Keep track of your purchases and expenses with Lemon for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2011 12:58 pm EDT

Lemon BlackBerryLemon BlackBerry

If you're looking for a simple way to keep track of purchases and expenses on the go, Lemon might be your answer. This simple, free app lets you snap a photo of your receipts and have all the transaction information automatically stored on your account. Have an electronic receipt in the form of an email? Lemon can grab that too. Just fire up the app, snap a photo of the receipt and Lemon does the rest. It will process the image and automatically enter the details like vendor, date and total price. The receipts are stored on your account so you can view them and generate reports. The only thing I don't like thus far is that there doesn't seem to be a way to edit any of the info, so if something gets processed incorrectly (or you have a food receipt where you filled in the total and tip), you can't change it. Hopefully something Lemon will add down the line. All in all, if you want an easy free way to track your spending, Lemon is an awesome choice. Side note: Who the hell spends $700 at McDonalds??

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Keep track of your purchases and expenses with Lemon for BlackBerry


Why was I looking for the like button? Anyway Re: "Yeah, $700+ looks like an error...maybe not the best screen shot to 'sell' your product" maybe the spender was having McDonald's cater something... I don't think that should deter consumers from getting the FREE app!

First, I'm not sure McDonalds offers catering. Second, I know it's FREE app...hence the quotes around 'sell'. Free or not if the screen shot showed an error less people are going to download the app. I actually have downloaded the app to check it out. Third, you should reply to the post you're actually replying to so your message doesn't get lost.

Ok to be fair this looks like it was drawn on an old school etch-a-sketch... probably drawn while eating the $700 worth of Mcdonalds

That's a lot of stuff off the dollar menu... just sayin

That was quite an order at McDonalds! I wonder whose idea that was to put it as an example. If it was meant to catch people's attention and move them to download the app just to comment on it, I must say it works. =0)

the $700+ mcdonalds receipt made me actually stop and read about the app. Maybe error or eye catcher. Was that the ending bill of the guy who ate mcdonalds for a month, morning noon and night?

I used to work at a McDonald's restaurant in a touristic area and I saw a few bills over 700$ so that might not be an error. We had a few groups eating for around 2000-3000$ on the same day, but 700$ worth of food wasn't rare (it happened at least a couple of times every year)! Usually, they are school tours and one of the teacher pays for all of his kids at the same time, after the meal, which was around 300-1000$ depending on the size of the group. For the 2000-3000$ in the same day, it was mostly during the winter carnival and was the total for multiple groups for a day using tickets. During the last year I was there, we used tickets valued at 7, 8 and 10$ where kids exchanged them for food at participating locations (McDonald's, Subway, and a few others in our area).

For the app, I'll wait for other reviews before installing as I have a 9800 using, just like Jerky223. I don't want to be stuck in a reboot cycle.