Lenovo may be eyeing BlackBerry as well

By Adam Zeis on 17 Oct 2013 03:00 pm EDT

According to a new report from the WSJ, Lenovo may also be considering a BlackBerry buy. It's not the first we've heard of the Chinese company setting their sites on BBRY but it may be for real this time. We've already weighed the pros and cons of a Lenovo buy.

Lenovo is just the latest to throw their name into the mix that is already rumored to include SAP, Google and Cisco. Fairfax Financial originally signed a letter of intent with BlackBerry and former BlackBerry CEO Mike Lazaridis was making some moves recently as well. 

Lenovo has apparently signed an NDA with BlackBerry in order to look at their books, but not much else is known at this time. BlackBerry is still able to actively seek buyers until the end of the diligence period with Fairfax is up on November 4th.

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Lenovo may be eyeing BlackBerry as well



Best possible option to me is a Fairfax or Lazaridis buyout. At least it "looks" they would both keep BlackBerry together as we all know it and not chop it off for whatever their best interest may be....

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Samsung would be the best. Imagine BB10 on a Galaxy device. Oh yeah.

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Except on top of Android they are getting ready to launch their own os soon so that does not make sense anymore.

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They are far, far away from being able to ship their's own OS, so one ready would help them a lot.

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I'm going to assume you've been living under some form of large solid mass for a while. They have devices already running BADA http://www.bada.com/ and even though Maemo..um..Moblin..er..MeeGo..no..Tizen https://www.tizen.org/about is open source Samsung has embraced it as well and dedicated resources to develop the platform. http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/samsung-galaxy-s5-could-run-tizen-instea... I suspect if Tizen matures well other hardware vendors will follow suit since Google now competes with them on hardware.

Have you seen Tizen? Its a joke of an OS and does not stand a chance against BB10. The only think Tizen has going for it is marketing...

Seven versions of iOS without bluetooth transfers have demonstrated that marketing matters more than features.

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Why imagine BB10 on a Galaxy phone when you can have it on a Z30. It's so awesome!

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Ugh! Why should I imagine something so awful: A brilliant OS on a dodgy device ...

I prefer the reliable, high-quality BB devices

The issue is many think Galaxy phones are good quality despite the obvious. Though it would be nice if BBRY would give Samsung a BB10 licence deal, it would help propel BB10 further.

best is Microsoft,wait,don't you think the big mamas already have a profile on BB and others,they will wait for the last minute and Voila,I'm waiting for Fireworks not firesale,sell BB for what it is actually worth.Enjoy !!!

Hmm, maybe because we love BB10 and want it to continue to exist. A chop up kills a great OS with incredible potential. No tech enthusiast should want BlackBerry to get chopped. It benefits no one except the people doing the chopping.

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Just because BlackBerry gets dismantled doesn't automatically mean BB10 dies. Personally, I'm more concerned about the platform than the company.

This is a mobile OS that in its way is the best of all possible worlds. Tizen apps could be easily ported to BB10, as can Android and Adobe Air. There's still a fair Qt programmer community, and in the right hands BB10 could easily become the dominant Qt OS.

It's like the United Nations of mobile, and it's arguably got the most secure kernal. If customers were more confident in BlackBerry's future it would likely be selling fairly well. BB10 isn't dragging BlackBerry down. It's the reverse.

Have you considered that RIM/BlackBerry is in the state it's in because it's a Canadian company with primarily Canadian board members and share holders?

That's irrelevant and, frankly, insulting to Canadians. Whyareallthegoodnamestaken is right in that the Canadian government would probably block it. They have the power to do so, and they have recently been exercising that power. If they blocked the sale of a portion of a provinicial cable TV company to an Egyptian business man on national security grounds, what do you think they'll do to a sale of one of Canada's prized companies that owns the servers through which most of the Canadian politicians' and security personnels' communications go through? I very much doubt that they would approve the sale of that to a Chinese company.

Compare this to the UK, where today the Government approved a deal for China to take a controlling stake in one of our nuclear power stations....

My apologies if you took it as an insult, that was not my intent. However, considering that they have been spiraling downward for about 5 years now and have not been able to make a good decision within those 5 years, one has to consider the culture of the company.

As a proud Canadian who happens to also have grown up in Kitchener-Waterloo, I happen to agree with you. Canadians can be overly risk averse, and too resistant to making "bet the company" decisions when it's called for. It served us well during the financial collapse, but isn't a good thing for a tech company faced with major strategic decisions. Couple that with the complete absence of American-style (snake oil and outright lies are fair game) marketing, and a massively negative bias in US media, financial community, along with carrier incompetence, and there you have it.

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If you want to consider Canadian business culture, you may want to remember that our banks currently enjoy the best reputation in the world in the wake of the recession.

FYI-Actually the government blocked the sale of Allstream which is a division of MTSAllstream. 3rd largest Telecom company in Canada. Serves predominantly business customers but has a large portfolio of wholesale customers & partners. Has a large fibre network across the whole country. The federal government is one of Allstream's biggest customers (especially DND) and probably didn't feel comfortable with a foreign owner from Egypt. Unfortunately, they should have mentioned that at the start of the process rather than at the last minute. Hopefully- this means the government won't allow BB to be bought by a foreign entity prone to spying, human rights violations etc. I hope BB remains Canadian. When Allstream went private for a few years it helped take it out of the limelight for awhile and is one of the reasons it is still around today. Hopefully BB manages to restructure, survive and thrive again.

I don't really see how that's the cause of BlackBerry's issues, it's probably one of their strengths as most countries trust Canada. I like the fact they made these devices in Canada and Mexico not in Asian sweat shops like others do. Either way it's the government who will decide if the sale would go through not.

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Rim attracted excellent talent. They owned the cell phone market and when the great recession dragged USA down many Americans were hired by RIM. I know this as many of my us colleagues went to work for BlackBerry. Truth be told Canada is home to many many Americans - and many plan to stay. It's a nice country. :)

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**edited after reading the apology**
I still think it was a very, very, very poorly written comment and, honestly, very poor connection of unrelated problems. Internal business culture has nothing to do with being canadian.

I'll assume you're american. Are we blaming the entire USA after the 2008 Lehman Brother crash? Don't wrap this up in a flag and if you put "Canadian" in the comment make sure it's not in the middle of a post that can be interpreted very badly. At the end of the day, I don't think americans are in any position to do dick/culture-measuring contest and you can thank us canadians for providing security when the NSA spies on you.

Last I check Canadian banks still rate better than the US...and the rest of the world... and our economy has been and is still far better than the US in the past 5 years. Yeah we canadians have our own ways and we like it that way.

Based on your response, it seems BlackBerry has gone ahead and made yet another bad decision by hiring JP Morgan Chase (an American company) to handle it's sale.
P.S. I am not American but I do understand ethnocentricity and once again I apologize.

They could just sell the handset business that doesn't carry the encrypted technology. Maybe a deal with bb10 might happen.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

What is a BlackBerry without the BlackBerry Network? What would it cost to license EVERYTHING it would take to make a BlackBerry work? Patents, QNX, BES10.....

What are the risk to the Hardware "buyer" if the owner of the network decides in 1 year that the service fees have fallen to a level to low to operate?

No, just no! I am totally against any Chinese company buying BlackBerry. Security and China do not mix well in my book.

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US spies on everyone, but China and Russia put malware on your device (phone/computer)

Totally agree with an earlier poster that this would be the death of enterprise security at the least.

Buying a lenovo computer/tablet is one thing. Relying on it for mobile security is another.

Might as well buy a Droid and use Google services. At least then I know they are stealing all my info, in the cloud and otherwise. For the life of me I can't understand why people use Google services and I am a US citizen.

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Yeah.The fact is every countries spy on each other. You only can choose which country.
I will choose US, UK, Canada, Isarel ... whatever Western Country, not any communist country, especially China. Bcz if you find that your device is spying, the only thing you can do is just shut up or go to jail. remember China is communist.....like North Korea.
However that is not the main reason I disapprove. Look at Lenovo, it becomes cheaper, urglier, quick-damaged... they make the brand name more and more stupid.

No it ain't. But if I get to choose I'd rather an American spying on me than a Chinese. the USA and us Canadians like to pick little insignificant fights (lumber anyone?) but that's just normal when neighbors share a fence. Besides, I like Americans enough to think some of them could even deserve to be Canadians. So yeah, if I have to choose who reads my emails I'd pick the USA any day of the week over Chinese, or Russia, or North Korea, or...well the point is made.

Communist vs. Democracy...hmmm, yeah the Chinese are no worse. Just look at how much they censor in that huge baby-factory.....the Great (Fire)Wall of China

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The US is not a Democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. Our current leader is trying to change that however. We are more Chinese than the Chinese "LOL"

nobody is going to buy them. BlackBerry will be broken into pieces and auctioned off to the highest bidders.

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But we can always speculate... but i agree with you it seems like the more likely thing to happen

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Do you realize what you've just said???? This is every reason why a private equity firm WOULD buy them.

They would buy them and THEN split the company up and sell off the pieces.

That's exactly how a private equity firm would make money off of BlackBerry.

Your comment is nothing new, but it just shows that you really don't know what you're talking about, and came here just to write something negative.

That would be less likely because the Canadian Government is Very worried about there being national security risk to sell Canadian technology to a Foreign country. If any company other than Fairfax (or Mike) , IBM would have the most to gain. They have the servers and clientele to support an enterprise driven device and software

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If IBM can sell ThinkPad to Lenovo, why will it matter if it comes down to choosing the highest bid? If anything US should be more worried about China than Canada. No? Just a thought...

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I don't see how you can compare IBM PC Hardware to BlackBerry encryption software, unless you are referring to just BlackBerry device manufacturing being sold to Lenovo.

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Totally agree about IBM! I think BlackBerry and IBM have a lot of synergy product wise. IBM has Tivoli EndPoint Manager, BlackBerry has BES10. IBM has Lotus Symphony, BlackBerry has Docs to Go(think about a full office suite akin to MSOffice on BlackBerry). IBM has Sametime, BlackBerry has BBM(BBM would eventually replace ST since, in my opinion, BBM is far superior).

IBM is making a huge Mobile push right now so it would fit right into the fold. It makes a lot of sense but I don't know if the two cultures would end up gelling well together.

IBM had a terrible earnings report today and are poorest performing on DOW for the year - THEY NEED BBRY AND MOBILE NOW!!!!

IBM left the device market years ago, and I don't really see a reason for them to jump back in that pool.

BlackBerry 10 United

But maybe it could look something like Teck or some of the oil change companies in which the Chinese company buys newly minted shares for say 20 or 30% of the company. I would rather see someone like Cisco or IBM do this and beef up the board with business, tech , networks expertise who represent skin in the game, unlike the guys who are there now. That would be the most desirable outcome in my opinion. That way I would have a chance of a) participating in some upside if new ownership structure provides confidence to customers and markets so revenue and profitability can stabilize and perhaps grow at whatever level and b) watching the only Canadian tech company of any scale survive to prosper again and provide spin off benefits to the Waterloo tech hub so all this great Canadian talent doesn't have to jump ship to one of many large American tech companies. There, I outed the only real reason I give a crap about any of this.

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You nailed it, that's all they need is confidence, and most likely from a big American company and all heads will turn.

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At first glance it'd look like a good fit as their products and market direction seem to align. But then again, the paranoid chinese conspiracy starts infecting my head and I have to say "no thanks".

Hope that even if Lenovo doesn't get it, they at least get to license the OS. They could cover some territory in China for BlackBerry maybe

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My point exactly. BlackBerry is not reaching their true potential. Lenovo would have lots of synergies. They are not state owned are they? It might not be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. China now has the biggest economy in the world, BlackBerry deserves a strategic position there with BlackBerry 10 being the focus.

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There will be conditions just like the Nexen deal... let the bidding wars begin... Lenovo market cap 85B

I still suspect and have a hunch some big player will just step in put a big offer with premium and take out Blackberry near the deadline

If Blackberry does sell, I don't think it will....it has to stay canadian. If a outside country does buy them I will be the first person to push the button.

As long as they keep the centre in waterloo, I don't care who buys it. Except Chinese companies.

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I agree, I'd be quite happy to see What could come from a joint Microsoft BlackBerry Nokia super phone

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No need, they know what BB is and have donated hundreds of millions to Waterloo U ,and they will ultimately be our best friend ,again. I agree, Hurry up!! Prem ? well ,he's just chancellor,maybe a stock swap?

Never happen. If by chance the Canadian Gov let it through, the US government would have something to say about it

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So I guess you really don't believe RIM when they says they can't read the encrypted data running through their systems, like the told the Indian Government.

The US government wouldn't comment on a transaction not taking place within its borders. If they have security concerns they will simply replace the devices currently in use with something else. The transaction will be examined by the Canadian gov't. They and they alone can veto the deal using the 'net benefit to Canadians' clause if they don't like the smell of it.

Agreed, US law does not apply in Canada. But the Canadian government is likely to take into consideration the security concerns of its allies over security implications of such a sale. My own country (UK) included. I don't like the sound of it at all personally.

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I believe the same. If our allies are negatively affected it's not in the best interest of Canadians. Most times when the 'net benefit' is enacted by government it's never fully explained in any meaningful way. It's just a catchall clause allowing them to kill any deal they don't like for reasons not always made clear to the parties involved. See Potash Corp ($POT) hostile takeover by BHP Billiton ($BHP) or MDA (maker of the Canadarm2 on the ISS) to ATK blocked sale. They just said "no dice" and that was that.

"good news on China purchase" is that our Prez is very "accommodating" to foreign powers.... he's good friends with the guy from Iran now... he would love the opportunity to "sell out" more of our power to China - look at how he has been used by Russia...

No problemo here...

Oh wow the effort I need to not respond a long string of inconsiderate adjectives to your face. So you imply the USA has an inherent say in our sovereignty? Would you please read your own US history again (the beginning part with the Brits).

Both companies do make excellent products that seem to excel in enterprise quite well. Only problem is the Chinese governments alleged involvement with Lenovo management won't fly.

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Yes, they are a seamless match when you consider corporate/gov't clients.
Not sure what the DOD et al. would think of this though....

I think the chance of this deal becoming a reality is very less, Canadian government may not allow this even if BlackBerry is ready

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Never happen. Canadian (and without publicly saying so USA) governments will not let this go. A Chinese company in control of the devices used by all the agency's that need the level of security BlackBerry can offer... NOPE!

Actually this is the best hope for keeping a strong HQ in Canada. If Americans buy it they will just shut Waterloo down and move to Cali

Doesn't Lenovo have the ads with Kobe Bryant? I guess Kobe will be rocking the z30 soon!! :)

While there seems to be some concern about Lenovo purchasing them, at least we can see that they are good at investing in marketing (whether a fan or not).

Canadian government better put a block on this if legit. Last thing I want is all the company sold off into scraps.

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The Canadian government just turned down the acquisition of a major Canadian firm that operates a big chunk of the Fibre backbone across Canada due to 'national security' concerns.

And the buyer was Egyptian, not Chinese....

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I would NOT believe in a Google-owned BlackBerry...

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LOL, I don't know whats worse, the ignorant backwards thinking clueless Lazaridis or a Chinese company who is smart, agile and profitable?


Why do all the stories about companies possibly looking to buy BlackBerry get posted to the Apps and Games section of the CB10 app?

Yesssss best computer hardware company to pick up the best business phones ever created. Now maybe link will work flawlessly with my R61!

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that might encourage the CPP IB to act!!!! The feds prob would block this. If they block it then they mught have to support BBRY. The feds supported Chrysler which benefited Cerberus & FIAT.

If all these tech firms take a look and back away then it won't help much. BBRY is worth more than 4.7B though

So If Cisco or any of these other companies may buy BB, how can the current management guarantee what they did in that letter they released? How do they know what a buyer will do with the company? Things don't make sense around BB anymore!

I wondered that too, so I read the letter carefully and they actually don't guarantee they're going to do anything in particular.

You're right, all they really said is "you can count on us" but how true is that even? Somebody like Cisco could decide to get out of consumer handsets, and just be a services/software company. Maybe whoever buys them will decide to go Android, and all current handsets will be updated to Android? Is this what BB users are "counting on"?

After the Nortel fiasco, the Canadian Government will be very leery on any Chinese company buying Blackberry, and could you imagine your BB service running from China, no thanks,
Fairfax or Lazaridis buyout suits me fine,

This is crazy talk, No way should BlackBerry be sold to Leno! BlackBerry is a Canadian company and that's where it should remain...

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I hope that it is unsuccessful. A lot of people here are so eager to jump onto a sale of BlackBerry thinking it will be it's savior. But think of a foreign takeover what it will mean. It will basically mean that it will have ability to spy on existing customers. And while it is bleeding heavily, it is still big in the corporate world. Imagine the amount of corporate espionage that can happen. It could potentially be a bigger scandal than the NSA. So if you are interested in this to potentially happen, then support the foreign takeover, else hope it stays in Canada. I know I will.

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The Harper government will not allow them to get the security parts of BlackBerry. Hardware yes.

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May be time to buy back into some BBRY shares.
Ask yourself this: Does the amount BBRY gets from the US government per year mean a lot to a company the size of Lenovo?

This drives interest and possibly drives share price up. Whether or not it is accepted or even true, the stampede may start.
Still hope shareholders say no.

remember chinese government ownership is usually through the chinese military

So who will wants BES owned by the Chinese military!!!???? ... there goes that biz, DOA

I'm not expert in the field but I guess Canadian and US government will push somehow to avoid this (or at least stall it until they change platform 100%), but this will certainly make a better bid for the shareholders with Fairfax or Lazaridis which in my opinion (read opinion as feeling) are the ones that are going to get it, and I have the feeling that at least they are going to try to keep it as a whole (for a while at least) and try to make the company profitable again.

I only will be satisfied with the Fairfax or Mike deal (unless they choose to purchase the company jointly). Many Canadian companies are foreign-owned now days and being a tech icon despite its shortcomings because of terrible marketing under current management, I would love to see the company reach success again the future as a Canadian company and keeping our jobs in Canada. If true, I hope this deal won't be passed.

I hope this will happen from the perspective of lenovo. I hope this won't happen if BlackBerry can find a buyer with much higher bid.

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BlackBerry is finished and really have little to no value in themarket place.

My S4 is so much better than your Flopberry 10.

Not you again....why are you even on this site. you obviously really miss Blackberry as you keep coming back here!

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Say good bye to every corporate account if this went through. (Especially in the USA) The Canadian government would be absolutely nuts to even think of this strange acquisition. Absolutely the worst option on the table by a mile.

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No that I think of it, why would BlackBerry even open their books up to them? This is nuts.

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The best would be when BlackBerry will keep on being BlackBerry as we know it. And I would welcome every solution which comes near my ideal imaginations of BlackBerry. But this is only wishfulness... The reality will be another way of solution... but WHEN I have to accept a BlackBerry-hybrid (I mean the OS10 in another hardware and brand) than I would prefer Lenovo! Have a look at the Lenovo K900 and you will note an awesome hardware in- and outside... Lenovo isnt a brand like Samsung (massproduction in plastic)- it has a good name in computing! When you will carry a Lenovo-device with OS10 it will be nearly the same presentation of your outstanding taste and your denial of mainstream like a Blackberry still constitutes... and it would be competitive in specs and price.

@ surfer - "good stuff"... you are "officially" invited to the "BlackBerry to China Bon Voyage Party".... details below..

When is the BlackBerry to China "BonVoyage Party"??? Maybe we could have Jim Balsille come out and say some "Truly Batshit Comments" - like he used to as CEO - we could have Frank Boulben put up a display with "Blank Screen" on it to represent the amount of signs I saw in U.S. carriers to launch BB!0 phones.... We could have Mike Laz walk on stage - have a guy ask him a question and he could walk off... and

Lastly, we could have Thor come out and have a complete "mental breakdown" (kind of like the one he had on the last earnings call - trying to explain how the numbers were so horrible for BBRY) and then they can present him with his "OVersized $55million Check" like they do on the Publisher's Clearing House commercials.

Now THAT would be a great last show for BBRY...

Thank you for your invitation- I will love to participate at this event. I´m already busy with cumulating spittle to donate right in the face of the guilty ones... GoreTex is highly recommended in my immediate nearness!

Problem is that though this is listed as a private, independent company, anyone with a functioning brain cell knows that in China there is no such thing. The Chinese government has a hand in all companies and corporations operating out of China, and Lenovo is no different.

Besides who know what share of the company is owned directly by the government through subsidiaries and shell companies.

As for the deal being rejected by Canadian authorities, imagine that the things were reversed, and BlackBerry was interested in buying Lenovo, how do you think the Chinese government would react?

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Same interference in ALL states- NSA is everywhere! Dont try to find a virgin in a bordel... And it doesnt matter WHO injures my personal rights- it takes place every day! ;-)

It is hard to believe this would go through, with that being the case.
Let's also remember, though it's unpleasant, that the US/NSA has their hands everywhere right now. BlackBerry is still used highly by the US military and DOD. One wonders if they would "let" this happen either...or if they did, what it would mean for those contracts with BB.

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Isn't lenovo a good company. Maybe this can bring more confidence to New costumers for BlackBerry

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QUESTION: Why would Lenovo be "wasting time on this" if there is no way they can "get er done"???

Responses from the "Gallery" welcome......

Well, they make good PC hardware. If this is what it takes to keep good QWERTY units in production then we might have to lump it.

I may be looking to buy BlackBerry as well. Ugh. Tired of all these could be, or there is a possibility of this, posts. Give me something definite or nothing at all.

In my opinion Lenovo is one of the better options to keep the company alive. Imagine the Chinese embracing Blackberry as their own and just start buying up phones. I don't see how the Canadian Govt can and why would they attempt to block this deal when they've been hands off to this point. So some here are saying they won't buy another device if such a deal goes through but remember Samsung is Korean and what's the big difference there?

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Will Canadian government allow the sale of BlackBerry to a Chinese government controlled company?

Posted via CB10

Well then here's hoping the governing Conservatives will step in and block the deal.

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Lenovo buys BlackBerry hardware and license bb10,
BlackBerry stays independent only as service software company,
I hope that's what will happen anyways

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Best part will be that the founders of blackberry buy blackberry and that the canadian goverment give some limit bank garanty (ofcourse if blackberry go bankrupt they get there money first) then it could be in good hands.

Fairfax will be my second choice where blackberry keeps control in some way to keep business going

Another scenario will be that blackberry license there blackberry OS to other mobile builders. role out BBM and get on with BES 10 and get more people fired so that they get where they are at 2006. It's not a shame but the quick grow of consumers was not really there market but just something that brings a lot of cash but also a lot of stock when they build to much different phone's. keep it with 4 or 5 models a years and just build 3M phone's max and if there is 200.000 left get a new design and build another 3M. just move with the flow of the business and maybe consumer pick it up and ofcourse threat it like some extra bonus and who knows it grows. People still don't know what BB10 is and we all know it's quicker then the S4 or Apple in use because it flows :)

NOTE : 2006 the earning where the same as last year where they sold 2.5M mobile's with lesses employees,so with the same earining in 2013 and lot of staff they must cut and going back like it was
in 2006 because they get more profit and that is good and make things more stable and the OS is good,
business and goverments using BES10 and also agencies and NATO. The future is not bad but they really must cut the cost and build one qwerty to another and one touchscreen to another one. I think Blackberry need andy support but just cashflow and the Canadian goverment could be a helping hand.

I hope it's Lenovo. After what they did with IBM's laptop division I kind of trust them. And maybe the software will be fine also.

The Dodgers are going to buy BlackBerry. They buy everything that's a low-risk high-upside. Lol!

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Lenovo buys them I would have to leave as much as I like blackberry. Hope it doesn't happen.

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This will not happen. If it does, it will be lights out for BB10. The US, Canada and the EU countries will not buy "secure" devices from a Chinese company.

A lot of Lenovo dislike here. What is wrong with Lenovo? It is a well known, reliable company. I pray Lenovo takes BlackBerry in one piece.

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I feel like any buyers besides from Mike L or Prem would mean the end for BlackBerry (sold off in parts). I honestly have no educated guess as to what will happen..this is just a feeling. Having said that...BlackBerry has made too many strides with BB10 to have someone just buy them out, pack up shop and call it a day. My only two hopes are that we see an uptick in BB10 sales and adoption and BlackBerry goes private so they can stop being battered by the media 24/7.

Q10...Where my fingers dwell

NO! Keep China out of it, and the NSA (aka USA). Go with Fairfax and keep it Canadian and as one piece.

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I'm getting sick of this keep it in Canada nonsense. How many Canadians are running out and buying a BlackBerry device. I'm Canadian and it burns me to see what's taking place. I love BlackBerry and would want to see the company revived regardless of where they operate from. If we as Canadians cared so much we won't be running out and getting everything Samsung or Korean in a more general sense. I hate to bring this up here but I was in a local mall recently in the food court area, I took it upon myself to observe what phones people were proudly resting on their tables. Here's what I saw. Not one single person of Chinese/Korean/Japanese/vietnamese descent had any thing other than Samsung. The other ethnic groups had a mix of phones. I think that is a very clear picture of what's going on here.

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I was up around the University of Waterloo and decided to do the same thing, check what the students are rocking. I only seen 3 BBOS phones, I seen a number of Android, but a ton of iPhones. I say 60% of the phones were iPhones, 10% BlackBerry and 30% Android (ballpark). I have yet to see a new BB10 device in the hands of someone from Waterloo except for some colleges at work. I do see quite a number of BBOS phones though.

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OK BlackBerry is not going to be eligible for sale to a foreign entity because of the Canadian Government.

Meanwhile, Canadian oil companies that own huge chucks of land and amounts of oil are for sale to the Chinese government.

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I'd say Lenovo are currently digging through the books of the hardware side of the business, to understand how they can pull off the same IBM hardware buyout they have previously completed.
There shouldn't be any issue from a security perspective as BBRY still controls the software, security ( of which the hardware will have to adhere to ) and services aspects of the product.
Remember that Lenovo hardware is used by the US Government and military (http://www.lenovo.com/government/us/en/federal/index.html), with the software being controlled by Microsoft.
BBRY without the hardware side of the business should be a lean, mean machine. I don't know how many staff work on the hardware side, but i'm sure it would be a considerable amount, and without the costs and this distraction, there would be a laser focus on software and services, and hitting product deadlines on time.

I have been looking at the Chinese mobile business this week and their products recently and I think that the future of mobile tech will come from there.
They are producing a lot of clones of Samsung, LG and HTC at a 3rd of the price, but I'm sure that they will get better. Lenovo has a mundane looking range of phones, but at least they are a well known brand outside of China and I'm sure that they are looking to expand that side of the business.
Xiaomi have just launched a real blockbuster device, the Mi3 that leaves the Samsung Galaxy S4 in it's wake. They claim it is the world's fastest smartphone and it looks gorgeous too. It also sells for about $330, which is where I think that the Chinese will lead the market with much cheaper phones.

I love love to see Lenovo do BlackBerry they make good products. Love the thinkpad ideapad tablet line

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Right now fairfax is winning as the only bidder which I don't like. They might destroy the berry!

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If the Chinese buy BB then every single gov't agency outside of China and defense contractors, tech industry, ect will dump BB so fast it will make ur head spin.

Lenovo is a good company. This may actually be good for them, especially on the business integration side.

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Personally I think Lenovo is not a bad fit. Blackberry can leverage on Lenovo's existing hardware supply chain and lower the cost. It also helps to break into the Chinese market. If it gets hundreds of millions users, the BB10 platform will survive and blossom.

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It would never happen. Government would Vito it! And good cuz I don't like Lenovo...

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Hmmm ... I was extremely disappointed as a "dodgy" and unknown Chinese company bought the IBM Thinkpad series - but I must admit, I was positively surprised.
The quality only dropped slightly and they still produce one of the best built and sexy laptops on the market.

So - without any business knowledge - BB would be a perfect fit for Lenovo and I have the believe that they would keep the company intact and continue on the BB10 path ...
But maybe these are only dreams ...

I hope Mike buys it. That's probably the most likely way BlackBerry will maintain its current state of hardware and software. BlackBerry has quite a bit if parents and I'd imagine any of those companies wanting to buy it will most likely chop it up until the platform isn't there anymore.

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considering The Government just axed a bid from a Egyptian company on a manitoba telecommunications company, there is not a chance the Gov will allow a take over from a chinese company. it would actually kill Blackberry dead. Blackberry is trying to narrow down and focus on the Prosumer and enterprise markets. do you really think the US military that currently uses BB, would keep using them if it was owned by china? a country that is known world wide for it's hacking and spying? I think not.

maybe Lenovo is doing DD on BlackBerry to secure suppliers for the dummy tablet business of Blackberry

It might be a good fit. Lenovo produces some very good business laptops and I think that Blackberry has the most appeal with business users.

The fact:

Even if Lenovo offers $15 a share, Canadian Government will completely block the transaction due to national and global security reasons. It's obvious Lenovo is doing this for two reasons:

1. To gain experience on a high profile bidding (in this particular case, BlackBerry's Cap Market value is higher than the bidder's CMV) - which sounds very funny and rare.

2. To bring excitement to their shareholders so some insiders can take advantage of the situation

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