a laptop but coming from a phone...what! It just can't get any smarter than that man... I'm not a droid fan, but that looks awesome!

interesting idea with the motorola phone. docking into a laptop to amplify it ;)

love the 3ds and playbook :D

Leo is the man! if this was 2002, that is. He should retire with the Reeg asap. In Canada, Marilyn Denis is gonna feature a 14 yr old kid as her tech expert lol. There has to be a happy medium! Someone in the middle, less Marc Saltzman/David Chaulk sidekick-ish, more fanboy-ish.

Playbook looks really nice and the spec are way beyond what RIM normally does, it blew away what the iPad had when it was announced! So it would have been great if they had been able to release it a couple of months ago.

But with the iPad going dual cores, and not having to be tethered to a Blackberry for email... think RIM is going to be in the "Best New Device That Flopped In 2011" category.

Possible once they have worked all the kinks out of the new QNX software, they figure out how to do a larger screen and still have decent battery life and once the developers have a full range of applications developed for the platform. And finial once RIM comes up with a way for users to access content - music, books, video. Then they will HAVE something.

By the time Playbook is released, it'll be outdated. I've never seen a company hype their product so much before it makes it to market

That's awesome that the PlayBook made it on to the show, but one thing I really hate is when people spell it wrong. It's not Playbook It's PlayBook. For them to have it wrong on the show kinda sucked. Hopefully it can get a few spots on more shows like this though.

On This Week in Tech, Leo named the PlayBook as the best product at CES. (I think TWIT is the most listened to tech podcast measured by number of downloads.) So, he really has had an effect in getting people excited about the PlayBook.

Many of the hosts (and regular guests) of many of the podcasts on his network carry BlackBerries and talk about the superior Mail and Messenging (and, of course, Steve Gibson, the host of Security Now carries a Blackberry), but Leo has usually treated Blackberry as an after thought or as outdated technology. So it is nice to see him excited about the PlayBook.

The Playbook looked nice but the Motorola Atrix was the real story! When that phone comes out on March 1, my slow Torch goes bye bye. Too bad Rim isn't putting that Playbook technology into their outdated phones.

Man this makes me want to get the BB Playbook more than anything right now. Battery life better be good. Does anybody know about if the battery is going to be replaceable?