Leaked OS: for the BlackBerry Bold 9650!!

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2010 05:05 pm EDT


Well ... here it is. From BBLeaks today we finally have a leaked OS 6 for the Bold 9650. In the form of its ready to download. I'm sure loads of you have been waiting on this, so get on the download and fire it up. Keep in mind this is still not an official OS, so use caution when installing.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

Source: BBLeaks
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Leaked OS: for the BlackBerry Bold 9650!!


Installed last night, no issues at all. Being an enterprise user, I thought for sure I was going to have to call IT and have them reset my enterprise activation. To my surprise, my enterprise activation carried over during the upgrade.

now my only issue encountered so far, is there is a lack of browser options. I can no longer select if i want blackberry internet or my jobs internet. my job's is severely locked down, and ive never been forced to use only that. any ideas?


Well although I have been salivating at the mouth for this ever since i ditched my 8350i for the 9650 I am very scared. Maybe because the last leaked app I downloaded was the BBM 5.0 debacle that fried peoples phones. But, I backed up my phone, and have 0S 5 waiting should the leaked OS 6 be trouble-some. I will report back ASAP with my comments on it.

**INSTALLED UPDATE - FUCKIN HOT! IMMA CRY! It is fast, fluid, but about a milisecond or two behind at some clicks of the trackpad but must be from me trying to be so fast with it. I will remove some garbage off my phone to help the processor. I had a brief browser issue saying it was not connected to the internet, but I took the battery out and seems to be okay. Have reinstall Pandora but iheart radio is ok. I guess it is picky with somethings. Download was easy and fast. Even if it's not 100% official it sure does satisfy me until RIM released - LONG LIVE BB DEATH TO ANDROID/IFONE

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now it only downloads as a JAD file does anyone know how to fix this. i cant get app world back on my phone.

Thanks for any insight.

Wanna try and load this on my 9630, but can't. I've installed the new OS on my PC, but when I use AppLoader or BBSak, I don't see the new OS as an install option. Anyone else run into this?

Not a good idea. Pretty sure it won't work and could briock your phone. This was made fro the 9650 Bold not the 9630 Tour.
Don;t know exactly why but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the trackpad -vs- trackball.

Same reason that people who got the pre release Onyx (9720) with a trackball could not load an OS for the Bold 9700. Same device (more or less) one has trackpad and one has trackball.

I have installed it and it is running good. at work so not alot of time to test some things out. one thing i will say is the browser seems to not work right now, but i will look at that later. nice interface though. just have to organize the icons for the new os. will post more finds later.

Well I put O6 on the phone and I have my Pros and Cons. I do know its a leak, so I did expect this.
I like the over all feel and it is pretty smooth for the most part. Volume sounds louder, boot up time is much quicker.
Big problem here though is when I am speaking to people, they say that they hear me all muffled. I tested from a land line phone and it does in fact sound muffled.
Next thing is my BBM Group chats. I have the Group chats as a shortcut to the desktop. Now when I click on that, rather then going to the chat first, it goes into my BBM, shows me all my contacts then goes into my chat, pretty weird. Last major thing is the web. It is way faster than 5.0, but still feels sluggish and renders slow.
Overall 6.0 is good. Is anyone else having a problem with the mic and the muffle? If there is no work around, I may have to go back to 5.0.

I'm in no way a computer guru. I just followed the advice of others on here. Downloaded the OS and then ran the file. After it's done it ask if you'd like to open DM. Do not do that. Plug phone up to computer and run BBSAK. Wipe device and then click Load OS. It's loaded for me with no problems. After that I opened up DM and reloaded what I had backed up. Everything seems to be working fine except for Pandora and there is no light for the video camera. I can live with this for now.

Now that I think about it... Seeing this update for Bold 9650 users makes me impatience about the OS 6 for Bold 9700. I believe the first OS 6 for us will be ;)

My DM found the update just fine, but I keep getting "One or more modules could not be resolved" as an error message. Anyone have any idea how i should proceed?

I installed this a few hours ago, had a minor hiccup with social media not recognizing facebook, but a delete of the facebook app, restart and reinstall solved that.... I have done 5 battery pulls since the install just to smooth everything out and its performing with virtually no lag, all the apps that I use work really well... Overall I am super impressed with this for a leak.

After having OS6 for a day, I'm reloading 5 tonight. I really don't like OS6 much at all. The flashy UI is about the only thing it has to offer. All of the new features are not the a bit helpful to me and only make things more difficult and time-consuming to navigate. The browser, although the tabbed browsing is nice, is more difficult. Viigo doesn't work properly and without the Feeds app in this build, that alone is enough to make me to back to 5. Neither Pandora nor iheartradio work. Foursquare, UberTwitter, and Google Maps seem to work fine thus far, but App World encounters an issue upon opening and immediately closes.

One thing I'd like to make clear to those who haven't experienced the new OS yet: It is evident to me that this was built wholly for touch navigation. Otherwise, it actually over-complicates things.

If this is the direction RIM continues to go with its non-touch OS, they are going to be in big trouble.

I can't figure out how to install 6.0 on my phone. I've downloaded and saved but it does not let me install. Can someone help?

I am on sprint and my 9650 is working great. however, my sprint navigation is not working at all. anyone else having similar issues? please help

Installed this leak a day or so ago. Didnt realize the browser "bug" issue,until I read the comments that other users had not working without WiFi connected. So I turned off the WiFi and discovered over the radio that I get the message as well "There is insufficient network coverage to process your request. Please try again later." As of today I downgraded back to 5.0...I would upgrade back to this if browser issue can be remedied.
I'm on Verizon with latest official 5 OS .732
Any suggestion as to a fix or known fixes?

I used the application loader to install, over .732


Check out Driphter.com as there is a fix for the browser problem. Simple fix that will get you up and going in no time at all and the browser works great...on mobile network and WiFi.


Thanks, I done that and works great both on mobile network and Wi-Fi now.
I have another issue or question, how come no applications show up in the Application Center? i.e. V Cast, VZW tones etc. They did on 5.0.

So i really like how fast it is, i havent has any lag in 2 days.Reboots much faster, better battery life. emails are cleaner, so are the options. i love how picture mail comes in, so clean.

Cant get Social feeds to work with facebook, light on video camera.

I wish you could lock "all" screen, dont care about other screen, that why they make folders.

The one app I cant live without dosent work well "VIIGO!" When you open the feeds they dont fit the screen right. I tried socail feeds and its nice, but messey, no way of knowing what feeds you already read. Bereader is super slow and google reader app wont even install. Youmail works much better on 6.0

Hi, all,

Doc here and I wanted to pass on my finding thus far. I used BB Swiss Army Knife to first wipe my device (after Backing up everything, of course). I then installed the OS file on my PC and then used BBSAK to install the upgrade. The process went very quickly. Here are my findings:

1. I have about 285 mb file free after install.
2. I made sure to check the boxes during install to put social groups, Twitter, etc. on the device.
3. Runs smooth, moving between screens and trays.
4. Browser is awesome. Only glitch was the browser only running from WiFi, not over VZW network. Fixed that problem by installing a service book fix from Driphter.com.
5. Sounds during calls are great, no muffled sounds.
6. Signal is strong, no fluccuations with the signal bars. Good solid 3G data signal.

Overall, this is what we have been waiting for with the new webkit browser. If you are getting the "Not enough network coverage..." error when you try to use the browser with mobile network coverage, go to driphter.com and there is a fix. The problem was in the service book, we needed a Verizon service book for the VZW network for the browser. Obviously, when the official releases come out, this won't be a problem. I will post any other important findings as I begin to explore the new 6.0 OS. Have fun...


Thanks Doc, I done that and works great both on mobile network and Wi-Fi now.
I have another issue or question, how come no applications show up in the Application Center? i.e. V Cast, VZW tones etc. They did on 5.0.

Downloading via AppLoader was a lot easier than people make it out to be. Im liking the new UI but, in reality nothing has changed but the browser and the amazing universal search.

have downloaded the leaked version of OS6 and every time I try and run the program I get the following error message:

Error opening the installation file log. Verify that the specified log file exists and is writable

Any suggestion or help anyone can provide? Thanks
Edit/Delete Message

Having problem with the pics of my bbm it seems like its not updating it,but I can chat..tried restoring it deleting it and still no progress anyone knows how to slove this or is it from the bb service

Why would they leak this on the 9650 but not the 9700 its sooo stupid but I have a feeling it will b out before this week is ova

And I love it! Its Fancy Huh??? :-) I knew everything there was to know before about Blackberry so now i can learn all the ways of thie new system. Having the slider fron screen and tabbed internet is a great thing. I am just playing around with it and making the best of this leak... Thanks CB!!!!!

Loaded it up as soon as it came out. Ran Fine. Did not have the browser bug as I loaded it over the old os with Desktop Manager. Some of the menu features are cool. Reboots about the same at 3 mins. Speed about the same, Battery life good with either or WebKit Browser is cool; I like. But overall the word is that this OS is designed as as been said for the Touch Screen primarily and is overly complicated and kludgey with a keyboard berry. Went back to with the 9650 which overall is better for it. Plus my company uses the PTT and that is a no-go on this release. Not an issue for most people but if you use the PTT its NG. If they come out with a specific version that is optimized for BB's with a keyboard and NO touch screen, (are you reading this Verizon and RIM?) then I am back all over it.
Was a good test and has a lot to build further on. Wolf

The new camera give you an option to take pics of Close ups, text, scenery etc. I have tried Close Up twice and both times it caused my BB to reboot. Other than that, running pretty smoothly

Greetings and I'm new here...

I used the link provided above to try to update my Sprint 9650 to OS6. I removed the vendor file and ran the update. It backed up, removed data, presumably loaded OS6 and started to load 3rd party software when it immediately stopped and a message popped on the screen that read something to the extent that only qualified accounts can use this upgrade then it flicked off the screen. At this point my Bold was flashing a red light and wouldn't do anything so I decided to try again... this time as soon as I tried to run the update I got that quick message about only qualifying lines and it went away.
Now I'm back to trying to put v.5 back onto my Bold and it seems to be stuck.
I tried a restore but that didn't work, I received a message that there is no OS on the phone so I am trying to run the OS5 install using the 'upgrade' button from within the desktop manager software. It has been running for over an hour and is on module 113 of 343. At this rate it should be done some time next week.

Maybe I got a bit ahead of myself due to excitement with loading this new OS but can someone point me in the right direction with getting my phone back up and running again either with OS5 or OS6?

Anyone else having a problem with VAD with OS6.0.0.222 on the 9650? Doesn't seem to hear the voice either directly to the phone or via bluetooth headset.

Anyone one on verizon get vz navigator and PTT installed and working?? i cant seem to get either, App loader wont load the AIX files.

Edit: got VZ NAv to load, if anyone needs help with that let me know.

I finally talked my wife into getting 9650's, she has an 8130 and I have a hard used 8310, went to grab this so I can try it when the phones get here....and the link has been pulled! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

All download links are broken!!!!

Can you send me the file also? or if anyone has it please send it to me.

@selecaoquinas: Can you help me download the .exe for the OS release for the 9650? I don't think gmail will allow for attachments greater than 25 MB. How would you propose sharing it?


Getting my 9650 on Monday. they ordered it yesterday...but now the links are broken. What type of email do I have to have that supports the attachment? I have gmail and yahoo. Is there a new location where the software can be downloaded so I can have it ready for when the phone gets here? Please help!! :)

i just got my bold on monday and it seems like all the leak links are broken, does anybody still have the share and could possibly share it with me thanks.

BlackBerry App World required a re-install of a handful of apps after I updated the OS.
Documents to Go required the license key to be re-entered.
My Social-Feeds app doesn't want to import Twitter or Google Talk into it.
V-Cast Music Rhapsody does not recognize my license any more for downloading music.
Fancy Characters lost some pieces along the way.
New York Times app has text falling off the right edge and won't change font size any more.
WeatherEye doesn't work on BB6 at all.

If anyone has any fixes they know of for these problems, let me know. Otherwise, it is an FYI for those that are thinking of downloading this new OS.

All the links are down?? What a buzz kill this is.. just got the 9650 for sprint today, and really expected a nice phone.

It sucks! I am reactivating my 9630 at the crack of dawn! The trackball is MUCH better than pad, wifi is a HUGE disappointment and no better than 3G! Then.. This crappy OS update, which is guaranteed to NOT be worth all the crap you have to do to try and get it.

This phone is a tour, with crappy wifi, a very inaccurate track pad which over shoots every icon you really intend to click on! Fine it has more memory (for crappy apps that no one needs), I've never dipped below 109 on my tour anyway.

It's just NOT worth $200 and another 2yr contract with a company who gets the worst phones, leaving us all hoping for some garbage OS update to make it seem cooler than it actually is!

I'm not chasing this rabbit down it's hole, it cannot be worth ANY of the trouble it takes to try and get it. The phone is still going to be an over-priced, over-hyped, tour with another underwhelming OS.. eventually.

I searched all over and finally found where it wasn't removed!
I just installed it last night, running pretty smooth so far.
Once installed on my computer I used Desktop Manager to install like it was a actually legit upgrade very nice. I had to reboot about once or twice and finish installing some apps I had, then it started working properly to let it adjust to all the multitasking.
One bug that I found was the light for the video camera doesn't work although the setting for it is in there. Also noticed being able to take pictures and record during calls pretty interesting. Voice Dial is still a little choppy don't know if it's some kinda bug from me setting it up but still works. The battery life is extremely better though, I was able to keep my wifi on over night after extensive use and still it was a little over half full. Charging I notice was a lot quicker as well, the universal search isn't bad either. The new browser webkit is way faster and better steaming capability then I expected when loading also another plus and leaves the one for OS 5 in the dust. Overall I have to say that I'm pleased so far and can't wait til RIM release the improved update, with fixes. For this to be a OS released on a touch screen phone which would of course make navigation easier, I'd have to say OS 6 is pretty amazing.

Have it downloaded and installed, Vendor file deleted.
When I run Loader.exe
It shows me a list of what I have but at the end says
"No actions are required."

What a heck is this? How to actually install OS6??!

.222 works great . 280 is horrible. It has a few bugs, like when you open up a sms chat your having it won't auto go down to the message you jut recevied it will go to the message you sent.

But its amazing to have in general. screen is faster, nicer layout, could use a little tweaking but that's just 6.0 in general. Keep this one.. DONT DOWNLOAD .280 that hurt my phone. .222 is awesome. do it!

Can someone PLEASE send me a working link or the "Latest" file for the BOLD 9650 for Verizon. I understand I will have to "adjust" the vendor file, or maybe a nice CB user can send me the "verizon" adjusted file??? Thanks!

my email is gerry.ganz@gmail.com.

Thanks again!